Summer Season

The hottest season of the year is the summer season. The temperature has risen to the point that water is rapidly evaporating during this season. Summers season typically lasts from mid-March to late-June, but due to a monsoon delay, it will last until the first week of July.

Summer Season

The summer season is the 3rd season of the year of all four seasons, which comes after the very little season of spring and before autumn. During summer, days are long & hot but nights are short & somewhat cold. The start of summer varies depending on the atmosphere, culture, and tradition. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is warm, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it is winter.

Summer Season’s Weather and Timings

The summer season has long been linked with hot and humid conditions. It is associated with rainy weather in some countries, such as Eastern Asia. Under the savanna climate regime, the wet season is the main phase of vegetation formation. From June 1 to November 30, a distinct tropical cyclone season develops in the northern Atlantic Ocean. The Thunderstorm season in the United States and Canada lasts from spring to summer.

Summer weather

The solstice, the moment of highest insolation, is often used to describe the astronomical season. Summer is described as of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere and December, January, and February in the southern hemisphere by meteorological convention. Summer in Ireland starts on May 1 and ends on August 1 according to the Irish Calendar. In Ireland, school textbooks adopt the traditional tradition that summer starts on May 1 rather than the meteorological meaning of June 1. It’s also common in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Japan, and many people in the UK and Canada use it. It corresponds to the widely held belief that summer is the season with the longest (and hottest) days of the year.

Summer season in North America is described as the time between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. In Chinese astronomy, the summer season in the United States is historically thought to begin on Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May) and conclude on Labor Day weekend (the first Monday in September) a week before Victoria Day in Canada. A similar Canadian tradition kicks off summer.

Summer Season’s Holidays

Summer holidays enjoyment

Children are out of school for the summer season in nearly all countries at this time of year. Public schools in the United States typically complete in late May, during Memorial Day weekend. School finishes in mid-July in England and Wales and starts in early September. Summer vacation in Russia starts at the end of May and concludes on August 31. Summer vacation in Canada begins on the last or second-last Friday in June. The big holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Day are included in the school summer vacation dates in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer vacation begins in early December and ends in early February in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. School in India finishes in late April and starts again in early or mid-June.

Summer Season’s Activities

Since 1896, the modern Olympics has been held every four years during the summer season. Soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, and water sports are all common. The Summer Olympics in Sydney in 2000 took place in the spring, while the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 took place in the winter. Summer is traditionally a low-viewing season on television. Between May and September, TV schedules reflect this by not screening new episodes of famous shows. During the summer, several children’s television shows are broadcast, mostly on children’s cable channels like the Disney Channel.

Summer activities

The summer season is the most common season for animated films to be released in theatres. During the summer, most school-aged children and college students are on break. Summer is historically the busiest season for travel and vacationing, particularly in the United States. The summer season is the busiest season for the leisure, travel, hotel, and retail sectors.

Why summer season is the best?

When summer season starts, everyone feels happy, because daily going out and working is much easier. After a hard winter, people love to drink cold water with other cold drinks and bathe with normal tap water. Summer vacations are long, so everyone wants to enjoy them. But it is somewhat harsh too and you need to be careful or to be careful.

Summer enjoyment

Summer is best so that living is simple and easy. No heavy dressing or a couple of things are needed even if you are at home. Everyone can go out without wearing or caring much, but there is still some prevention needed. But don’t worry, it is not thought much or needs to be thought much. In European countries, during summer, in fact, there is no need for much care, but they really celebrate. There is really no harsh weather, but after seeing hard cold weather, they think only 30c is very hot. In fact, in the East, at 40c, people are worried or think that the temperature or the weather is getting hot. Now one person needs to be careful. When very hot winds are blown from 10 am to 8 pm, it is called hot weather.

The main problem of very hot weather is sun-stroke. But its cure is very easy, when one goes out after morning should drink some cold water it’s enough. But if one goes out after 10 am it should be careful more. No one needs some extra salts plus carbohydrates to be prevented from the attack of the sun. Because during very hot weather your body exhausted with sweet which is secreted by water. It is not only water of one’s body but with it one’s body secrets many other minerals with energy which is gotten by minerals n other meals. Salt with water n some carbs (sugary foods or pure sugar) or Fresh juices recover them immediately, otherwise, one’s body can be hot much or it is hunted by sun-stroke. Sun-stroke is often hunted when one goes out suddenly from a cold place to the sun or from Sun to enter a cold place. So, avoiding traveling in the daytime is not bad for old aged symptom or tradition. It is good to travel in hot weather that it is started early in the morning or at the night. Yet, it is not bad or for especially a healthy man with due care to move and little traveling in a day time. Drinking plenty of Water, Eating simple but healthy n with herbs n vegetables is a good habit.

