Keep in touch

Keep in touch is an English idiom that is used in the sense of “be in communication” or “stay in contact”. In the business world, keep in touch is used in the means of “keep exchanging information with one another”. This phrase is most commonly used by college or university students to their friends at the time of degree completion.

Keep in touch according to the dictionary

Keep in touch is a three-word English idiom or phrase that is used to say that “remain in contact” or stay in touch. According to the web search, it’s the most commonly used phrase on the internet. In the dictionary, keep in touch has several means. They are given as:

:star: In or into communication
:star: To pursue to talk to or Write to Someone
:star: Possessing up-to-date knowledge

Urdu translation of keep in touch is given as:

رابطے میں رہنا :white_check_mark:

Origin of the phrase

The phrase “keep in touch” seems to be originated in the 18th century, and most probably it was meant that you had to “stay in touch” with someone physically. Most probably, this phrase was used in military marches, where a soldier had to be in touch with the person next to him.

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Keep in touch sentences

Keep in touch is mostly used by people when they ask each other to stay in contact. It means that it is used in the meaning of staying in touch. Here are some example sentences to use keep in touch in sentences:

:one: Don’t worry, even if I’m going to America, we will keep in touch.

:two: Hey! Hope you will keep in touch after we leave university.

:three: David and Joseph embraced and wept and promised to keep in touch.

:four: Liverpool requires a must-win over Ipswich to keep in touch with United.

:five: Some people create blogs for entertainment, and others do this to continue a particular interest or to stay in touch with some good friends.

:six: Long distance telephone calls are the sole way to keep in touch with friends.

Summary :pencil2:
Keep in touch is used to in terms of stay in communication. Mostly this phrase is used when two people are departing from each other and assure each other that they will be in contact wit each other.

Is it stay in touch or keep in touch?

  1. “Stay in touch”, “Keep in touch”, “Be in touch”, “Remain in touch” and “To get in touch”, all terms are used to describe the “remain in contact” or “pursue the communication”.

  2. Keep in touch and stay in touch have the same meaning that stays in communication with some friend or loved one in your life.

  1. “Stay in touch” is generally said to a person who is living or going far away from you, while the idiom “keep in touch” is also used in the same context and additionally when someone is living close to you, and you still want to remain in contact with that person.

  2. Just like “keep in touch”, “Stay in touch” also means, to maintain contact with someone, not regularly but at intervals so that one may remain up-to-date with that person’s life.

  3. It’s a casual phrase that is said at the time of departing, and used mostly with the person you aren’t likely to see again anytime soon.

What does “Do keep in touch” mean?

:cherry_blossom:Keep in touch” is an English idiom that implies that the person who is saying this, actually wants to talk to you or see you again.

:cherry_blossom: Apart from the phrase “keep in touch”, “Do keep in touch” is used to say the same thing in a sarcastic tone.

:cherry_blossom: It means that even if someone is saying this to you, but he is only faking liking you. Most probably you are not going to hear from that person again.

How do you send keep in touch email?

In business terms, “keep in touch” means to exchange information. There are several ways to write a great “keep in touch email" and here are some keys to it:

  1. Take a start with a particular topic, date, and time.

  2. Attach some handy resources.

  3. Describe some intimate challenges.

  4. Wish them warmly for their promotion or some special event.

  5. Quote some pieces of their content.

  6. Give some advice that they can try practically.

  7. Ask for something important information.

  8. Recapitulate your value.

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Frequently asked questions

English is such a diverse language that people often get confused about some idioms or phrases. Here are some answers to the questions that are mostly asked by people:

1. What to say when someone says you keep in touch?

  • Keep in touch is mostly used while parting. There may be some close friend of you or a formal business relation to say this phrase to you.

  • You can reply to this by simply saying, “Of course yes, we will keep in touch.” For messaging, you can say “yeah, sure” or a sign of thumbs up can do this job.

2. What does keep in touch means for a girl?

  1. If someone is saying to another person that “keep in touch,” it simply means that the person who is saying this, wants that person to stay in contact.

  2. This idiom is often said right before a person is going to leave for a trip that will take him or her far away from someone else. If a girl says you to keep in touch, it means that the girl wants to be in contact with you.

3. What should be the reply to keep it up?

:ballot_box_with_check: Keep it up is a generally used phrase that is used to say someone to continue his work or most probably hard work. This is said to appreciate and encourage someone for his/her hard work.

:ballot_box_with_check: Best reply to “keep it up” is “thanks, I will try my best”. It is mostly used positively and should be answered positively.

4. What is “definitely keep in touch” mean?

  1. Keep in touch is a three-word English phrase that is used as a means of being in communication or stay in touch. Hence, when you want to keep in touch with someone, you should not say it formally.

  2. Rather, you should say it in a much stronger way. Adding the word “definitely” to the phrase" keep in touch" actually means that you are interested in staying in touch.

5. What are the variants and meanings of keep in touch?

Keep in touch has various variants that are given as:

  • Keep in touch
  • Be in touch
  • Stay in touch
  • Get in touch

Meanings of keep in touch are given as:

:white_check_mark: To be in contact with a person, especially when separated by time or by distance

:white_check_mark: In business terms, it means, “to keep up-to-date with information”

:white_check_mark: Sometimes used in a sarcastic way to end a conversation


  • Keep in touch is an English phrase that is used in the sense of “be in communication” or “stay in contact”. In business terms, keep in touch is used in the means of “keep exchanging information with one another” or keep up to date with the information.

  • The phrase is most often used by college or university students to their friends at the time of departing from friends. Stay in touch, be in touch, remain in touch, etc. are the synonyms to keep in touch.

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