Premature Distribution

Premature Distribution,

Premature Distribution: What is the Meaning of Premature Distribution?

Company Pension Plan Payment with 10% penalty (in most cases) If you are under 55 years of age you quit your job or traditional IRA if you are under 59 years old.

Literal Meanings of Premature Distribution


Meanings of Premature:
  1. It happens or happens too soon before the normal or proper time.

Sentences of Premature
  1. Sunlight can cause premature growth

Synonyms of Premature

untimely, early, too soon, too early, before time


Meanings of Distribution:
  1. Share something between multiple recipients.

Sentences of Distribution
  1. Print to share with friends

Synonyms of Distribution

giving out, dealing out, handing out, handing round, issue, issuing, issuance, dispensation, administering, administration, passing round, doling out