Summer Season’s Benefits

The Summer season is best for killing germs and cleaning your body at home. The hot sun kills all the germs while getting everyone Vitamin D, though one should not go out much or sun to get it. Much sun-light can burn the outer surface of the body’s skin or can hard on the bones by Vitamin D. If one has a home where sunlight is spreading, it is enough to clean a home. For people who are facing health issues, they should take a sun-bath early in the morning, from 6-9 am. Or one can enjoy a sun-bath in the evening from 5:30-7:30.

Sunny Day

Most crops are ripped during summer because the hot sun gets them enough energy and the rain fertilizes the best. No one can get water or sprinkle like rain.

Summer rain

Rains mostly benefited during summer. June and July are called the monsoon season, which means the rainy season. Rain is a must for human life and everything? Why is rain mostly teeming in the summer? The reason is very simple and authentic. With very hot weather, seawater is boiled enough. The boiling water creates vapors or steam. Steam goes out, then cold winds make it chill and this chilled steam makes vapors. On the upper surface of the sea, vapors are created. Then they move up and up and with the help of winds caused by rain everywhere. The heavy rush of diseases is stopped during summer for two main reasons. Firstly, hot sun, then heavy rain makes everything clean. But it is a fact that during summer people work out, then they drink and eat so they get energy.

What to avoid during summer season?

:small_blue_diamond: Don’t forget to drink water when going out.

:small_blue_diamond: When the weather is too hot or winds are hot, take juice, squash, or buttermilk or yogurt with salt and some cumin seeds. Mostly, it is made with lots of water and only a few spoons of yogurt are added. It is thought in the East that buttermilk is better with lots of water.

:small_blue_diamond: Don’t stick with air-conditioning and then go out in the sun? Or get inside instantly after coming from the hot sun.

:small_blue_diamond: Bath daily or clean your body in any way one finds, like with wet towels or tissue cleans the body.

:small_blue_diamond: During the day, drink water but don’t avoid food.

:small_blue_diamond: Avoid eating the meat of any kind. But using fruits or vegetables, salads are good.

:small_blue_diamond: For high energy or iron, using just meat is an old idea. Raw salads, especially cucumber or tomatoes, are much better.

:small_blue_diamond: During summer, food with high fiber and water is needed not rich in Iron only. Vegetables are contained much water with high fiber but low-fat and having minerals with some Iron too. Taking much of them is enough but the high calories n fat of meat is much harmful during summer weather. We need only during Summer High carbohydrates with plenty of water to recover secretion of both of them.

Summer foods

:small_blue_diamond: Diarrhea is a common issue in summer, especially during the monsoon. Don’t hesitate. Just take a few cardamoms, mint leaves… fresh or dried, and seeds of oranges or lemon… with one cup of water. Blend, strain, and sip one small teaspoon after every minute. Only ORS or One tablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt with one cup of water is a relief for random stomach disorders. One can use honey too. Honey is much better, but if it is not available or expensive, use sugar and salt to drink ORS. With honey, adding salt is not necessary, but avoiding food too, for a few hours is necessary. From preventing this situation, eating with care is much better.

Summer season is one of the four seasons on Earth, after spring and preceding autumn. Days turn wet, humid, and extremely long at this time of year, while nights are the shortest. The sun is shining brightly, and everyone around you is urging you to go outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the topic of the summer season:

1. What makes summer the best season?

Summer is my favorite time of year because of the warm weather, school holidays, and endless fun. Hot weather is one of my favorite aspects of the year because it provides the ideal environment for outdoor activities. When summer arrives, you can switch to thinner, more comfortable clothing.

2. What is summer known for?

During the season, most people take advantage of the warm weather by spending some time outside. During the summer, activities such as going to the beach and having picnics are common. Soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, skateboarding, baseball, softball, cricket, tennis, and golf are some of the games that are played.

