Definition of Point:

  1. Extend (the toes or feet) in line with the leg by tensing the foot and ankle in such a way as to form a point.

  2. Cite or put forward a fact or situation as evidence of something.

  3. A small leading party of an advanced guard of troops.

  4. Either of two areas in each attacking zone, just inside the blue line where it meets the boards.

  5. Fill in or repair the joints of (brickwork, a brick structure, or tiling) with smoothly finished mortar or cement.

  6. (in sports and games) a mark or unit of scoring.

  7. A single item or detail in an extended discussion, list, or text.

  8. A short piece of cord for tying up a reef in a sail.

  9. Direct someones attention toward something by extending ones finger or something held in ones hand.

  10. Typography: Unit of vertical and horizontal measurement equal to 1/12th of a PICA or approximately 1/72nd of an inch (0.013 inch or 0.35 millimeter). Didot point (used primarily in mainland Europe) equals 0.014 inch or 0.38 millimeter. Character spacing, word spacing, line spacing, and height of type fonts, is measured in points. See also point size and Q.

  11. Currency trading: Fourth digit after a decimal point in exchange rate quotes.

  12. Securities trading: (1) One dollar change in the price of a share (stock), each increment equals 1/8th of a point or 12 1/2 cents. (2) One percent change in the price of a bond. Bond yields, however, are expressed in basis points.

  13. Insert points in (written Hebrew).

  14. Each of thirty-two directions marked at equal distances around a compass.

  15. A tagged piece of ribbon or cord used for lacing a garment or attaching breeches to a doublet.

  16. The action or position of a dog in pointing.

  17. A position at the front of the court, usually manned by the guard who sets up the teams defense.

  18. A unit of measurement for type sizes and spacing, which in the US and UK is one twelfth of a pica, or 0.013835 inch (0.351 mm), and in Europe is 0.015 inch (0.376 mm).

  19. Futures trading: 1/32nd of a percentage point, the lowest fraction by which a price can move upwards or downward. Also called a tick..

  20. A narrow piece of land jutting out into a lake or ocean.

  21. The extremities of an animal, typically a horse or cat, such as the face, paws, and tail of a Siamese cat.

  22. A spot to which a straight run is made.

  23. Banking: One percent of the amount of a mortgage loan, also called a discount point. US banks charge a fee expressed in points to increase loan income without exceeding the legal interest rate limit on home mortgages.

