Definition of Open:

  1. Allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up.

  2. (of an electrical circuit) having a break in the conducting path.

  3. Establish (a new business, movement, or enterprise).

  4. With the outer edges or sides drawn away from each other; unfolded.

  5. Unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

  6. Make more available or widely known.

  7. (of a person) frank and communicative; not given to deception or concealment.

  8. (of a store, place of entertainment, etc.) officially admitting customers or visitors; available for business.

  9. Exposed to the air or to view; not covered.

  10. (of a question, case, or decision) not finally settled; still admitting of debate.

  11. (of a note) sounded from an open string or pipe.

  12. (of a string) allowed to vibrate along its whole length.

  13. Move or adjust (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and view.

  14. Make or become officially ready for customers, visitors, or business.

  15. Freely available or accessible; offered without restriction.

  16. The price at which the first trade for a security takes place in a trading session. Compare to Close.

  17. Break the conducting path of (an electrical circuit).

  18. (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide opening of the mouth and the tongue kept low.

  19. An accidental break in the conducting path for an electrical current.

  20. A championship or competition with no restrictions on who may qualify to compete.

Synonyms of Open

Spartan, Abandoned, Aboveboard, Absolute, Accented, Acceptable, Accessible, Activate, Admissible, Admissive, Admissory, Adumbrate, Advertise, Affirmed, Afford, Agape, Agreeable, Air, Ajar, Aloof, Altruistic, Alveolar, Ambiguous, Amenable, Amiable, Announce, Announced, Apical, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Apparent, Approachable, Appropriate, Arguable, Articulated, Artless, Ascetic, Assimilated, At issue, Attainable, Austere, Authentic, Available, Back, Bald, Bare, Barytone, Be a gas, Be a hit, Begin, Beholdable, Beneficent, Bighearted, Bilabial, Bill, Billow, Blatant, Bluff, Blunt, Bomb, Bona fide, Born yesterday, Bounteous, Bountiful, Branch, Branch out, Brazen, Breach, Break, Break the seal, Bring out, Bring to light, Broach, Broad, Broadcast, Broken, Brought to notice, Brusque, Cacuminal, Campestral, Campestrian, Candid, Central, Cerebral, Champaign, Charitable, Check, Checked, Childlike, Chink, Circulated, Clear, Cleared, Cleave, Close, Come-at-able, Commence, Common, Common knowledge, Common property, Commonplace, Communicate, Communicative, Conditional, Conditioned, Confiding, Consonant, Consonantal, Conspicuous, Contingent, Continuant, Contribute, Conversable, Cordial, Cover, Crack, Crevasse, Current, Cut, Cut apart, Cut open, Debatable, Declared, Dehiscent, Deltoid, Demonstrative, Dental, Denuded, Dependent, Depending, Deploy, Deserted, Detached, Detectable, Develop, Diffused, Dilate, Direct, Discernible, Disclose, Disclosed, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Discover, Discrete, Dismask, Dispart, Disperse, Display, Disposed, Disrupt, Disseminated, Dissimilated, Distend, Distributed, Ditch, Divaricate, Divide, Divulge, Dorsal, Downright, Dramatize, Draw the veil, Dry, Dubious, Dubitable, Dull, Effusive, Embark, Employable, Equivocal, Establish, Evident, Exhibit, Expand, Expansive, Explain, Explicit, Expose, Exposed, Exposed to view, Extend, Extended, Extensive, Extroverted, Fail, Fair, Fair and square, Fan, Fan out, Fan-shape, Fan-shaped, Fanlike, Fanned, Fanning, Feature, Findable, Fissure, Fit, Flabelliform, Flagrant, Flare, Flared, Flaring, Flat, Flexible, Flop, Fly open, Forsaken, Forthright, Foursquare, Fracture, Frank, Frankhearted, Free, Free