3. What is the meaning of the word “summer”?

The word “summer” is derived from the Old English word sumor, which means “summertime.” This was derived from the Proto-Germanic root sumur-, which was derived from the Proto-Indo-European root sam-(sam-appears to be a variation of Proto-Indo-European sem-, meaning “together/one”).

4. When is the middle day of the summer?

24th of June

For the last two weeks or so, most areas of North America have seen more than 15 hours of daylight. Both of these are a build-up to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, as well as June 24, the “heart” of summer.

5. What is it about summer that makes me so happy?

Our biological clocks, levels of serotonin (which influences our mood), and levels of melatonin are all affected by the duration of day and night, as well as our exposure to light (which works with mood and sleep). It’s easy to see that many of us prefer summer to the rest of the year. Summer is my favorite time of year because of the warm weather, school holidays, and endless fun. Hot weather is one of my favorite aspects of the year because it provides the ideal environment for outdoor activities. When summer arrives, you can switch to thinner, more comfortable clothing.

6. In the summer, what should we eat?

Cucumbers, watermelons, grapes, cabbages, onions, radish, green leafy vegetables, cantaloupes, strawberries, capsicum, and other fruits and vegetables are among them. After comprehensive rinsing, these foods can be consumed raw or converted into juices, smoothies, or shakes, "she clarified. Any food should be stopped at all costs.

7. In the summer, how do you feel better?

Exercise not only benefits the muscles but also stimulates endorphins, which are a good way to reduce tension and discomfort. Daily walking, swimming, commuting to work, or playing your favorite sport are all examples of fitness. It helps to do something little, because the more you do, the happier you’ll feel. Maintain a balanced sugar intake. The summer season in nature is full of vivid colors, all around you are thriving, the birds are humming, and you can feel the earth around you! Plants and trees are bearing fruit, a multitude of flowers are blooming in a variety of colors, and anyone can smell a delicious fragrance in the air.

8. Why should we get sleepy in the summer?

Dehydration can be worsened by the sun and cause damage to the skin. The sun’s rays will induce pigmentation changes, wrinkles, and burns as they strike your skin. These chemical modifications really cause fatigue. This is because your body is fixing the loss. The shortage of salt, or sodium, is another cause of your lack of energy during the summer. Sweating causes sodium loss, which can result in hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the body). This can result in dizziness, headaches, and muscle cramps, especially if you exercise during the summer.

9. What are the summer colors?

Summers, overall, have a lot of purple, blue, and violet in their natural coloring. Light cool or “ashy” hair shades and light cool eye colors balance out the warm skin tones. About the fact that purple is the color of the year, red is also a popular choice for spring and summer. It’s a color that looks amazing on anyone and it comes in a range of shades and hues that can complement any skin tone, whether cold, humid or somewhere in between.

10. Is Silk suitable for the summer?

Silk is another fashionable material to wear when the temperatures climb for those of a much more affluent palate. Silk is not as absorbent as cotton or linen since it is produced from the silkworm rather than a vegetable source. However, because of its lightness, it is especially appealing in the summer.


Summer season is a gift from nature that cares for everyone. Long days provide time for everything one wants. Hot weather kills all the germs as well. Going to an outing is much easier. Crops ripen during the summer season. The monsoon is also part of summer, which is necessary for whole agricultural life, which is also indeed a must for humans all. So, for some reason, hot weather can be harmful, but vacations are given during summer. Because, if students need rest to care or for an outing, they could enjoy it. There just need some prophylaxis and everyone can enjoy summer. Drink water, especially when going outside. Take a bath regularly. During the days, take some sweet drinks or beverages if you cannot eat food or don’t feel hungry. Eat but with care, and don’t hesitate with diarrhea because it’s common in summer.

