Support (Support Level)

Support (Support Level),

How To Define Support (Support Level)?

A support or support level refers to a price level at which an asset does not fall below it for a specific period of time. Buyers develop a level of asset support that hits the market each time an asset falls at a lower price. In technical analysis, a simple level of support can be planned for the reporting period by drawing lines at the bottom. The support line can be flat or down or down with the general price trend. Technical chart indicators and other technical indicators can be used to identify more advanced versions of support.

  • The support level represents a price at which it is difficult to fall below an asset for a fixed period of time.
  • The support level can be indicated by using various technical indicators or by drawing a line attached to the blanket for a straight period.
  • Laying train lines or combining moving averages provides a more dynamic supporting appearance.

Literal Meanings of Support (Support Level)


Meanings of Support:
  1. Supports some or all of the weight of the binder.

  2. Especially to help him work or work financially

  3. Suggest the truth to confirm it.

  4. Permission to use or operate (program, language or device) (computer or operating system)

  5. Endures endurance

  6. Something that supports or supports the weight of an object.

  7. Material aid

Sentences of Support
  1. With the help of the dome there are one hundred white pillars

  2. The government spends $ 2.5 billion annually on volunteer activities

  3. Studies support our findings

  4. Newer versions do not support GUI standards

  5. I can bear the pain at work during the day

  6. The best mount for a camera is a tripod

  7. He called for military assistance to protect the human convoy.

Synonyms of Support

subsistence, prop, corroborate, endure, aid, put up with, hold up, substructure, suffer, base, assist, validate, stand, authenticate, help, confirm, reinforce, abide, weather, sustenance, document, keep up, keep, prove, maintenance, underprop, sustain, shore up, foundation


Meanings of Level:
  1. Provides a flat, even level one.

  2. Same or similar (something, especially game scores).

  3. Purpose weapon)

  4. Find the difference in height of (earth).

  5. A plane or line that is horizontal in relation to the distance above or below a particular point.

  6. Position on a real or imaginary scale of quantity, quantity, level or quality.

  7. (In video games) A ​​series of increasing difficulty levels that a player can advance by completing a level.

  8. Contamination consists of air bubbles, partially filled with alcohol or other liquids, in a sealed glass tube, the position of which indicates whether the surface is flat or vertical.

  9. Flat area

  10. It has a flat, even surface, with no slopes or holes.

  11. On a level similar to someone else's.

Sentences of Level
  1. The contractor began leveling the floor of the new plant

  2. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place

  3. Unemployment rate

  4. I also used to accurately measure the level of the soul!

  5. Floodplain

  6. We have reached the flat ground

  7. His eyes are on the same level

Synonyms of Level

in line, aim, direct, on a level, train, stable, smooth, make level, plumb, unchanging, make equal, on the same level as, constant, extent, make uniform, regular, regularize, beam, make flat, flush, aligned, even up, size, even off, plane