Definition of overweight:

  1. Above a weight considered normal or desirable.

  2. Situation in which the share of a portfolio's investments in a particular financial market (expressed as a percentage of the portfolio's total investments in all financial markets) is proportionally higher than this share of financial markets on total capitalization (expressed as a percentage of the capitalization of all financial markets). The opposite of being underweight.

  3. Having more investments in a particular area than is normal or desirable.

  4. An overweight investment is a sector of an asset or sector that includes a higher than normal percentage of a portfolio or index. An investor may choose to dedicate a larger portion of the portfolio to a sector that looks particularly promising, or an investor may be overweight defensive stocks and bonds at a time when prices are volatile.

  5. Excessive or extra weight.

  6. Give it too much weight; overload.


Overweight means,

Overweight investment is an asset or industry sector with an average portfolio or index percentage. An investor can choose to dedicate most of his or her portfolio to an industry that looks particularly promising, or an investor can weigh defense stocks and bonds at volatile prices.

  • Excess weight is the wrong investment in certain assets, types of assets or portfolio sectors.
  • Overweight, equivalent or underweight, also reflects the analyst's view that a particular stock will outperform the industry average over the next eight to 12 months.
  • Portfolio managers can evaluate the stock or sector if they believe it will work and increase gross profit.

Overweight refers to The definition of security is recommended to increase the investment position of investors in a particular security, sector, asset class or market.

Meanings of Overweight

  1. Put too much pressure on the overload.

  2. Excessive or weight gain.

  3. Considered normal weight or required

  4. More investment in a specific sector than the general or desired.

Sentences of Overweight

  1. Try not to overload the box

  2. Obesity surgery

  3. She weighs forty pounds

Synonyms of Overweight

rotund, bulky, morbidly obese, gross, chubby, outsize, large, heavy, well fed, pot-bellied, stout, plump, Falstaffian, massive, well padded, ample, roly-poly, paunchy, flabby, corpulent, portly, obese, broad in the beam, fat