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Summer Season is the hottest season of the year having the longest days. Essay on Summer Season is an important topic for students from an academic perspective. Writing an essay on the topic of the summer not only helps them understand the season better, but also cope with the season more effectively. Around the world, the summer season is generally the hottest of the four seasons. It begins after spring and is followed by autumn. Usually, the exact date of the beginning of summer varies according to the climate, culture, and traction. Moreover, when it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa.
How is Summer Season Defined?
From an astronomical perspective, the solstices and the equinoxes would technically be the middle of the respective seasons. Summer in astronomical terms is defined as starting at the solstice, often identified on the 21st day of June or December. From a meteorological perspective, the summer season is defined as the months comprise of June, July and August in the northern hemisphere and the months comprise of December, January and February in the southern hemisphere. The most commonly viewed notion of summer aligns almost perfectly with the meteorological definition of summer. Summer is generally seen as the months that comprise the warmest days of the year.
Children Activities in Summer Season:
During the summer months, there is also a general increase in outdoor activities. People tend to spend more time outdoors and perform various activities such as visiting the beach, going to picnics and playing various sports. Moreover, the number of water sports and water-related activities greatly increases during the summer. Generally, schools are closed during the summers and as a result, there is a significant increase in vacation and travel. Parallelly, children’s cable channels (such as Disney) release television shows during the summer months. To sum up, the summer season is one of the most active seasons as supported by the number of activities that people undertake.
The summer season, as we all know, is the hottest among the four seasons. In many places around the world, summer becomes unbearably hot as temperatures quickly soar. However, that does not stop most people from enjoying the summer.
Importance of Summer Season:
In many places in India, as well as around the world, summers are seen as a season of travel and leisure. This is because most school-age students and college students have summer vacations during the summer months. Graduate and post-graduate students may seek out summer internships and jobs during this season. Businesses that are involved in tourism, travel and recreation often peak during these months.
Effects of Summer Season:
The four seasons, from an astronomical view, would be the middle of the equinoxes and the solstices. Then summer would be the start of the solstice, often identified with the 21st day of December or June. However, our general notion of summer closely coincides with the meteorological definition of summer: The months of June, July and August in the northern hemisphere and the months of December, January and February in the southern hemisphere forms the summer season.
Festivals and Holidays in Summer Season:
The onset of the summer season is also recognized by cultural and traditional views seen in various cultures around the world. For instance, there are many festivals celebrated in India during the summer seasons. Most popular include: Mahavir Jayanthi, Ganagaur, Chithirai Festival and Ram Navami. Moreover, many public holidays fall during this season – for instance, Independence Day in India is observed on August 15th every year. The Summer Olympics Games is also hosted during this season, with the next scheduled to begin from July 24th, 2020.
Effects of Life in Summer Season:
Traditionally, summers are associated with hot and warm weather. In some parts of the world, summer may be associated with dry weather, such as the Mediterranean regions. Other regions, such as Eastern Asia associate summers with rain. It is also common for storms in many parts of the world to peak during the summer seasons. Historically, most schools and colleges have breaks or vacations during the summer seasons. However, the exact dates may vary according to the region.
Summer season is the hottest season of the year. In this season the temperature became so high that water starts to evaporate very quickly. But this is the most entertaining season for kids who enjoy it to the fullest because their school gets off in the summer season. Usually, summers last for mid or later March to June but they can expend up to the first week of July due to a delay of monsoon.
Facts about the Summer Season:
The season occurs when the earth tilts towards the sun and a vice versa phenomenon for winter. In the southern hemisphere, December to February are the summer months. The day becomes warmers and nights become cooler. Besides, the day is longer and nights are shorter. This season, we get a lot of variety of fruits and vegetables their land for cultivation. The sky becomes clearer as there are no clouds. And the sun shines bright.
Effects of Summer Season:
Summer is hot for many reasons these include some natural factors and some manmade factors. These factors also cause many changes in climate conditions. Although the season is quite dry the kids love it. Moreover, too much hotness is very bad for certain things and results in many problems. One problem that it causes in human which is very common is dehydration. It not only causes weakness and dizziness but also can lead to death. So, to keep the body hydrated
we need to drink plenty of water. Small ponds, rivers, and wells dry up in this season. The groundwater level declines and in some areas conditions like drought occurs.
Who Enjoys Summer?
Although anyone can enjoy the summers the way they like the Children loves it the most. They love it because they have a long summer vacation ahead of them which they enjoy fully.
Besides, they can do whatever they want, be whomever they want, and spend their day playing and traveling with family. Most of the children visit their grandparents in summer or go to a hill station in a cold place to enjoy with family. For them, it’s the most relaxing time when they do not have to do any homework on a daily basis. Moreover, they do all kinds of fun and naughty things they could. In this time they become the king of their dreamland.
Effects on Life:
Whether humans, animals or birds all become very irritated of the season. The summer season causes them to stay indoors. And it makes condition pretty harsh to go out. During the day temperature rises to a level which causes difficulty.
What’s Good about Summer Season?
There are many good things about summer that includes the king of fruits and everyone’s favorite ‘Mango’. Apart from that, there is a large variety of fruits and vegetables in the market. To conclude, we can say that the summer season is not as bad as it looks. It is just like any other season. We can also enjoy summer like any other season by finding the right ways like kids. Moreover, the season is rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables especially the mango.

