Definition of Material:

  1. Denoting or consisting of physical objects rather than the mind or spirit.

  2. Having a logical connection with a subject matter or the consequential events or facts, or the knowledge of which would significantly affect a decision or course of action. See also materiality.

  3. The matter from which a thing is or can be made.

  4. Important; essential; relevant.

  5. Facts, information, or ideas for use in creating a book or other work.

  6. Cloth or fabric.

  7. The matter from which something can be made. Material can include but is not limited to raw and processed material, components, parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, fuels, lubricants, coolants, cleaning agents, and small tools and accessories that may be consumed directly or indirectly. Compare with materiel.

Synonyms of Material

Significant, Major, Important, Of consequence, Consequential, Momentous, Matter, Substance, Stuff, Medium, Fabric, Cloth, Stuff, Textiles, Adamic, Circean, Formica, Masonite, Philistine, A propos, Ab ovo, Absolute, Abundance, Accumulation, Actual, Ad rem, Adducible, Admissible, Air, Amassment, Animal, Animalistic, Apparatus, Appertaining, Applicable, Applying, Apposite, Appreciable, Appropriate, Apropos, Asphalt, Atom, Atomic particles, Atoms, Attestative, Attestive, Authentic, Backlog, Ballpoint pen, Basal, Based on, Basic, Beastlike, Beastly, Bedrock, Being, Belonging, Bestial, Bibliography, Big, Big-league, Big-name, Big-time, Bigwig, Bigwigged, Blackboard, Blacktop, Bodily, Body of knowledge, Body of learning, Brick, Brutal, Brute, Brute matter, Brutish, Budget, Building block, Canvas, Cardinal, Carnal, Carnal-minded, Carpeting, Central, Certain, Chalk, Chemical element, Circumstantial, Clapboard, Cloth, Coarse, Cobblestone, Collection, Commissariat, Commissary, Component, Components, Conclusive, Concrete, Consequential, Considerable, Constituent, Constituents, Constitutive, Convincing, Core, Cork tile, Cornucopia, Corporal, Corporeal, Crayon, Cumulation, Cumulative, Cyclopedia, Damning, Data, Decisive, Determinative, Distillate, Distillation, Documentary, Documentation, Documented, Documents, Double-barreled, Drapery, Dump, Earth, Earthly, Earthshaking, Earthy, Element, Elemental, Elementary, Elementary particle, Elementary unit, Elements, Elixir, Encyclopedia, Entity, Equipment, Eraser, Essence, Essential, Etoffe, Evidential, Evidentiary, Ex parte, Eye-witness, Fabric, Facts, Factual, Fallen, Felt, Fiber glass, Figures, Final, Fire, Firsthand, Flag, Flagging, Flagstone, Fleshly, Flooring, Focal, Founded on, Fundamental, Fundamental particle, Gear, Germane, Gist, Goods, Grand, Great, Gross, Grounded on, Gut, Habiliments, Heap, Hearsay, Heart, Heavyweight, High-powered, Hoard, Hyle, Hylic, Hypostasis, Implicit, Important, In point, Incontrovertible, Indicative, Indispensable, Indisputable, Individual, Information, Ingredient, Ink, Inkhorn, Inkstand, Inkwell, Inventory, Invisible ink, Involving, Irrefutable, Irresistible, Kernel, Lace, Lapsed, Larder, Lay, Lead pencil, Life-and-death, Life-or-death, Linoleum, Literature, Lore, Macadam, Machinery, Major, Marrow, Mass, Material world, Materialistic, Materiality, Materials, Materiate, Materiel, Matter, Meaningful, Means, Meat, Medium, Molecule, Momentous, Monad, Mundane, Munitions, Name, Napery, Natural world, Nature, Nib, Nonspiritual, Notes, Nub, Nuncupative, Object, Objective, Of the essence, Of vital importance, Orgiastic, Original, Outfit, Overwhelming, Palpable, Pantile, Paper, Papers, Paraphernalia, Parquet, Pavement, Pavestone, Paving, Pen, Perceptible, Pertaining, Pertinent, Phenomenal, Physical, Physical world, Pile, Pith, Plasterboard, Plenitude, Plenty, Plenum, Plume, Plywood, Ponderable, Postlapsarian, Presumptive, Primal, Primary, Primitive, Probative, Provisionment, Provisions, Publications, Quill, Quintessence, Radical, Rag, Rations, Real, Reed, Relevant, Reliable, Repertoire, Repertory, Research, Resources, Rick, Roofage, Roofing, Roofing paper, Sap, Secular, Self-important, Sensible, Sensual, Serious, Shake, Sheathing board, Sheeting, Shingle, Siding, Significant, Silk, Slate, Solid, Somatic, Soul, Spirit, Spun glass, Stack, Statistics, Stencil, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stockpile, Stone, Store, Store of knowledge, Stores, Stuff, Style, Stylograph, Stylus, Substance, Substantial, Substantive, Substratum, Suggestive, Sum and substance, Superior, Supplies, Supply on hand, Sure, Swinish, Sympathetic ink, Symptomatic, System of knowledge, Table, Tablet, Tackle, Tackling, Tangible, Tar paper, Telling, Temporal, Terrestrial, Textile, Textile fabric, Texture, Thatch, The four elements, Tile, Tilestone, Tiling, Tissu, Tissue, To the point, To the purpose, Treasure, Treasury, Treasury of information, True, Underlying, Unit of being, Unspiritual, Valid, Veneer, Vital, Wainscoting, Wallboard, Walling, Wallpaper, Water, Weatherboard, Weave, Web, Weft, Weighty, Wood, Woof, Wool, World-shaking, Worldly, Physical, Corporeal, Tangible, Non-spiritual, Mundane, Worldly, Earthly, Temporal, Concrete, Real, Solid, Substantial, Secular, Lay, Information, Data, Facts, Facts and figures, Statistics, Evidence, Subject matter, Ideas, Details, Particulars

How to use Material in a sentence?

  1. The material world.
  2. There is much good material here for priests to use in sermons.
  3. A piece of dark material.
  4. Knowing the costs of the material for your product will let you know how much you need to charge to make profits.
  5. The young boy excitedly gathered together all the material he had lying around to build his tree house which he had dreamed of for many months.
  6. Knowing the price of your material and the cost of your workers will let you determine the price you set for your product.
  7. The insects did not do any material damage to the crop.
  8. Goats can eat more or less any plant material.

Meaning of Material & Material Definition

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What Does Material Mean?

  • A simple definition of Material is: The substance or substance from which something is made.

Meanings of Material

  1. The material from which an object is made or can be made.

  2. Facts, information or ideas in creating books or other works.

  3. Cloth or cloth

  4. Reference to or contain physical objects instead of thoughts or spirits

  5. Important Related Content

Sentences of Material

  1. Goats can eat any kind of plant material.

  2. There is a lot of good material for priests to use in their sermons.

  3. A piece of black cloth

  4. Insects do not destroy crops


Material: What is the Meaning of Material?

  1. The fabric or fabric from which the e is made.

Meanings of Material

  1. Something that is made of or can be made of something.

  2. Information or ideas for making books or other works.

  3. Identifying or containing physical objects, not thoughts or spirits.

  4. Main important.

Sentences of Material

  1. Your colonial experience gave you content.

Synonyms of Material

sublunary, dope, dirt, gen, key, low-down, deets, background