Definition of Steel:

  1. Iron alloys contain only 0.03% by weight (like steel bars) to 2.5% by weight (like cast iron) and varying amounts of other elements (especially chromium, manganese, molybdenum), nickel and silicon). , Depending on the points at which a large amount of carbon makes the steel more fluid and fluid, and a small amount of it for special use Makes pure, such as electric steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel comes in three main stable crystal forms: (1) ferrite (cubic crystal centered on the body), (2) austenite (cubic crystal centered on the face) and (3) cementite (arthrombic crystal). See also stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel and martinistic stainless steel.

  2. Alloys of hard, strong, gray or blue iron with carbon and other elements commonly used extensively as structural and manufacturing materials.

  3. Prepare yourself mentally or face a difficult task.

Synonyms of Steel

Inactive stock, Brutalize, Stiffen, Special situation stock, Flint, Silver-plated, Lion, Gilt, Corporate stock, Pigsticker, Granite, Get in the right frame of mind, Support, Cutlery, Sustain, Equity security, Stock split, Point, Nonassessable stock, Cornify, Rally, Toad sticker, Quarter stock, Calcify, Fortify, Copper, Loaned stock, Silver, Stone, Gibraltar, Brass, Gear oneself up, Sharpener, Reinvigorate, Stocks, Brace, Steely, Gird, Whittle, Common stock, Bronze, Standard stock, Stiletto, Stock, Silvery, Convertible preferred stock, Voting stock, Bone, Issued capital stock, Penny stock, Capital stock, Ox, Callous, Insulate, Cement, Shore up, Concrete, Gold-plated, Puncturer, Nonvoting stock, Aureate, Rock, Invigorate, Stock list, Temper, Equity, Deferred stock, Equities, Screw ones courage to the sticking place, Ferruginous, Ossify, Brazen, Make up ones mind, Protective stock, Dagger, Sword, Ready, Inure, Harden, Bear up, Split, Protect, Brassy, Floating stock, Bite the bullet, Refresh, Excalibur, Tinny, Heart of oak, Stock ledger, Mercurial, Treasury stock, Vitrify, Reinforce, Preferred stock, Blade, Case harden, Letter stock, Screw muster ones courage, Ax, Borrowed stock, Defensive stock, Strengthen, Gather up ones courage, Guaranteed stock, Nickelic, Rails, Gold-filled, Quicksilver, Hot issue, Prop, Cuprous, Share ledger, Long stock, Pewtery, Blue chip stock, Marble, Ferrous, Oak, Glamour issue, Income stock, Cold steel, Authorized capital stock, Cutter, Nickel, Pewter, Cumulative preferred stock, Nerve, Nerve oneself, Ironlike, Tin, Trusty sword, Brace oneself, Ten-share unit stock, Nickeline, Cyclical stock, Coppery, Confirm, Assessable stock, Indurate, Adamant, Shares, Steels, Eighth stock, Naked steel, High-flier, Ordinary shares, Hypothecated stock, Firm, Lapidify, Petrify, Golden, Horse, Buttress, Unmeasurable, Lead, Undergird, Iron, Fancies, Lithify, Brace up, Speculative stock, Mercurous, Prepare oneself, Bronzy, Summon muster ones courage, Cupreous, Anneal, Leaden, Restrengthen, Brick, Reverse split, Seasoned stock, Screw up ones courage, Fossilize, Gold, Growth stock, Participating preferred stock, Dirk, Diamond, Prepare, Edge tools, Short stock, Buck up, Gather muster ones courage, Nails, Specialty stock, Utilities, Blue chip, Summon up ones courage, Unissued capital stock, Beef up, Toughen, Pale blue chip, Knife, Preference stock

How to use Steel in a sentence?

  1. The builder carefully approves the steel beams when we build a new office for lunch.
  2. If you want to build a very tall building, you will need to use very strong steel as a base.
  3. I spoke quickly and prepared myself for the uncomfortable response.
  4. We were unable to enter the house because the doors were made of steel and it was very difficult to break.
  5. Steel beam

Meaning of Steel & Steel Definition

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