Summer Season:

What pops up in your mind when you hear about “Summer Season”? Hot/Warm long days is one of the obvious answers’. Summer is one of the four temperate seasons which depends on the geographical location of a country. It has been commonly observed that people have multiple views about sumer season based on their priorities and interests. The inhabitants of Northern hemisphere often enjoy summer season as it brings colors to the frozen life they spend rest of the months. Similarly, there is a very hot summer season observed in most of the [arts of southern side of the globe. They don’t like summer season because it is often hot enough that it brings significant changes in the life styles of the people for that specific area.
Repercussions of the hot weather:
This is commonly observed that a very hot weather brings very negative effects in an individual’s life. A few of the changes are mentioned below.
State of Mind
Seasons or weather conditions have very strong influence on the human psyche. Whether it is a human being, Animal or a bird, every soul feels irritated in the extreme weather conditions particularly when it is hot. Most of the countries in the world observe different seasons (Mostly four) in a year and summer becomes hottest of them. It becomes unbearable at times. This affects the relationships, business deals and all daily chores of life. A fine weather condition creates better work condition which ultimately increases work progress. This is how seasons affect the state of mind of an individual under those specific work conditions.
Dressing Styles
Dressing styles and fashions are some other important aspects of summer season. We can see that every season has its own dressing styles. In summer season we wear light colors because they absorb less heat and we feel more comfortable. Similarly, we go for summer special designs in the selection of shirts and trousers. This brings a circulation of wealth and resources in a society and it also creates job opportunities and new business opportunities as well.
Health conditions (Dehydration etc)
Health conditions are also changed in summer season that makes the inhabitants take more precautionary measures in respect to their bodily desires. Dehydration is very common I summer season which needs to be overcome with the excessive use of water. This creates a difference in the attitudes of human beings in accordance with the weather conditions.
Work capacity
Work capacity also depends on the weather conditions in which workers have to perform. We can make progress by creating a fine weather condition at work place. We have observed in daily life that work perofromance is increased in winter as compared to summer season when people feel really irritated and messed up.
## Remedies:
There are certain remedies opted by the business owners to reduce the negative effects of summer season on the working efficiency of their employees. We can take the example of air conditioners used in summer and similarly heaters in winter to make the employees feel comfortable at their work stations. Similarly, the change in dress codes according to the weather conditions is also one of the strategies to cope up with these effects.


Resources mean the all opportunities which can financially help the inhabitants to bring out te positivity from severe weather conditions. We have seen that summer season produces more resource to earn livelihood for lower middle class of the society as compared to the winter. The use of edible items increases in summer. Cold drinks, Ice creams, Hang outs in the evening and nights in an outer station, Traveling et all help circulating the wealth which ultimately brings prosperity in the society. The lower middle class has more available options to earn their livelihood. They can offer their rooms to the paying guests. They can earn by providing them food. Traveling is more common in summer as compared to winter.

Consumption of water

Water scarcity is one of the major issues being faced by majority of the countries in the world. You will have to consider it very seriously that water consumption eventually increases in summer. People have to use more water for drinking and taking baths in their daily routines. This is also one of the negative impacts of summer season.


Outdoor activities are increased in summer. This brings the wealth in the market by producing more vacant positions to work in different domains. Hence, summer becomes a blessing in disguise for a specific community. We cannot talk about only one perspective of the outcomes and impacts o fthe summer. Summer is also the most desirable season for another group. They wait impatiently to get back to the normal life. In different countries, especially Asia region, People move to mountain areas which are comparatively colder than plain areas to spend their summer vacations. This brings love and intercultural harmony among the different ethnic groups of a country. At international level, People having good resources also move to Europe to enjoy their summer vacations. This is how summer becomes a desirable season to feel life closely. These activities not only bring positive impacts in the attitudes of individuals but it also brings change in the society. People learn new fashions; new values form different cultures and try to implement them in their own society. They become more open minded and acceptable to the change. Patience increases and brings positive outcomes to the society.

