Definition of Style:

  1. Characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner. Derived from stilus, the Latin word for a sharp instrument for making relatively permanent marks on clay or wax writing tablets.

Synonyms of Style

Bauhaus, Byzantine, Corinthian, Dadaism, Doric, Egyptian, English, Fauvism, French, German, Gothic, Gothicism, Greco-Roman, Greek, Greek Revival, Ionic, Italian, MO, Moorish, Persian, Platonic form, Platonic idea, Renaissance, Roman, Romanesque, Spanish, Tuscan, Ability, Abstract expressionism, Abstractionism, Academic, Action, Action painting, Actions, Activity, Acts, Address, Adeptness, Adroitness, Aesthetic form, Affectation, Affinity, Air, Airmanship, Algorithm, Androecium, Angle, Anther, Apparel, Appellation, Appellative, Approach, Archetype, Area, Arrange, Array, Art form, Art nouveau, Artfulness, Artisanship, Artistry, Aspect, Attack, Attire, Background, Background detail, Bag, Baptize, Baroque, Bearing, Bedizenment, Behavior, Behavior pattern, Behavioral norm, Behavioral science, Bent, Bias, Bilge, Binomen, Binomial name, Blain, Bleb, Blister, Blob, Blood, Bon ton, Boss, Bow, Brand, Bravura, Breed, Brilliance, Bubble, Build, Bulb, Bulge, Bulla, Bump, Bunch, Burin, Burl, Button, Byword, Cachet, Cahot, Call, Calyx, Capability, Capacity, Carpel, Carriage, Cast, Category, Character, Characteristic, Characterize, Chic, Chine, Chosen kind, Christen, Clan, Classicalism, Classicism, Cleverness, Cloisonnism, Clothes, Clothing, Clump, Cognomen, Color, Coloring, Comfort, Command, Command of language, Competence, Complexion, Comportment, Conceive, Conceptual art, Conduct, Condyle, Configuration, Conformation, Constructivism, Control, Convention, Conventionalism, Convex, Coordination, Corolla, Corolla tube, Corona, Cosmopolitanism, Costume, Couch, Couch in terms, Course, Craft, Craftsmanship, Craze, Cryptonym, Cubism, Culture pattern, Cunning, Cup of tea, Custom, Cut, Dash, Decorative composition, Decorative style, Define, Deftness, Demeanor, Denominate, Denomination, Deportment, Description, Design, Designate, Designation, Detail, Dexterity, Dexterousness, Dextrousness, Diction, Die, Diplomacy, Do, Doing, Doings, Dowel, Drapery, Dress, Dressing, Druthers, Dub, Duds, Ear, Early renaissance, Earth art, Effect, Efficiency, Eidolon, Elan, Elegance, Elementarism, Embody in words, Empty title, Engraving tool, Entitle, Epicalyx, Epithet, Eponym, Etching ball, Etching ground, Etching needle, Etching point, Euonym, Exaggeration, Existentialism, Expertise, Express, Expression of ideas, Expressionism, Facet, Facility, Fad, Fancy, Fashion, Fashionableness, Fatigues, Favor, Feather, Feathers, Feature, Feeling for words, Field, Fig, Figuration, Figure, Finesse, Flair, Flange, Flap, Foil, Folkway, Foreground detail, Form, Form of speech, Format, Formation, Formularize, Formulate, Forte, Frame, Free abstraction, Futurism, Gall, Garb, Garments, Gear, Genre, Genus, Gestalt, Gestures, Give expression to, Give words to, Gnarl, Goings-on, Grace, Grace of expression, Grain, Grandiloquence, Graver, Grip, Guise, Gynoecium, Habiliment, Habit, Hallucinatory painting, Handiness, Handle, Haute couture, High fashion, Hill, Honorific, Horsemanship, Hump, Hunch, Hyponym, Idealism, Identify, Idiosyncrasy, Ilk, Image, Imago, Impression, Impressionism, In style, Inclination, Inflation, Ingeniousness, Ingenuity, Inner form, Intaglio, International, Intimism, Intuitionism, Investiture, Investment, Jog, Joggle, Kidney, Kin, Kind, Kinetic art, Knob, Knot, Know-how, Knur, Knurl, Label, Language, Latest thing, Layout, Leaning, Light, Likeness, Line, Line of action, Lineaments, Linear chromatism, Linen, Lines, Lip, Literary style, Long suit, Look, Loop, Lot, Lump, Luxury, Main