  24. A particular spot, place, or position in an area or on a map, object, or surface.

  25. Give a sharp, tapered point to.

  26. Each of a set of electrical contacts in the distributor of a motor vehicle.

  27. The tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object.

  28. An important phrase or subject, especially in a contrapuntal composition.

  29. A dot or other punctuation mark, in particular a period.

  30. Another term for switch (sense 4 of the noun).

Synonyms of Point

Extremity, Furthermost part, Limit, Margin, Edge, Border, Boundary, Periphery, Detail, Item, Particular, Fact, Thing, Piece of information, Idea, Argument, Consideration, Factor, Element, Aspect, Regard, Respect, L, Thule, Ultima Thule, Abode, Accent, Accentuate, Ace, Acerbity, Acidity, Acme, Acridity, Acrimony, Aculeate, Aculeus, Acuminate, Acumination, Address, Advance guard, Advantage, Affective meaning, Aim, Aim at, Airhead, Allude to, Ambition, Amount, Analyze, Ancestor, Angle, Animus, Announcer, Antecedent, Antler, Apex, Apogee, Applicability, Applicable, Application, Apposite, Appropriate, Appropriateness, Apropos, Apt, Area, Article, As regards, Ascender, Aspect, Aspiration, Astringency, Atom, Attribute, Auger, Avail, Avant-garde, Awl, Ax, Azimuth, Back, Barb, Barbed wire, Barblet, Barbule, Barbwire, Basis, Bastard type, Battle line, Beachhead, Bear, Beard, Bearing, Bearings, Behalf, Behoof, Bellwether, Belly, Belly laugh, Bench mark, Bend, Bend to, Benefit, Bent, Beside the point, Bevel, Bias, Bifurcation, Bight, Bill, Birthmark, Bit, Bite, Bitter end, Bitterness, Black letter, Blade, Blaze, Blaze a trail, Blemish, Blotch, Blue story, Bodkin, Body, Borer, Bottom, Bottom dollar, Boundary, Bracket, Bradawl, Brand, Breakwater, Bridgehead, Bring up, Brink, Brow, Buccinator, Burden, Burin, Bushwhacker, Butt, Butt end, Caesura, Caliber, Call attention to, Caltrop, Cant, Cap, Cape, Capital, Cardinal point, Carpet tack, Case, Cast, Caste mark, Causticity, Chalk, Chalk up, Chapter, Character, Characteristic, Check, Check off, Checkmark, Chersonese, Cheval-de-frise, Chevron, Chief thing, Chisel, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Circumstantial, Circumstantiality, Climax, Cloud nine, Cockspur, Coin, Cold steel, Colon, Coloring, Comma, Compass, Concern, Concerning, Conduce, Conjugate, Connotation, Consideration, Constituent, Contribute, Convenience, Coral reef, Core, Corner, Cornerstone, Counsel, Count, Counter, Course, Crank, Crest, Crisis, Critical point, Crook, Crotchet, Crown, Crumb, Crux, Culmen, Culmination, Current, Cusp, Cuspidate, Cut, Cutlery, Cutter, Dab, Dagger, Dapple, Dash, Datum, Day, Decimal point, Decline, Define, Deflection, Degree, Delimit, Delta, Demarcate, Denotation, Descend, Descender, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Designate, Desire, Detail, Details, Determination, Determine, Diacritical mark, Dibble, Die, Direct, Direct attention to, Direction, Direction line, Directionize, Dirty joke, Dirty story, Discolor, Discoloration, Dispose, District, Dogleg, Dole, Dot, Double entendre, Dram, Dribble, Driblet, Drift, Drill, Drop, Droplet, Dwarf, Earmark, Edge, Edge tools, Effect, Elbow, Element, Ell, Em, Emphasize, Emplacement, En, End stop, Engrave, Engraving, Engraving tool, Entity, Essence, Essential, Essential matter, Etching ball, Etching ground, Etching needle, Etching point, Ethnic joke, Exhibit, Explorer, Extension, Extent, Extreme, Extreme limit, Extremity, Face, Facet, Fact, Factor, Fag end, Farthest bound, Farthest outpost, Farthing, Fat-faced type, Fateful moment, Feature, Feet, Fid, Fierceness, File, First line, Fishhook, Fitting, Fix, Fix on, Fixed purpose, Fleck, Flick, Flyspeck, Focus, Focus of attention, Focus of interest, Font, Force, Forebear, Forefront, Foregoer, Foreland, Forerunner, Fork, Fragment, Freckle, Front line, Front rank, Front runner, Front-runner, Frontiersman, Fugleman, Full stop, Fun, Function, Fundamental, Funny story, Furcation, Gaff, Gag, Gash, Germane, Gimlet, Gist, Gnat, Go, Goad, Goal, Gobbet, Good one, Good story, Grade, Grain, Grammatical meaning, Granule, Gravamen, Graver, Graving, Gravitate, Great point, Grind, Grip, Groat, Groove, Groundbreaker, Guide, Guts, Hack, Hair, Handful, Harbinger, Harpoon, Harshness, Hat pin, Hatch, Have a tendency, Head, Heading, Headland, Heart, Heaven, Heavens, Height, Helmsmanship, Herald, High noon, High point, Highest pitch, Highest point, Hilltop, Hint, Hold a heading, Hold on, Hole, Hone, Hook, Horn, Hour, Howler, Hyphenate, Icepick, Idea, Identify, Immaterial, Impact, Implication, Imply, Import, Important thing, Impress, Imprint, In point of, In reference to, Inappropriate, Inapt, Incidental, Inclination, Incline, Inconsequential, Indicate, Individual, Inflect, Inflection, Innovator, Instance, Instant, Intaglio, Integer, Intendment, Intension, Intent, Intention, Interest, Interval, Iota, Irrelevant, Issue, Italic, Item, Jape, Jest, Jestbook, Joke, Jot, Jumping-off place, Juncture, Kairos, Keenness, Kernel, Keystone, Knee, Knife, Knoll, Lance, Lancet, Landmark, Latitude