Duration of the day

Duration of the day strongly affects the working capacity of the human beings get no time for their family and friends because it is too late when they get back to their homes in the evening. In the summer, the days are comparatively longer and nights are shorter. It creates more opportunities to enjoy leisure time with friends or family members. Similarly, A man who works 8 houurs in a day and he is a daily wager, he can work for 10 hours without any disturbance. On the other hand, if the day is shorter as it is in winter, It becomes hard to complete 8 hours in the work station and getting back to home in the daylight.

Facts about Summer Season:

This is a very common thing to observe that what the factors behind these changes are in the seasons. Science has helped us to resolve this riddle. We have got the answers of all these question that appear in our minds while we think critically. Seasons change due to the rotation of the earth around the sun. As the position of the earth changes, the temperature also changes accordingly. Facts tell us that temperature decreases when the earth is nearer to the sun. Earth completes its circle around the sun in 365v days. Hence there are multiple temperate zones in the world based on their geographical locations. Summer season occurs when earth is tilted toward sun and the vice versa phenomenon is for winter. In the southern Hemisphere Dec and Feb are summer months. There is a great difference in the temperature of the days and nights. Nights are often cooler in these months and days are warmer. The day is longer and nights are shorter. This difference in the time duration also occurs due to the position of the earth with respect to the Sun.

Positive impacts of Summer Season

There is always another side of the story. Well, we are not concerned with the positivity or negativity of the summer season. We are only concerned with the facts which are commonly observed in the summer season and their impacts on human psychology. We see a lot of new things in summer especially in fruits and vegetables which are often missed in winter. Farmers cultivate their lands in summer season; hence this season brings a new hope to their lives. They sow the seeds of life for the next year. The sky becomes clearer and more amazing to see because there are no clouds to block the clear vision. The sun shines brighter. It helps ripening the food. The trees are more green and shady. All these worth living moments are the endowments of summer. Otherwise life would be frozen like an iceberg. Summer brings life and warmth to the frozen emotions. When it rains in the summer, this is one more beautiful sight to enjoy. One cannot deny the beauty of summer at any cost.

Who Enjoys summer?

Happiness is a choice. Anyone can enjoy summer season whosoever wishes to do so. But as a common observation, children enjoy it the most. They have nothing to do which needs extra energy to do. They get more time to play, to stay out of home or to visit parks or playgrounds. In winter the days are shorter so they are not allowed to stay out of home for a long time. They are often forced to return home while the sun sets. They also have to take some extra precautionary measures so that they do not catch cold. They wear extra dresses, Warm clothes which often becomes a hurdle in their physical activities like jumping and running.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the summer season.

  1. Why is there a change in seasons?
    The seasonal change is due to the rotation of the earth. Earth revolves around the sun and it completes its circle in approx.365 days. When it tilts more towards sun, the sunray a absorbed directly by the earth and temperature of the earth eventually increase. Earth keeps on revolving around the sun and when the other side of the earth comes at the same position, there is observed the summer season in that specific geographical area of the earth while the other parts of the earth observe winter season at the same time. This difference of the season is totally depends on the position of the earth with respect to the Sun.
  2. Why do people wear lite colors’ cloths in summer?
    Colors play an important role in maintaining the temperature of the body. Dark colors absorb more heat that’s why people wear dark colors in the winter to maintain the temperature of their bodies. They act as insulator to the internal heat hence the inner heat is not wasted. Similarly, in summer season, people wear lite colors cloths because they absorb less heat. Less the heat interacts with the body , More comfortable the individual feels.
  3. How do we feel in summer?
    Feeling can never be objective. They depend on the individual differences and outer factors involved in shaping up the human attitude. A person who lives in cold areas would definitely be waiting for summer season to bring colors in their lives while a person who is living in plain area and usually suffers due to the hotness of the weather, he/she would pray for winter to compensate the brutality of the summer.
  4. Which country has the longest summer season?
    According to the facts, Maldives observes the longest summer season in the world. The reasons of the duration of a season and the changes to be occurred are already mentioned above.

As we have thoroughly observed the specifications of the summer season, it could be seen from the above described narration that summer season has some extra value in building the attitude so of the individual and taking their life decisions. Every season has its own colors, its own pros and cons. Same goes to the summer season. It also brings some different colors to the human life. Its uniqueness is based on the fact that it brings more changes to the physical existence of the whole society. The wise human is the one who adjusts according to the situation. Nothing lasts forever and human beings are so adaptable that they can easily mold themselves according the situations. No one should be vulnerable enough that a minute change in the weather conditions could harm his/her peace of mind. The sources on which life depends should be chosen wisely and their sustainability must be assured at any cost.