hand, Free-acting, Free-going, Free-moving, Free-speaking, Free-spoken, Free-tongued, Freehanded, Freehearted, Friendly, Front, Full, Furnish, Furrow, Gap, Gaping, Gapped, Gash, Generous, Genial, Genuine, Get, Get going, Get under way, Getatable, Gettable, Giving, Glaring, Glide, Glossal, Glottal, Godforsaken, Good-faith, Gossipy, Gracious, Greathearted, Groove, Guileless, Guttural, Handsome, Hanging out, Hard, Headline, Heart-to-heart, Hearty, Heavy, High, Hint, Hole, Homely, Homespun, Honest, Hospitable, Humanitarian, Idle, Illimitable, Imbibitory, Impart, Impressionable, In circulation, In evidence, In full view, In plain sight, In print, In question, In suspense, In the balance, In view, Inaugurate, Incise, Inclined, Incoherent, Inconsistent, Indecisive, Influenceable, Ingenu, Ingenuous, Ingestive, Initiate, Innocent, Insight, Intonated, Introduce, Intromissive, Intromittent, Invitatory, Inviting, Kick off, Labial, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Large, Largehearted, Lateral, Launch, Lavish, Lax, Lay bare, Lay open, Lean, Leisure, Leisured, Let daylight in, Let out, Liable, Liberal, Light, Limitless, Lingual, Liquid, Low, Made public, Magnanimous, Make a hit, Make known, Make plain, Malleable, Manifest, Mantle, Matter-of-fact, Melodramatize, Mid, Monophthongal, Moot, Mount, Movable, Munificent, Muted, Naive, Naked, Narrow, Nasal, Nasalized, Natural, Navigable, Neat, Neighborly, Newsy, No strings, Nonadherent, Nonadhesive, Noncoherent, Noncohesive, Nonimmune, Noticeable, Obnoxious, Observable, Obtainable, Obvious, Occlusive, Offer, On the level, On the square, On the up-and-up, Ope, Open a show, Open air, Open and aboveboard, Open as day, Open fire, Open to, Open to all, Open to view, Open up, Open-handed, Open-minded, Openhanded, Openhearted, Operative, Out-of-doors, Outcropping, Outdoors, Outgoing, Outland, Outside, Outspoken, Outspread, Outstretch, Outstretched, Overgrow, Overrun, Overspread, Overt, Oxytone, Palatal, Palatalized, Palpable, Part, Passable, Patent, Patulous, Peeled, Pendent, Pending, Penetrable, Perceivable, Perceptible, Perfect, Perforate, Persuadable, Persuasible, Pervious, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealized, Phonemic, Phonetic, Phonic, Pierce, Pitch, Pitched, Plain, Plain-speaking, Plain-spoken, Plastic, Pleasing, Plenary, Pliable, Pliant, Posttonic, Practicable, Predisposed, Premiere, Present, Preview, Princely, Problematic, Proclaimed, Procurable, Produce, Profuse, Prone, Propagated, Proper, Prosaic, Prosing, Provide, Public, Publish, Published, Pull out, Pure, Put on, Raise, Raise the curtain, Ramify, Reachable, Receivable, Receptible, Receptive, Recipient, Recognizable, Release, Rent, Reported, Responsive, Retired, Retroflex, Reveal, Revealed, Rift, Ringent, Rip, Rive, Roomy, Round, Rounded, Rupture, Rustic, Scenarize, Securable, Seeable, Self-revealing, Self-revelatory, Semiretired, Semivowel, Sensitive, Separate, Set in motion, Set the stage, Set up, Severe, Shadow, Show, Show forth, Show up, Showing, Simple, Simple-speaking, Simplehearted, Simpleminded, Sincere, Single-hearted, Single-minded, Sit, Slash, Slit, Slot, Sober, Sociable, Soft, Sonant, Spacious, Spare, Splay, Splayed, Splaying, Split, Spraddle, Spraddled, Spraddling, Sprangle, Sprangled, Sprangling, Sprawl, Sprawling, Sprawly, Spread, Spread like wildfire, Spread out, Spreading, Spring open, Square, Square-dealing, Square-shooting, Stage, Star, Stark, Start, Stated, Stintless, Stopped, Straight, Straight-out, Straight-shooting, Straightforward, Stressed, Stretch out, Stretched-out, Strip bare, Stripped, Strong, Suasible, Subject, Succeed, Suggest, Suggestible, Suitable, Surd, Susceptible, Suspenseful, Swayable, Swell, Swing open, Syllabic, Talkative, Tap, Tear, Tear