How to SEO For Photographers?

The field of photography has seen a significant surge of interest in the past decade or so. With the arrival of powerful DSLR cameras in the consumer markets and the availability of highly robust camera modules in phones, photographers have blossomed everywhere. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Behance allowed these photographers to showcase their capturing skills to the world.

However, some photographers tend to be more serious than others. Professional photographers can also set up their online portfolios and show their skills with confidence. These portfolios can also bring in a lot of new customers directly or through referrals. Many of these customers tend to book an appointment right then after being impressed by the photographer’s work.

However, with everyone making online portfolios and setting up booking systems online, competition has increased just like any other field. If a photographer wants to stand out, they have to play it smart. Offering better packages and more services for competitive prices is undoubtedly one way, but a challenge on the internet has to be solved with the internet’s solution. Fortunately, there are many ways to do that and one of them is SEO.

What does SEO for photographer even mean?

Before moving on, let’s clarify what SEO for photographers even means. Not everyone must have heard of it.

The domain of internet marketing has recently witnessed a boom in terms of attention and investment. After all, the internet is a vast place which is visited by people from all over the world and for all kinds of different reasons. It is where we spend most of our time of the day doing various tasks and getting alot done. Most of this time is spent on search engines looking for literally anything and everything.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the branch of internet marketing that deals with promoting a website on search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo organically. This whole domain deals with achieving this aim by raising the rank of the website among search results to answer a query. There are SEO agencies dedicated to optimizing a website so that it can gain the confidence of search engines and rank better.

How Can SEO Help Photographers?

As mentioned above, every professional photographer these days has set up their online website to attract more customers by showing their work to a broader audience. This is where SEO can help photographers. By harnessing the power and popularity of search engines, photographers can build a solid online presence where it is needed the most. With the help of an SEO company, a photography studio or service can pop up whenever it is searched for locally.

However, that’s not it. SEO techniques are not only focused on pleasing search engines and their mindless algorithms. They aim to help a business attract more traffic by providing more value to the customer and being spotted precisely when they need their service. This way, the customers attracted are loyal customers that are bound to come back more and more. SEO strategy for photographers would help them connect with more people organically. This not only means sales but a steady source of sales. If this may appear too technical a job, there are many professional SEO companies in the USA that take up this responsibility.

What Does A SEO Strategy For Photographers Look Like?

● In the case of photographers, SEO strategies will have to focus on making sure the studio or photography services emerge in searches by local users. Proximity is a big reason a user could end up selecting a studio just because of the convenience of it. This can be achieved by tools like Google Places or Bing Places for Business. These allow businesses to register themselves and provide their own details to the search engines. Their listings feature all kinds of useful details and reviews and photos and appear higher than the organic search results.
● Another SEO strategy that can help photographers is the presence of relevant content on their website. With the inclusion of relevant popular search keywords, such content builds the reputation of the studio as an expert and help in their website rank better organically.
● Optimizing your website for mobile is another important SEO detail for photographers. After all, there are 211 million users of search who access it through their phones in the USA alone. Having a website that loads quickly will respect the user’s time and leave behind a professional impression.


So we saw that SEO is not only exclusive to large corporations and e-commerce sites. Even photography studios can gain so much from SEO by providing value to the user with the above strategies’ help. Giving value to the user through quality content, helping them reach their desired goal quickly and appearing at the right time are only some of the SEO tips for photographers looking to grow their online visibility.