Wind Farm

Wind Farm,

Wind Farm:

  1. The definition of Wind Farm is: A large area with strong winds where a group of wind turbines have been installed to run a generator to generate electricity.

Literal Meanings of Wind Farm


Meanings of Wind:
  1. Abnormal natural movement of air, especially the flow of air moving in a certain direction.

  2. Breathe as needed when exercising or speaking.

  3. When food enters the air, or gas is produced in the stomach and intestines through digestion.

  4. The wind instrument, or rather, the wind instrument that is part of a group or orchestra.

  5. Exhale (someone) due to abdominal tension or shock.

  6. Identify the being (a person or animal) by smell.

  7. Make a sound (horn or call) while flying.

  8. Movement or spiral or spiral.

Sentences of Wind
  1. The building collapsed inside the building

  2. She waits as Jazz picks up the wind

  3. Fruits, oils and seeds are traditionally used to treat severe stomach ulcers, excessive flatulence, postmenopausal fatigue and colds.

  4. This part is only suitable for air

  5. The fall knocked him closer

  6. Wrapping the road between the olive trees

  7. Wrap your stomach in a towel

  8. He turned the clock around at City Hall every day until he retired at the age of 92.

Synonyms of Wind

curve, flatus, zigzag, gasping for breath, fold, wind instruments., ramble, puffing and blowing, breath, turn, meander, out of breath, panting, breeze, puffing, flatulence, twist and turn, loop, twist, breathless, furl, gas, weave


Meanings of Farm:
  1. Areas and structures where animals are bred and bred are usually subordinate to the owner or manager.

  2. Get income from agriculture or livestock.

  3. Send or outsource work to someone else.

  4. Allow someone to receive and maintain income (from taxes) by paying a license fee.

Sentences of Farm
  1. 100 acre farm

  2. Has been growing physically for five years

  3. This saves companies time and money by outsourcing certain writing jobs.

  4. The award was sold to collectors at a fixed price.

Synonyms of Farm

smallholding, outsource, grange, rear livestock, delegate, practise farming, farmstead, plantation, contract out, work the land, till the soil, do agricultural work, holding, steading, estate, subcontract, assign to others, till the land, cultivate the land, be a farmer