How long do tires last

How long do tires last? Tires should be replaced after almost every six to ten years because It doesn’t seem like that the tires will expire after a specific time period but they can wear out and might not work as properly after some time. So there is a time period for tires to expire and not work properly and may be dangerous if you keep the same tires on your car for a very long time.

The working of your tires depends on how much they are used and what Quality of material is used. The condition of your car depends on your tires as they are the only source of contact between the road and your car. basically, the answer to how long do tires last is that it depends on how many miles the tires have covered or how many years have passed.

How to maintain your tires

To keep the working of your tires to last longer there are some basic tips and techniques to maintain your tires from wearing out.

  1. Replacement time: If the tread of the tire is worn down then it’s a perfect time to replace the tires. The actual way to know that your tires need a replacement is that the tread will be worn down to 2/30 of an inch. The replacement of the tires should be done every four to five years. it’s best to do so if you care about the safety and proper working of your car.

  2. Tire pressures: the pressure in the tire is one of the basic things that keep it working properly. one should always check the pressure of tires now and then, there are many ways that you can choose to check the pressure by pressure checking gauge that you can easily buy. Pressure checking of the tires can also be done at gas stations.
    The best time to check the pressure of your tire is when it’s cold so you should check it when your car is parked overnight and hasn’t been driven at least for seven hours. The tire pressure should be on the level that the manufacturers of the car have set and it’s usually written in the manual.

  3. Detecting imbalance: The combination of the wheel area and the tire should be balanced and aligned properly. Balancing and alignment of tires is done in car shops and the mechanics use a spinning machine to detect any imbalance bumps on the tires and align them so they are safe and working. A balanced and aligned tire also keeps it from wearing out easily.

  4. Tire rotating: Rotating of the tires is very necessary as the wear and tear of the tire occur more in front wheels. the rotation of the tires should be done according to the directions in the manual. The usual recommendation for tires is to be rotated every 5000 to 8000 miles.

How long do tires last

Factors of tires lifespan

If the tires Are not in good condition then the car itself Is in no position To be any good. Several factors define the lifespan of tires.

All tires are different

The manufacturing of different tires provides different lifespans considering the number of miles they can take. Manufacturing of an average tire can go for 60,000 miles. the variation in miles tells us the difference between the tires and Their different lifespan.

Some tire manufacturers may offer a warranty of 30,000 miles and some may also exceed 60,000 Miles. All-season tire manufacturers like summer and winter also vary in different life spans.

Vehicles and tires

When it comes to choosing the perfect tires for your vehicle you need to find out what type of Tires are going to fit appropriately in your vehicle. The tire in your car may wear out earlier than expected then it is a sign that you did not choose the right set of tires.

Even the quality of the tires won’t matter if you are choosing the wrong set of tires for your vehicle because different types of vehicles have different weights which will be put onto the tires and the whole vehicle depends on those tires.

Bad driving

The driving style of individual matters when it comes to the lifespan of tires because if the driver is driving the car aggressively or does not care about the bumps and potholes on the road this way the tires will wear out easily and more quickly which can also be dangerous as it can cause accidents. Taking extreme loads of weight in the car or subjecting your car too heavy acceleration can shorten the lifespan of the tires.

Temperature and road condition

When it comes to the lifespan of tires the factors that matter are the way you drive and also where you drive because the condition of the tire depends on what weather you usually drive in as warm temperatures tend to wear out the tires quickly like Under inflation and flat tires.

The pressure of the tires is affected in warmer areas and by increasing the friction between the road and the tires. so it’s better to change your tires and maintain them more frequently in warmer areas. and it’s better to avoid rocky and damaged roads as it can also cause accidents and can severely damage your tires.

How long do tires last

Tire replacement

Usually the damaging of the tire is based on if the tread of the tire is worn out or not but tire replacement should be considered every six years even if the tread is not worn out. Because the tire is 6 years old or more it can have several damages that we might not be able to see.

The dry rot can occur in old tires which can cause blowouts and other damage which is not safe. and in some cases, the tire replacement becomes necessary because the tires wear out before six years which is a time of warranty in most tires.

Tire tread depth chart Tire tread Rating
8mm tire tread Good
7mm tire tread Good
6mm tire tread Good
5mm tire tread Ok
4mm tire tread Ok
3mm tire tread Monthly inspection
2mm tire tread Does not last long
1.66mm tire tread Legal limit

Tips and tricks for tire life extension

  • To avoid excessive wear and tear of the front tires, rotate the tires regularly to avoid such damage the rotation will keep the tires working and in good condition.

  • Keep the pressure of the tires maintained and make sure the tires are inflated properly.

  • Keep the driving steady and proper as aggressive driving can make Tires wear out easily and avoid turning the steering when the vehicle is parked and not in motion as it can damage the tire.

