Available-for-Sale Security

Available-for-Sale Security,

What Does Available-for-Sale Security Mean?

  1. Definition of Available-for-Sale Security: The title for sale (AFS) is the title of creation or participation that has been agreed upon with the intention of sale. Accounting standards require companies to classify all debt or equity investments at the time of purchase as they are held for maturity, held for trading or available for sale. Securities available for sale are recognized at reasonable prices. The change in value between the accounting periods is recorded in the other composite income accrued in the equity section of the balance sheet.

    • Securities available for sale are debt or equity securities that have been purchased with the intention of selling before maturity.
    • Securities available for sale are recognized at reasonable prices.
    • Unrealistic gains and losses are recognized in the second composite income, which accumulates in the equity section of the balance sheet.
    • Purchased debt or investment in equity securities should be classified as maturity, available for trading or sale.

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