interest, Maintien, Make, Makeup, Manner, Manner of speaking, Manner of working, Mannerism, Manners, Mark, Marksmanship, Mastership, Mastery, Matrix, Matter painting, Means, Medieval, Megasporophyll, Method, Methodology, Methods, Metier, Microsporophyll, Mien, Minimal art, Modality, Mode, Mode of expression, Mode of operation, Mode of procedure, Model, Modern, Modernism, Modus operandi, Modus vivendi, Mold, Mole, Moniker, Mood, Motif, Motions, Mountain, Movement, Movements, Moves, Mysticism, Name, Namesake, National style, Naturalism, Nature, Needle, Neoclassicism, Neoconcrete art, Neoconstructivism, Nevus, Nickname, Nomen, Nomen nudum, Nominate, Nonobjectivism, Nuagism, Nub, Nubbin, Nubble, Number, Observable behavior, Op art, Opulence, Order, Ornamental motif, Panache, Papilloma, Paragraph, Partiality, Particular choice, Pattern, Peculiarity, Peg, Pencil, Perianth, Period, Period style, Personal choice, Personal style, Persuasion, Pet subject, Petal, Phase, Phasis, Photomontage, Phrase, Phraseology, Phrasing, Phylum, Pistil, Poetic realism, Poetic tachism, Point, Pointillism, Poise, Polish, Port, Pose, Postexpressionism, Posture, Practical ability, Practice, Praxis, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Preimpressionism, Prejudice, Prepossession, Presence, Present, Prevailing taste, Primitivism, Procedure, Proceeding, Process, Proclivity, Proficiency, Proper name, Proper noun, Proper thing, Prototype, Prowess, Punch, Purism, Pursuit, Put, Put in words, Quality, Quickness, Quietistic painting, Race, Rage, Rags, Raiment, Readiness, Realism, Receptacle, Reference, Refinement, Regard, Repeated figure, Representationalism, Representationism, Resource, Resourcefulness, Respect, Rhetoric, Rhetorize, Rib, Ridge, Ring, Ritziness, Robes, Rocker, Romanticism, Routine, Savoir-faire, Savvy, School, Scientific name, Scorper, Seal, Seamanship, Secret name, Seeming, Semblance, Sense of language, Set, Set out, Setting, Shape, Shoulder, Side, Significant form, Simulacrum, Skill, Skillfulness, Slant, Smartness, Social science, Sophistication, Sort, Specialism, Speciality, Specialization, Specialty, Species, Specify, Spine, Spirit, Splendor, Sportswear, Stamen, Stamp, State, Stigma, Strain, Stream of fashion, Stripe, Strong point, Structure, Stud, Stylish, Stylishness, Stylistic analysis, Stylistics, Suprematism, Surrealism, Swim, Symbolism, Synchromism, Synthesism, System, Tab, Tachism, Tack, Tact, Tactfulness, Tactics, Tag, Tailor, Taste, Tastefulness, Tautonym, Technical brilliance, Technical mastery, Technical skill, Technicality, Technique, Tendency, Tenor, Term, The drill, The grand style, The how, The like of, The likes of, The plain style, The sublime, The way of, Theme, Thing, Threads, Timing, Title, Togs, Toilette, Tone, Torus, Total effect, Touch, Traditionalism, Trait, Treatment, Trend, Tribe, Trick, Trim, Trinomen, Trinomial name, Tubercle, Tubercule, Turn, Twig, Twist, Type, Unism, Variety, Vein, Verruca, Vesicle, Vestment, Vesture, View, Viewpoint, Virtuosity, Vocabulary, Vocation, Vogue, Vorticism, Wale, Wart, Way, Way of life, Ways, Weakness, Wear, Wearing apparel, Welt, Wise, Wit, Wizardry, Word, Wording, Workmanship

How to use Style in a sentence?

  1. Roberto had a very specific sense of style , which is why he often wore top hats and a monocle when he went out on the town.
  2. The new computer programmer had a unique style of writing code that was efficient, elegant, and greatly respected by his superiors.
  3. The style of the man was refined and elegant, yet not flashy to the point of excessively obvious opulence and he projected an air of easy confidence.

Meaning of Style & Style Definition

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