  • Pay attention and if you notice any imbalance when you drive your car and notice the ride feeling bumpy which means your tires are not balanced. this can be dangerous if not taken care of so make sure your tires are balanced out.

  • To avoid any complications and accidents make sure you give regular inspections and maintain your vehicle including the tires as they are the only source that comes in contact with the ground.

Composition of tires

A tire is made up of almost 200 raw materials and goes through a certain process that turns all those materials into tires that are used for vehicles. Elastomers are used as synthetic rubbers like Natural rubber. Silica and carbon black tar is used as reinforcing fillers.

There are several more important chemicals and other materials such as plasticizers, raisins, and oils that are used in making tires. Steel and textile fabrics are also used.

  • The inner tube which is made of synthetic rubbers is used to maintain air pressure.

  • To provides support and structure carcass ply are the textile cords used fixed to the rubber.

  • Lower bead area which is the first thing that comes in contact with the road. It is located at the exterior edges.

  • To keep the tires seated and attached with the rims, each tire has two beads or it has a metal wire which keeps the airtight fit with the wheels and tire.

  • The sidewall is the outward-facing structure that keeps the tire free from any external damage.

  • Most of the strength of a tire is carried by casing ply which is made of tiny metal pieces.

  • Cap ply maintains the shape of the tire and reduces the heat. The composition of Cap ply is reinforced nylon cords Which are covered by rubber.

  • Crown plies are the base structure of the tire.

  • Tread Is the out word pattern that can be seen on the external part of the tire which keeps the tire from being slippery and unsafe. the tread provides friction and protection from damaged roads, rocks, and sand. It is also responsible for keeping the moisture and dirt away from the surface of the tire.

Old tires can be dangerous

The most common mistake that is made by car owners or any other vehicle owners is that they depend on the tread condition when it comes to changing tires. there is a process of testing tires which is called the penny test. A Penny test is done to see if the tread of the tire is worn out or is still in good shape.

If the tread of a tire is in good shape regardless of how old the tire is the vehicle owners chose to use the same tire and not change it. this is the biggest mistake and it can be really dangerous and fatal. The condition of the tire depends not only on the tread but the other material that has been used in the making of the tire they can get expired so one should always change the tires after every six years.

There are so many accidents that take place just because the tires were worn out and not replaced after six years. one of the reasons why this happened is because some people buy old cars so the tires that are fixed are also old and there is no guarantee that they have not been used for six years. so it is better if you change the tires after you buy a second-hand car which can save you from a fatal accident.

How long do tires last

How to spot an old tire

You must be thinking about how to recognize an old tire if you are buying from a place that sells secondhand tires and cars, or if you just simply want to know how to test an old tire.

The simplest way to recognize is to think of it as an old rubber band, if an old rubber band is not even being used but is laying around for a very long time it will form cracks in between if you stretch it so the old tire is also in the same condition so it does not matter if the tire has not been used on the road but it has been sitting around for a long time since it has been manufactured then it is dangerous for you to use it when it’s old and worn out.

So basically if a tire has tiny cracks showing on the surface and even in the insides then it is a sign that the tires are very old and have expired and should not be used. using an old tire can cause fatal incidents that are dangerous for the person driving and also the people around you as accidents can cause collateral damage.

What makes the tire age more quickly?

When it comes to recognizing an old tire there is no expiration date that it can be fixed. Because tires can expire more quickly if there are unfavorable conditions like weather, pressure and if it’s used on rough and damaged roads. so there are some ways which can make tires age more quickly.

  • People who live in warmer areas should change their tires earlier than the manufacturing date requires it to. Because heat can affect the quality and condition of a tire. extreme heat can damage the rubber and causes the tire to age. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage too.

  • Tires that are being stored in garages and are not being touched or used will age slower than those that are being used. but that does not mean that the tires that are not being used are not aging, they age but slower than the ones that have been used.

  • Spare tires Can age just like the tires that are mounted on the wheel for use because the tires that are kept as spare also experience and are to dirt, heat, and other weather conditions as they move along with the vehicle. so basically the tires that are kept as a spare should also be replaced if it’s been long enough for them to expire.

  • The usage of a tire also plays a huge role in how fast a tire can expire and should be replaced. the tires that are mounted on the vehicles that are used weekly will expire slower than the tires that are used regularly every day. it also depends on how maintained a tire is. Is it underinflated does it have enough pressure?. Basic maintenance also makes a huge difference in how long a tire can last.

  • Keeping A tire for spare in a garage is OK but if the garage is filled with humidity, heat, or any extreme condition that will damage the rubber and other materials of the tires then the tire will eventually age way more quickly and soon will not be suitable for any use.

