How to do the formatting in assignments?

There are some rules or policies for formatting your assignments and leading you to satisfactory progress. Here are the essential rules:

  1. Remember to staple your assignment papers by aligning them properly. The presentation is essential for gaining good marks.
  2. Print out your assignment in an A4 size paper to give your project a presentable look
  3. When you are writing your assignment, keep the font size 11, and the font should be Calibri.
  4. Leave space between the paragraphs to make it attractive for the reader
  5. Bold the headings to make it look appropriate
  6. Do not underline the headings and subheadings
  7. Write the quotes in inverted commas to clear it as a quotation
  8. Never use any slang word in your assignment
  9. Ensure that the spellings are correct
  10. Use confident and motivating words as you are ending your assignment
  11. The front page should be bold and underlined properly with your full name mentioned on the first page.
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