Definition of Danger:

  1. Insurance: Source of peril.

  2. General: Exposure to a harmful eventuality, may be avoidable through caution, forethought, and/or decisive action. See also clear and present danger and risk.

  3. The possibility of suffering harm or injury.

Synonyms of Danger

Dangerous ground, Desultoriness, Emergency, Exigency, Hazard, In danger of, Infirmity, Insecurity, Insolidity, Instability, Insubstantiality, Jeopardy, Menace, Pass, Peril, Perilousness, Precariousness, Precipice, Risk, Riskiness, Shakiness, Shiftiness, Shiftingness, Slipperiness, Speculativeness, Thin ice, Threat, Ticklishness, Treacherousness, Treachery, Unauthenticity, Unauthoritativeness, Undependability, Unfaithworthiness, Unreliability, Unsolidity, Unsoundness, Unsteadfastness, Unsteadiness, Unsubstantiality, Unsureness, Untrustworthiness, Peril, Hazard, Risk, Jeopardy, Endangerment, Imperilment, Insecurity

How to use Danger in a sentence?

  1. I did not wanna go into the dark gate because I knew behind it there was a lot of danger and uncertainty.
  2. The danger inherent in the construction process was considerable so we had to hire and expert with years of experience.
  3. His life was in danger.
  4. Texting while driving puts everyone on the road in danger , because the driver is not paying attention or exercising caution.

Meaning of Danger & Danger Definition