and longitude, Laugh, Lay, Lead, Lead runner, Leader, Lean, Leap, Lentigo, Letter, Level, Level at, Lexical meaning, Lie, Lieu, Ligature, Limit, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Literal meaning, Little, Little bit, Living issue, Locale, Locality, Location, Locus, Lofty peak, Logotype, Look to, Lower case, Macula, Main point, Main thing, Majuscule, Make a mark, Malapropos, Mallet, Mark, Mark off, Mark out, Marking, Marlinespike, Material, Material point, Matter, Matter in hand, Maximum, Meaning, Measure, Meat, Mention, Meridian, Messenger, Microbe, Microorganism, Midge, Milestone, Mind, Minim, Minimum, Minor detail, Minuscule, Minute, Minutia, Minutiae, Mite, Modeling clay, Modicum, Module, Mole, Molecule, Moment, Moment of truth, Mordacity, Mordancy, Mote, Motif, Motive, Mottle, Mountaintop, Mucro, Mull, Nail, Naked steel, Navigation, Naze, Ne plus ultra, Neb, Needle, Ness, Nevus, Nib, Nicety, Nick, Nisus, No place higher, Nook, Noon, Notch, Notion, Nuance, Nub, Nucleus, Nutshell, Object, Objective, Oilstone, Orientation, Ounce, Outguard, Outpost, Overtone, Oxgoad, Panic, Parenthesize, Parse, Part, Particle, Particular, Pas, Patch, Pathfinder, Pause, Peak, Pebble, Peg, Pencil, Peninsula, Pepper, Percentage, Period, Person, Persona, Pertinence, Pertinent, Pi, Pic, Pica, Pico, Piece of advice, Pigsticker, Pike, Piloting, Pin, Pinch, Pinhead, Pinnacle, Pinpoint, Pioneer, Pitch, Pitchfork, Pith, Pittance, Pivot, Place, Place emphasis on, Placement, Plan, Plane, Plateau, Play, Plunge, Poignancy, Point at, Point at issue, Point in question, Point out, Point to, Point up, Pointer, Pointless, Pole, Polka dot, Position, Precedent, Precipice, Precipitate, Precursor, Predecessor, Pregnant moment, Present, Prick, Prickle, Print, Problem, Profit, Project, Projection, Promontory, Prong, Property, Proportion, Proposal, Prospectus, Psychological moment, Punch, Punctuate, Punctuation, Punctuation marks, Puncture, Puncturer, Purport, Purpose, Quality, Quarter, Question, Quiddity, Quill, Quoin, Railhead, Range, Range of meaning, Ratio, Reach, Real issue, Real meaning, Redound to, Reef, Reference, Reference mark, Referent, Regard, Regarding, Region, Relation, Relevance, Relevant, Remind, Remove, Reset, Resolution, Resolve, Respect, Rib tickler, Riddle, Ridge, Rigor, Riot, Rocker, Roman, Roughness, Round, Rowel, Rubric, Run, Rung, Sake, Salient point, Sandspit, Sans serif, Say, Scale, Scar, Scarification, Scarify, Scope, Score, Scorper, Scotch, Scout, Scrap, Scratch, Scratching, Scream, Script, Scruple, Seal, Seam, Season, Semantic cluster, Semantic field, Semicolon, Sense, Serve, Service, Set, Set toward, Settle, Seventh heaven, Severity, Shade, Shadow, Shank, Sharpen, Sharpener, Sharpness, Shoulder, Show, Show a tendency, Sick joke, Side, Sidesplitter, Sight gag, Sight on, Significance, Signification, Significatum, Signifie, Sine qua non, Single, Single out, Singleton, Sink, Site, Situation, Situs, Skewer, Sky, Small cap, Small capital, Smidgen, Smitch, Snip, Snippet, Solder, Soldering iron, Something, Soul, Space, Span, Span of meaning, Spatula, Spearhead, Specifics, Speck, Speckle, Spell, Spiculate, Spicule, Spiculum, Spike, Spine, Spire, Spirit, Spit, Splash, Splotch, Spoonful, Sport, Spot, Spotlight, Spur, Stage, Stain, Stair, Stamp, Standard, Staple, Station, Stead, Steel, Steer, Steerage, Steering, Stem, Step, Stigma, Stigmatize, Sting, Stint, Stop, Stormy petrel, Story, Strap, Strawberry mark, Streak, Stress, Stretch, Striate, Stridency, Stringency, Stripe, Striving, Strop, Structural meaning, Stub, Study, Stump, Style, Subject, Subject matter, Subject of thought, Subside, Substance, Substantive point, Suggest, Suggestion, Sum, Sum and substance, Summit, Swerve, Sword, Symbolic meaning, Tack, Tactic, Tag, Tag end, Tail, Tail end, Tally, Tang, Taper, Tartness, Tattoo, Tattoo mark, Teeth, Tend, Tend to go, Tendency, Tenor, Text, The bottom line, The point, Theme, Thimbleful, Thing, Thought, Thrust, Thumbtack, Tick, Tick off, Time, Time lag, Tine, Tiny bit, Tip, Tip-top, Tittle, To the point, Toad sticker, Tongue, Top, Topic, Tor, Totality of associations, Trace, Track, Trailblazer, Trailbreaker, Train, Train upon, Trait, Transferred meaning, Tread, Trenchancy, Trend, Trifling amount, Trivia, Turn, Turn upon, Turning point, Type, Type body, Type class, Type lice, Typecase, Typeface, Typefounders, Typefoundry, Unadorned meaning, Underline, Underscore, Undertone, Unimportant, Unit, Upmost, Upper case, Upper extremity, Uppermost, Use, Utmost, Value, Van, Vanguard, Vanishing point, Vaunt-courier, Veer, Vehemence, Verge, Vertex, Very top, View, Violence, Virulence, Visual joke, Voortrekker, Warp, Watermark, Way, Wheeze, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Whet, While, Whit, Whittle, Will, With respect to, Work toward, Worth, Wow, Yarn, Zag, Zenith, Zig, Zigzag, Place, Position, Location, Site, Spot, Area, Locality, Locale, Tip, Sharp end, Tapered end, End, Extremity, Promontory, Headland, Head, Foreland, Cape, Peninsula, Bluff, Ness, Horn, Bill