open, Telecast, Televised, Tenantless, Tense, Tenuous, The open, The out-of-doors, Theatricalize, Thick, Throaty, Throw open, To be had, To be seen, Tonal, Tonic, Transparent, Trench, Trustful, Trusting, Try out, Twangy, Unaccented, Unadhesive, Unadorned, Unaffected, Unbar, Unbarred, Unblock, Unblocked, Unbolt, Unbolted, Unbooked, Unbound, Unbounded, Uncertain, Unchecked, Uncircumscribed, Unclassified, Uncloak, Unclog, Unclogged, Unclosed, Unclothe, Unclouded, Uncluttered, Uncoherent, Uncohesive, Uncommitted, Unconcealed, Unconditional, Unconditioned, Unconfined, Unconnected, Unconstrained, Uncork, Uncounted, Uncover, Uncovered, Undecided, Undefended, Undetermined, Undisguised, Undissembled, Undissembling, Undo, Undrape, Unencumbered, Unequivocal, Unestablished, Unfasten, Unfastened, Unfilled, Unfixed, Unfold, Unfolded, Unfortified, Unfurl, Ungrudging, Unguarded, Unhampered, Unhidden, Unhindered, Unimaginative, Unimpeded, Uninhabited, Uninhibited, Unjoined, Unkennel, Unlatch, Unlimited, Unlock, Unlocked, Unmanned, Unmask, Unmeasured, Unobstructed, Unoccupied, Unpack, Unpeopled, Unpopulated, Unprotected, Unqualified, Unrepressed, Unreserved, Unresolved, Unrestrained, Unrestricted, Unreticent, Unroll, Unrounded, Unscheduled, Unscreen, Unseal, Unsealed, Unsecretive, Unselfish, Unsettled, Unsheathe, Unsheltered, Unshrinking, Unshroud, Unshut, Unsigned, Unsilent, Unsophisticated, Unsparing, Unstaffed, Unstinted, Unstinting, Unstop, Unstopped, Unstressed, Unsuppressed, Unsuspicious, Untaken, Untenacious, Untenanted, Untended, Untie, Untold, Unvarnished, Unveil, Unwary, Unwrap, Up for grabs, Up-and-up, Usable, Vacant, Velar, Veritable, Viewable, Visible, Visual, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voiced, Voiceless, Vowel, Vowellike, Warm, Warmhearted, Weak, Welcoming, Well-known, Wide, Wide open, Wide-open, Widely known, Widen, Widespread, Willing, Within reach, Without, Without strings, Witnessable, Yawning, Yield, Spread out, Unfolded, Unfurled, Unrolled, Straightened out, Frank, Candid, Honest, Forthright, Direct, Unreserved, Blunt, Plain-spoken, Outspoken, Free-spoken, Downright, Not afraid to call a spade a spade, Available, Accessible, On hand, Obtainable, On offer, Spread out, Unfold, Unfurl, Unroll, Straighten out, Open for business, Open to the public, Not shut, Not closed, Unlocked, Unbolted, Unlatched, Off the latch, Unfastened, Unbarred, Unsecured, Unfasten, Unlatch, Unlock, Unbolt, Unbar, Unclick, Unresolved, Not yet settled, Yet to be settled, Undecided, Unsettled, Up in the air

How to use Open in a sentence?

  1. The venue for the British Open.
  2. I was quite open about my views.
  3. One woman raised $731 by opening her home and selling coffee and tea.
  4. An open fire burned in the grate.
  5. The store stays open until 9 p.m.
  6. An open in a wire prevents the propagation of a signal past the open.
  7. Students choice of major can be kept open until the second year.
  8. No or low output voltage means the transformer winding has open or shorted winding.
  9. The switch opens the motor circuit.
  10. They have opened a new restaurant across the street.
  11. You can learn how to use an open string to give a reference tone when playing the fiddle.
  12. The pass is kept open all year by snowplows.
  13. He provides a great deal of hard information about transposing brass instruments, such as hand horns crooked in different keys to give a maximum of open notes.
  14. She opened the door and went in.
  15. The service is open to all students at the university.
  16. The eagle opened its wings and circled up into the air.
  17. The retirement of Mahatir Mohammed as Prime Minister of Malaysia has opened the possibility of closer Australian relations.

Meaning of Open & Open Definition