Definition of Inspection:

  1. Critical appraisal involving examination, measurement, testing, gauging, and comparison of materials or items. An inspection determines if the material or item is in proper quantity and condition, and if it conforms to the applicable or specified requirements. Inspection is generally divided into three categories: (1) Receiving inspection, (2) In-process inspection, and (3) Final inspection. In quality control (which is guided by the principle that Quality cannot be inspected into a product) the role of inspection is to verify and validate the variance data; it does not involve separating the good from the bad.

  2. Careful examination or scrutiny.

Synonyms of Inspection

Examination, Check, Check-up, Survey, Scrutiny, Look-over, Probe, Exploration, Perusal, View, Scan, Observation, Investigation, Assessment, Appraisal, Review, Evaluation, Accounting, Analysis, Application, Automatic electronic navigation, Boning, Brainwork, Braking, Checkup, Computation, Conning, Contemplation, Coordination, Cram, Cramming, Drill, Engrossment, Examination, Exercise, Extensive study, Eyeball inspection, Fact distribution, Forecasts, Grind, Grinding, Headwork, Inquest, Inquiry, Inquisition, Investigation, Lucubration, Manipulation, Mental labor, Nonlinear calibrations, Ocular inspection, Output measurement, Overhaul, Overhauling, Oversight, Overview, Perlustration, Perusal, Practice, Probe, Processing, Quality control, Reading, Record keeping, Research, Restudy, Restudying, Review, Run-through, Scan, Scrutiny, Steering, Study, Studying, Subject, Supersonic flow detection, Supervision, Surveillance, Survey, Swotting, The eye, Vetting, View, Visitation, Visual examination, Wide reading

How to use Inspection in a sentence?

  1. On closer inspection it looked like a fossil.
  2. It was time for our monthly inspection , which always made me nervous because I thought we might get a bit messy.
  3. A further inspection into the case revealed the business project was designed and created by geniuses who had planned everything out.
  4. If your company has to undergo an inspection you must make sure that everything is up to code before it starts.

Meaning of Inspection & Inspection Definition

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How To Define Inspection?

Inspection means, Check the physical condition of the vehicle.

Independent verification of the applicant's or applicant's facts, usually by a commercial investigation agency.

Meanings of Inspection

  1. Inspection or control

Sentences of Inspection

  1. On closer inspection, it looks like fossils.


What Does Inspection Mean?

  1. Inspection can be defined as, Independent verification of facts by the applicant or petitioner, usually by a commercial inspection body.

Meanings of Inspection

  1. Control or control.

Synonyms of Inspection

consideration, appraising, going-over, once-over, checking, surveying, assessing, look-see, examining, investigating



  1. Independent verification of facts by the applicant or applicant, usually by a commercial inspection body.

Sentences of INSPECTION

  1. On closer inspection, it looks like a fossil.