  • Every vehicle has a different type of tire that can fit and is suitable for the road that you will be on. so if you’re using the wrong tires for a specific kind of ride then it can cause damage and also can be fatal as it can damage during a trip. so make sure you buy the right type of tires for your vehicle.

Different types of tires

Every vehicle requires a different type of tire depending on what type of roads they take on like sports cars need the type of tires that can provide more speed, heavy-duty vehicles that carry heavy weights require the type of tires that can tolerate weight and are suitable for an off-road drive.
there’s a variety of different tires mentioned below depending on Their
usage in different weathers, vehicles, and other everyday use.

  1. Tires for summer
    If you drive cars like a minivan, SUV, or any other regular car for everyday use in a region where the temperature doesn’t go very cold or below 10. then summer tires are the best option as they provide the perfect pattern and quality of tires that are good for dry roads. Summer tires are also good for the climate where it’s a little humidor light rain here and there but not for the places that have frequent snowing and heavy rainfall. summer tires are not for monsoonal areas but are good for dry areas.

  2. Snow tires
    If you live in a place where the weather is mostly cold and snows frequently then the snow tires also known as winter tires are suitable for your car. these snow tires are capable of having a perfect grip for snowy and slushy roads. snow tires provide tread structure and Gripping properties that a summer tire cannot provide. There is a special rubber compound in winter tires that if you look closely the tread on these tires have patterns and have little cuts in between which help give the proper grip that is required for snowy roads.

  3. High-performance tires
    it is misleading if someone told you that high-performance tires are only for sports cars. High-performance, performance, and ultra-performance tires can also be used in common and simple cars like sedans. these type of tires have a flatter appearance and has shallower treads. high-performance tires are good for better cornering and give better contact with the road.

  4. Truck tire
    some tires are made specifically for trucks but it depends on what type of truck you drive and what type of work you put your truck through like carrying heavy loads or traveling long distances. it also depends on what type of roads your trucks encounter with. so there is some type of truck tires mentioned below:

  • Tires that are specifically made for highway trucks Are more durable and resist quick wearing out. highway truck tires provide a smooth ride and can be used in all types of seasons.

  • There are a type of tires that are called performance truck tires which are similar to highway truck tires but these provide better handling and have better Braking Performance On all types of roads.

  • The type of tires that are called all-terrain have Larger tread patterns and are specifically made for sandy and muddy roads.

  • Mud terrain truck tires are the type of tires that are specifically made for heavy-duty work and they handle the roads that have gravel and heavy snow. These are the most aggressive type of truck tires.

How long do tires last

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the related questions are answered below.

1. Which tire lasts longest?

Michelin was once a leading company for tires. All three models of the tires were known for their millage and warranty. But Pirelli came out as the longest wearing time. Pirelli P4 seasons Plus can last for 100,000 miles.

2. How do I check my tire life?

The tire has an inbuilt tread wear indicator which is not visible when the tire is new. But when the tire gets old and rubber wears these indicators become visible between the tread lines as tiny bridges, if one or two lines are visible to the tire that means your tire needs a replacement.

3. What are the worst tire brands?

Some tires should be avoid buying.

  • Compass tires

  • Telluride tires

  • Geostar tires

  • Goodride tires

  • Aks tires

  • Chaoyang tires

  • Westlake tires

4. What are the signs of bad tires?

Clues which shows trouble in tires

  • Cuts or cracks in the sidewalls
  • Notched tread wear
  • Extremely used tread
  • Blisters or bumps
  • Extreme fluctuation

5. Are 20-year-old tires safe?

Old tires are not safe in fact tires need to be replaced every 6 to 10 years. Old tires are dangerous and can cause very bad accidents.

6. Do tire brands matter?

Yes, a brand does matter if it is giving you good quality. Because it’s all about getting good quality rubber in your tires.

7. Can I mix tire brands?

No, mixing brands should be avoided in the vehicle because every brand has their own tread pattern and manufacturers also does not encourage to mix different brands.

8. Are Michelin tires made in China?

Yes, Michelin is in China since 1988, it has more than 6000 employs. It has four sites that produce car and truck tires 3 of them are in Shanghai and 1 is in Shenyang.

9. Do bad tires make noise?

If the tire is making noise it indicates the deterrence in wheel bearing and not rotating properly. A bad tire can make a thumping noise.

10. Should the better tires be on the front or back?

As per the review, the best tires should always be on the back that is called the rear axle because it provides the stability to the vehicle.


Whenever the question arises how long do tires last? the simplest answer to the question is that it depends on the manufacturing date and also the conditions that a tire goes through like extreme weather conditions, damaged roads, and also poor maintenance which leads to quicker aging of tires. but the tire that has been maintained properly will expire or more like will get damaged less quickly than the ones that are misused or overused. But if one still wants an answer to how much time should you keep the same tire on your vehicle then a roundup of six years are enough for a tire to last since it has been manufactured.

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