Average Salary in Mexico

Average salary in Mexico is 33,200 MXN per month. Highest stipend you can earn is 149,000 MXN, lowest of 8410 MXN. Annual average salary 399,000 MXN.

Average Salary In Mexico

Do you wanna know, how much a person can earn in Mexico, if he gets any job. Average salary of Mexico changes with the change in governance taxes. However, the amount doesn’t change enough.

  1. Moderately in Mexico you can earn stipend of about 30,000 MXN ( 1496.95$ USD). Which is enough to live comfortably in Mexico. With this amount of money the person is considered rich in Mexico, if not, then it’s enough to live life comfortably.

  2. Highest salary per month you can earn in Mexico is about 149000 MXN (7200$ USD). This is the highest salary in Mexico. Such earning is mostly availed by medicinal workers or owners. This amount of salary is earned monthly by those persons in Mexico who owns their own business or part of medicine faculties.

  3. Lowest salary per month you can in Mexico is about 8410 MXN ( Around 370$ USD). Such type of salary is earned by cobblers, waiter, shopkeeper, and houseworker.

Average wage in Mexico is different in each profession. According to some sources, it is known that Mexicans mostly earn high amount of wage from medicinal side. There are also growing opportunities for tech field too.

Average Salary In Mexico Per Hour

A common person averagely earns hourly (salary) wage upto 195 MXN/Hr. This is the amount a person earns per hour in Mexico which is equals to 1.02$ USD.

Moreover, a waiter earns averagely 333.3 MXN per day, but if he works for only 4 hours a day, then he earns moderately 95 MXN/hr easily.

The average Salary in Mexico has improved a lot so far.

According to trading economics, the wages in Mexico have been growing high and up without creating any down mark.

Daily salary in Mexico averaged 254.49 MXN/day from 2000 to 2020, hitting an all period increase of 408.02 MXN/ Day in May of 2020 and the lowest record of 129.28 MXN/Day in February of 2000.

The states by trading economics here confirms an historic increase in daily wage from 2000 to 2021.

Wages in Mexico averaged 254.49 MXN/Day from 2000 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 408.02 MXN/Day in May of 2020 and a record low of 129.28 MXN/Day in February of 2000.

What job pays more average wage?

Mexico is officially an independent Mexican state, is an country in the southern part of north America. The south and east side is covered by Pacific ocean, while northern side faces the United States of America.

Mexico is one of the best location in the list of tourist. The country contains many historical places, famous food dishes and beverages. People from whole over the world praised there food and beverages.

As, our topic is average wage in Mexico a person earns. To understand such average value you should know, what is demanded in Mexico, and what is worth doing.

If you are new to Mexico or don’t have a job, wants to start, but don’t know what job offers best monthly wage and sudden increments. To ease your difficulty, below are given some common jobs that you can get easily and start earning right away:

1. Waiter/waitress average wage in Mexico:

waiter/ waitress job is a common part time or full time job to get easily. Indeed, their food and beverages are praised everywhere in the world. Average salary of waiter is 10,000 MXN, annually 120,000 MXN.

2. Average Salary of Cobbler in Mexico

Cobbler in Mexico earn average salary in Mexico upto 115,410 MXN a year, which makes hourly rate about 55/hr. The normal salary range for a cobbler is between 89,475 MXN and 137,336 MXN per year.

On average, The highest education a Cobbler have is high school certificate. This pay analysis is submitted and provided by public survey collected directly from employers or anonymous person in Mexico.

3. Average Salary of Teacher In Mexico

A Teacher in Mexico normally earns nearly 26,600 MXN per month. Which is more than both cobbler and waiter. The increment in the salary of teacher is 24% than those who have passed high school.

4. Average Salary of Engineer in Mexico

An engineer in Mexico typically earns around 28,000 MXN per month. Income of engineer ranges from 8,900 MXN( LOWEST WAGE) to 59,000 MXN( Highest wage).

Earning at increase salary wage in Mexico is not easy, although Mexican government is making every effort, the encourage investment in key industries, to boost their economy rate.

They are trying their best to provide every best opportunity to their people, so that they can live comfortably.

However, the tax environment is not complete friendlier and labour community are concrete. Major consumer and proximity to the USA by Mexico, have provided a lots of opportunities for marketers of goods consumers.

Average Salary in Mexico During 2018:

In this year 2018, the average salary in Mexico surpassed the highest level since 2018, amounting to 16298$ USD per year. Equals to 800$ USD per month salary.

In contrast, this number was equal to the amount of 15,905$ USD in 2000, making it the year with most lowest average salary of the determined period.

Average salary on different education level in Mexico:

Education has always broad impact on person career. If you haven’t learned or studied in your whole life, you cannot survive in this world. Your skills and talent is determined by your degree and education.

Whenever you go for a job interview try checks, where you have studied, what degree you got, what GPA you got and from which University you graduated.

Besides having education, the name of University is also important to get highly wages jobs, for example a person who got graduated from Oxford would be preferred More than a person who graduated from Any other university( except Cambridge).

Degree, graduation, diploma is the proof that you have got skills and talent, that is worth more wage per month. Education teaches you how to be a professional earner. While the other skills are gained through experience and mistakes.

No one is born with skills, a doctor was never borned as doctor, a businessman never borned like businessman. Everyone finds their skill by getting educated. The push is always education towards high earning wages. While, the rest is settled by you.

The following percentage is provided by trusted and reliable sources. Which show how much average salary in Mexico if you have done Diploma, graduation, bachelor, and phD.

  1. Workers with a diploma certificate earn on average 17% more than their lower level who only passed high school level.

  2. Employees with bachelor’s degree earns 24% more than the people who only availed a certificate or diploma.

  3. Professionals with masters degree earns 29% more than those who have attained bachelor degree, and diploma.

  4. PhD holders with PhD alongwith master degree, earns 23% more than master degree holders whether they have same jobs.

. Averagely, after how much time a person salary doubles?

In Mexican news report, it was said that, a person salary doubles their starting wage by the time when they surpassed 10 years. Which is a very long time waiting period.

That means averagely millions of people of Mexico waits a decade of their life to avail double wage of their salary. That’s insane, because passing a whole lots of year waiting for just to get double wage of your salary, so that you live comfortably.

Doing such job in Mexico would be comfortable if living accessories and food is cheap, but if you are living hard life, than you must give up on this life, instead of wasting your 10 years for increments.

Averagely salary of educated person doubles their starting wage after 5-8 years. This time period is less than the above discussed period and easy to live as monthly stipend is high for educated person.


Average salary in Mexico in 33,200 MXN per month. Which is a lot of money for Mexican to live a successful happy and comfortable life. Alots of jobs in Mexico offers low wages. For example a waiter earn no more than 10,000 MXN per month. Which is 3 times low than the average wage in Mexico.

The lowest wage you can earn in Mexico per month is 8,400 MXN. Which is equal to hourly rate of 55MXN/HR.

Average salary in Mexico hourly is 195 MXN/hr. Which is good to lead a better life. Hourly rate in Mexico has increased drastically from 2000 to 2020 reaching it’s higher wage of 408.5 MXN PER DAY.

Although, your average wage depends on your qualifications of studies, without this you cannot get wages you desire. Mostly high school certificate is needed for every high wage job in Mexico.

Yearly, you can earn 399,000 MXN average in Mexico. Which is very good value. Annual average income in Mexico is 399,000 MXN/annual.