Definition of Pressure:

  1. Force or thrust on a surface, expressed as force per unit area. The SI unit for pressure is pascal (one newton force per square meter of area). Fluid pressure is measured in bars or pounds per square inch.

  2. The use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something.

  3. Continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it.

  4. Attempt to persuade or coerce (someone) into doing something.

Synonyms of Pressure

Coerce, Pressurize, Press, Push, Persuade, Influence, Force, Squeeze, Bulldoze, Hound, Harass, Nag, Harry, Badger, Goad, Prod, Pester, Browbeat, Brainwash, Bully, Bludgeon, Intimidate, Dragoon, Twist someones arm, Strong-arm, Coercion, Force, Compulsion, Constraint, Duress, Oppression, Enforcement, Insistence, Demand, Entreaty, Goading, Pestering, Provocation, Harassment, Nagging, Harrying, Badgering, Intimidation, Arm-twisting, Pressurization, Persuasion, Influence, Abetment, Adverse circumstances, Adversity, Advocate, Affliction, Aggravation, Albatross, Annoyance, Apply pressure, Argumentum baculinum, Ascendancy, Authority, Bale, Bear against, Bear down on, Bear down upon, Bear hard upon, Bearing, Beset, Besiege, Blandish, Blandishment, Blight, Boost, Bug, Bummer, Bump, Bunt, Burden, Burdening, Burthen, Butt, Buttonhole, Buttonholing, Cajole, Cajolement, Cajolery, Call on, Call upon, Care, Caressing, Cargo, Case of need, Charge, Charging, Charisma, Charm, Clamping, Clamping down, Clout, Clutch, Coax, Coaxing, Coerce, Coercion, Compel, Compression, Compulsion, Consequence, Constrain, Constraint, Constraints, Control, Credit, Crisis, Cross, Crunch, Crush, Crushing, Cumber, Cumbrance, Curse, Deadweight, Demand, Demandingness, Demands, Difficulties, Difficulty, Dig, Dire necessity, Distress, Dominance, Domination, Downer, Drag, Drive, Dun, Dunning, Duress, Effect, Emergency, Eminence, Enchantment, Encouragement, Encumbrance, Esteem, Exert pressure, Exhort, Exigence, Exigencies, Exigency, Favor, Feeling, Fingering, Force, Freight, Friction, Frottage, Goading, Good feeling, Greatness, Handicap, Handling, Hard knocks, Hard life, Hard lot, Hardcase, Hardship, Head, High pressure, High-pressure, Hold, Hustle, Immediacy, Impel, Imperative, Imperativeness, Importance, Importunacy, Importunateness, Importune, Importunity, Impulse, Impulsion, Incidental power, Incubus, Incumbency, Inducement, Influence, Influentiality, Influentialness, Insinuation, Insist, Insist on, Insist upon, Insistence, Instance, Intimidate, Intimidation, Irritation, Jab, Jawbone, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Lading, Leadership, Lean on, Leverage, Load, Loading, Lobby, Magnetism, Make, Manipulation, Mastery, Matter of necessity, Mental strain, Millstone, Moment, Nag, Nag at, Nagging, Needling, Nervous strain, Nervous tension, Nip, Nudge, Oppression, Overload, Overtaxing, Overweighting, Palpation, Persistence, Personality, Persuade, Persuasion, Pertinaciousness, Pertinacity, Pester, Pestering, Petting, Pinch, Plague, Plaguing, Plead with, Plight, Ply, Plying, Poke, Potency, Power, Precedence, Predicament, Predominance, Preponderance, Press, Pressing, Pressingness, Prestige, Prevail on, Prevail upon, Pricking, Priority, Problems, Prod, Prodding, Prominence, Punch, Purchase, Push, Put pressure on, Rank, Rash impulse, Recommend, Reign, Repute, Require, Rigor, Rubbing, Rule, Rush, Saddling, Say, Sea of troubles, Seniority, Shove, Soft-soap, Spurring, Squeeze, Squeezing, Stature, Strain, Straits, Strength, Stress, Stress and strain, Stress of life, Stroking, Strong-arm tactics, Suasion, Subtle influence, Suggestion, Superincumbency, Supremacy, Surcharge, Sway, Sweet-talk, Tautness, Taxing, Tease, Teasing, Tenseness, Tension, The big stick, The bludgeon, The club, The jackboot, The mailed fist, The strong arm, The sword, Thrust, Tightening, Torque, Torsion, Touching, Trial, Tribulation, Trouble, Troubles, Tweak, Upper hand, Urge, Urgency, Urgent need, Urging, Vale of tears, Vexation, Vicissitude, Violence, Weight, Weightiness, Wheedle, Wheedling, Whip hand, Work on

How to use Pressure in a sentence?

  1. The many pressures on girls to worry about their looks.
  2. It might now be possible to pressure him into resigning.
  3. The slight extra pressure he applied to her hand.

Meaning of Pressure & Pressure Definition