What Does Answer Mean?

A simple definition of Answer is: Defendant's written response to the plaintiff's complaint, in which the defendant acknowledges or denies the allegations in the lawsuit and presents every strong defense and counter-claim.

Answer definition is: Defendant responded to the plaintiff's allegations in civil action. The article focuses on the issues raised in the complaint, which is part of the complaint.

Meanings of Answer

  1. Saying or writing something Speaking or responding to someone or something.

  2. Answering (sounds like ringing the phone, knocking on the door or knocking)

  3. Defend against it (accusation, accusation or criticism)

  4. Being able to satisfy (as needed)

  5. Saying, writing or doing something to answer or respond to a question, statement or situation.

Sentences of Answer

  1. "Of course I can," he replied.

  2. David opened the door

  3. He said he would return to Spain to answer all charges

  4. Entrepreneurship is essential to meet the needs of national and international markets.

  5. Call and log in without waiting for an answer

Synonyms of Answer

rejoin, meet, measure up to, reply, defend oneself against, say in response, speak in response, rebut, fill, match up to, reaction, respond, suit, refute, response, fulfil, satisfy, serve, make a rejoinder, rejoinder, return

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What is The Definition of Answer?

  • The definition of Answer is: Defendant's written response to the plaintiff's claim, in which the defendant either admits or denies the charge of action and presents a positive defense and counter-claim.

  • Answer means: Defendant responded to the plaintiff's complaint as stated in the Civil Action. Point by point, paragraph by paragraph, point by point and complaints in the section.

Meanings of Answer

  1. Something said, written or done in response to a question, statement, or situation.

  2. Problems or problems solved

  3. Someone or something as is known from someone else.

  4. Saying or writing something in response to someone.

  5. Answer (like the phone ringing or ringing or the doorbell)

  6. Against (accusations, accusations or criticism)

  7. Meeting needs.

Sentences of Answer

  1. The answer to poverty and unemployment is to offer well-funded service.

  2. The press gave its British answer to Marilyn Monroe.

  3. Digby opens the door.

Synonyms of Answer

fling back, quick fix, comeback, clapback, get back to, fit/fill the bill, acknowledgement, write back, way out, hurl back, speak/say in response, remedy, retort, way of solving the problem, acknowledge, riposte, solution, come back


What Does Answer Mean?

The definition of Answer is: Defendant's written response to the plaintiff's claim, in which the defendant either admits or denies the charge of action and presents a affirmative defense and counter-claim.

Meanings of Answer

  1. Solve problems or dilemmas.

  2. Something else like another famous person elsewhere.

  3. Saying or writing something in response to something or other.

  4. Answer (sounds like phone ringing or ■■■■■■■ or doorbell).

Sentences of Answer

  1. The answer to poverty and unemployment is to offer well-funded services.

  2. The British answer to the press Marilyn Monroe.

  3. Dugby opens the door.