Summer is the longest season of the year. If we dig deep into it then we find out that our body needs summer badly. In summer, our body grows, our tissues expand and if we drink enough water then our skin looks fresh. Moreover, it is also good for our hair, because in summer there is only a negligible amount of dryness in the atmosphere so it does not causes dandruff which further does not damages our hair follicles and their shafts. This season also affects us psychologically, as when summer comes, our bodies get a soothing affect, they respond very positively to this season. If we say that summer is the season of festivals, then it’s not wrong.

Talking about the psychology, in winters everything is a bit dark. As the sun hides behind the clouds therefore, there is all darkness this makes people sad because there is no light around them, the days are short too, so they have less time to spend with their family and friends, also in winters the weather is too cold and one finds it difficult to wake up from bed. Staying all day in bed makes him lazy and he starts to procrastinate. These all activities plant a seed of guilt in him and he starts to feel sad.

Do we have to stay indoors or outdoors more in summer?

It depends on who you ask, if you ask an introvert then he will definitely say that you should not get too much soaked in sun otherwise your complexion will become dark. On the other hand if you ask an extrovert then he will say that you have to utilize the day as maximum as possible by playing muscle building sports such as football, soccer and cricket. People also tend to go to beeches in summer. They get sun bath and enjoy their time by swimming in the wide blue ocean. People do different get together in summer and this season has its own vibe. People enjoy their time by going to northern areas to hitch hike or for trekking or they go towards the south to mix up with the locals and have some BBQ. This is the time of the year when people do so many things and still do not get tired.

What type of drinks should be consumed in summer?

In summer, people mostly drink cold and refreshing sugary drinks such as Tang and Rooh afza. The use of carbonated drinks also increases such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Gourmet Cola. These drinks include a large amount of fructose in it but still people drink them for the culture. The use of fruits and their juices also reaches its peak during the summer season. In summer season fruits like mango, orange and apple have a great demand. There are many street vendors that make and sell these refreshing juices. However, in my opinion if you are very superstitious about hygiene then you should make all these beverages at home, in this way they will be more cleaned and you don’t have to worry about them all.

Mixed views about summer season.

If you visit any one of the seven south Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Sri lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh) then you would probably hear that summer is the worst season of the year. This is because in these regions, the year consists mostly of the summer season roughly about seven months and then winter comes just for three and a half month and then spring for about month and a half. That’s why people want winter badly. Also the summer season in this region is really hot with the temperature nearly going around 50 degree Celsius at its peak. There are also multiple heat waves in the season making it quite difficult for the locals to love this season.

Reason behind mixed views of South Asians.

In South Asia, most of the countries are very poor; these countries have mostly corrupt politician and a very poor infrastructure, due to this they lack energy resources due to illegal smuggling or the elite class not paying tax. This caused a sudden shortage in power that’s why in these countries; load shedding occurs at frequent times, this adds to the already extreme hot weather and overwhelming population that’s why people of these countries pretty much do not like summer season. Also the infrastructure of underdeveloped countries is quite poor which adds to the further disliking of the season. The people of these countries also have insecurities about their complexion as sun heat makes your skin dark therefore for this reason, they do not like summer season too. The history of this complexion insecurity dates back to the rule of British in this region.


Till now we know that summer season has a lot of advantages. In summer the sunlight gives people a ray of hope and people are less depressed in summer season. Also in summer season, our muscle expands and our tissues grow, it makes our body stronger, people drink more water thus making their skin look fresher. Also sun bath is also a thing in summer especially In Europe and people get soaked in sun light which fulfills there need for vitamin D. In summer season, the days are much longer than the winter season, so people have much more time to reconnect with their families and do get together.

What should be one’s summer clothing?

Summer clothing mostly consists of cotton shirts which are very light and pants or jeans, for kids, cargo shorts are preferable with sleeveless shirts. Most people, especially in Asia, buzz their hair to cope with the summer heat. Also females wear light colored clothes In summer season.

Why beaches are filled with people in summer?

This is a thing in Europe, as the temperature there isn’t high enough therefore people go to the beeches so that they can soak the sun and enjoy their time there.