How to use Point in a sentence?

  1. He points to several factors supporting this conclusion.
  2. The boys were nudging each other and pointing at me.
  3. You ignore a number of important points.
  4. Reach up with your arms and point your toes.
  5. Beth was very disappoint ed when her stocks dropped by a whole dollar because she couldnt afford to lose that point .
  6. A pure white dog with black points.
  7. The bricks have been poorly pointed.
  8. These marshy channels are the invariable point of any hunted boar.
  9. They were advancing slowly in three points across the Realm, wiping out anything that stood against them.
  10. Some manuscripts are pointed with what looks like the Land of Israel system written with Tiberian symbols.
  11. A bird dog on point.
  12. He began to untruss his points.
  13. If the points need to be replaced you must remove the flywheel.
  14. To calculate the point on a loan one must be very well versed in financial math because getting that math wrong could spell disaster for the loan holder.
  15. Stokowski changes gear at points as if he decided tempos needed geared up.
  16. Feature of the game was a whopping 28 points from point guard Karen Mealey.
  17. He scored 13 of his teams final 19 points against Houston.
  18. The boat came around the point.
  19. The top-sails are always reefed with points.
  20. Footnote numbering in the text should be placed after the full point at the end of a sentence.
  21. He twisted and pointed his mustache.
  22. After refinancing my house my mortgage loan went down several point s which is a relieve do to the amount of debt I am in.
  23. The point of his dagger.
  24. Usually the players at the two points are the defensemen.
  25. Turn left at the point where you see a sign to Apple Grove.
  26. Because monitors display at different resolutions, 12-point type on one screen could approximate 14-point type on another.
  27. Arrayed around it like points on the compass rose were sections of the house.

Meaning of Point & Point Definition