Definition of Result:

  1. Is happening or is happening as a result of something.

  2. The result, result or conclusion of a problem, research or experiment after a certain period of time. This result cannot be a single result, multiple results, or no result at all. The time it takes to get results can vary by less than a second over many years.

  3. Data received after processing the request. For example, when a user submits a search request to an online search engine, the online search engine processes the user's search request and usually generates search results in seconds.

  4. The consequences, consequences or consequences of something.

Synonyms of Result

Finding-out, Product, Proceed from, Spring, Out-turn, Corollary, Issue, Consequent, Arise, Sorting out, Effect, Interpretation, Culminate, Finding, Develop, Follow after, Logical outcome, Develop, By-product, Opuscule, Come out, Brainchild, Accrue from, Terminate, Consequence, Unfold, Unweaving, Produce, Mintage, Spring from, Upshot, Aftermath, Depend on, Go after, Close, New mintage, Come about, Ramification, Emerge, Finish, Come after, Unriddling, Follow, Follow, Resolving, Explanation, Unscrambling, Untwisting, Happen, Manufacture, Sprout from, Clearing up, Legacy, By-product, Ensue, Derivative, Become of, Corollary, Unspinning, Work, Sequel, Derivation, Offshoot, Resultant, Turn out, Sequence, Overtake, End, Bud from, Termination, Distillation, Follow-up, Offspring, Extract, Evolve, Conclusion, Occur, Consequence, Concomitant, Fruit, Artifact, Repercussion, Emanate, Disentanglement, Fall out, Aftermath, Masterwork, Come of, Stem, Distillate, Outcome, Invention, Sequent, Emanate from, Development, Flow from, Sequela, End result, Composition, Working, Be due to, Proceed, Derive, Come from, Creature, Product, Flow, Issue, Emerge, Unraveling, Ensue, Hinge on, Reason, Grow from, Child, Footprint, Riddling, Effect, Aftereffect, Working-out, Harvest, Work out, Fruits, Decipherment, Ascertainment, Answer, Denouement, Stem from, End, Decoding, Eventuality, Concoction, Displace, Conclusion, Creation, Solution, Outcome, Attend, Trail, Essence, Follow from, Culmination, Prove to be, Solution, Be contingent on, Opera, Resolution, Sequel, Follow up, Evolve, Come out of, Arise from, Supervene, Event, Descend from, Determination, Crowning achievement, Masterpiece, Emerge from, Hang on, Eventuate, Emanate, Track, Issue from, Origination, Pan out, Grow out of, Originate in, Succeed, Solving, Untangling, End product, Eventuation, Outgrowth, Accomplishment, Upshot, Precipitate, Opus, Turn on, Fare, Derive from, Arise, Reverberation, Termination, Prove, Production, Replace, Come to pass, Germinate from, Cracking, Reaction, Coinage, Conclude, Ensue from, Handiwork, Fruit

How to use Result in a sentence?

  1. It is difficult to predict the outcome of a new project. However, you should try to get as close to the results as possible.
  2. As a result of this exchange, our team has won ten in a row and is the number one favorite.
  3. The tower collapsed due to a security breach.
  4. In the end, it all depends on the final outcome. So you have to work hard to make it positive.
  5. Government unpopularity due to economic situation.

Meaning of Result & Result Definition

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