Continental breakfast

Continental breakfast,

Definition of Continental breakfast:

  1. Breakfast is light, usually with coffee and bread rolls with butter and jam.

  2. Slices of bread with butter / jam / honey, cheese, meat, croissants, cakes, rolls, fruit juices and a variety of hot drinks for breakfast. Unlike the English breakfast usually offered in England, it is usually served on the European continent, North America and elsewhere. See also American breakfast.

How to use Continental breakfast in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes when traveling, choosing hotels with a good continental breakfast is just the beginning.
  2. We offer a choice of hot or continental breakfast and we hope people will come.
  3. Staying in a hotel with a great continental breakfast helps you get on the road to a better day.
  4. I went to this hotel because it has a great continental breakfast which attracts a lot of tourists.

Meaning of Continental breakfast & Continental breakfast Definition