Cetane number

Cetane number,

Definition of Cetane number:

  1. A measure of the ignition properties of diesel fuel relative to cetane as a standard.

  2. Measure of the ignition quality of diesel fuel; higher this number, the easier it is to start a standard (direct-injection) diesel engine. It denotes the percentage (by volume) of cetane (chemical name Hexadecane) in a combustible mixture (containing cetane and 1-methylnapthalene) whose ignition characteristics match those of the diesel fuel being tested. See also Octane number.

How to use Cetane number in a sentence?

  1. Euro III diesel has a minimum cetane number (a standard measure of ignition quality) of 51, up from 48, while the corresponding petrol has an octane number (an ‘anti-knock’ index) of 91 instead of 88.

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