Definition of Fiber:

  1. Natural or manufactured basic component of fabrics and other textile structures. It is a unit of matter characterized by cohesiveness, elasticity, durability, flexibility, fineness, luster, and uniformity. A fiber must have a length that (1) is at least 100 times its width (diameter), and (2) measures at least 5 millimeters for it to be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric. Also spelled as fibre.

Synonyms of Fiber

Aralac, Avisco, Celanese, Chemstrand, Dacron, Dynel, Lastex, Manila, Orlon, Terylene, Velon, Vicara, Acetate rayon, All that lives, Alpaca, Angora, Animal fiber, Artificial fiber, ■■■■, Biosphere, Biota, Body-build, Brand, Brawn, Capillament, Cashmere, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Characteristics, Cilium, Cirrus, Cobweb, Coir, Complexion, Composition, Constituents, Constitution, Cotton, Crasis, Denier, Dharma, Diathesis, Disposition, Ecosphere, Ethos, Fabric, Fibrilla, Filament, Filamentule, Flagellum, Flax, Flesh, Flora and fauna, Floss, Frame, Genius, Gossamer, Grain, Habit, Hair, Hank, ■■■■, Horsehair, Hue, Humor, Humors, Ilk, Jute, Kapok, Kind, Linen, Living matter, Living nature, Llama hair, Makeup, Merino, Mohair, Mold, Nature, Near-silk, Noosphere, Nylon, Oakum, Organic matter, Organic nature, Organized matter, Physique, Plasm, Property, Quality, Raffia, Rayon, Silk, Sisal, Skein, Somatotype, Sort, Spandex, Spirit, Spun rayon, Stamp, Strand, Streak, Stripe, Suchness, Suture, System, Temper, Temperament, Tendency, Tendril, Tenor, Thread, Threadlet, Tissue, Tone, Tussah, Type, Vein, Way, Web, Wool, Worsted, Yarn, Zephyr

Meaning of Fiber & Fiber Definition

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