Clothing fashion over the past few decades and how it evolved?

All things that exist in the world have a start and an end. We are all destined to last someday. But some concepts move cyclically. They have a beginning and an end but, they are never lost from among us. The changing fashion trends over the past few years fits perfectly to this definition especially the Pakistani bridal wear. Our clothing, footwear, accessories are all very essential to our existence since the first day. We cannot separate ourselves from them. They make up our personality and lifestyle.
If we start looking at these trends from the late 1800s, it depicts the fashion trends that are most widely seen in old classic movies and tv series. It comprises of voluminous long skirts that have sloping shoulders and go down a little low on the waist. Some of the dresses were designed and stitched with high neck collars. Bright and bold colors were the specialty of this period. Now, coming forward to the time of the early 1900s. This period is marked with the addition of A-line shirts to the fashion industry. The old trend of skirts continued. They were complemented by puffed high waist blouses this time. This style was loved by everyone. One major reason for this is that this time was marked by steps taken towards women empowerment. They took part in different sports and were comfortable in wearing their sportswear even outside the field. It gave them a sense of freedom and individuality. They felt special and unique by this. Hence, they took part in active sports activities like tennis, cycling, and skating. They were allowed to embrace the clothing culture of their sportswear during this time. Advancement occurred with the ladies tailoring for themselves instead of asking men to do it for them. It was a great achievement on their part. They started to get independent. In the later part of this decade, around 1920, the flapper style was introduced into the market. In this time, the women’s fashion trend inspired by designer Coco Chanel and actress Marlene Dietrich. The fashion industry also evolved the lip color from bright red to plum and light red shades. It may be contributed to the fact that women were allowed to wear whatever shades of lipstick they desired. Sailor blouses matched with long skirts and large-brim hats were a part of this time.
Now, coming to the time of the mid-1900s. In the 1950s, the women started wearing bold and revealing dresses. It was the start of the idea of modernity. The wore short frocks and off the shoulder tops coupled beautifully with denim jackets. Capri pants and high-waisted jeans were the most loved bottoms. The long skirts were in fashion too but they were found “too boring” in front of the new modern look. The bob hairstyle was made common for all the female gender. The purpose of this was to show their equivalence in front of the male dominant society. It gave start to the most electric fashion decade that started in the 1980s. During this time, the entire look of the fashion industry was re-modeled. Bold styles and colors followed the interest of many women and men. Ripped tights and biker jackets were introduced for the young generation and celebrities. The sizes of the skirts were cut short and they were designed with belts around the waist that gave them a very stunning and stylish look. The hair color, footwear, jewelry, and dresses all entertained in glamour and bold ideas.
Then comes the start of a whole new decade at the beginning of 2000. Maxis, short skirts without a bottom, off the shoulder beach tops, and much more clothing apparel became a part of our lives. Women were addressed with all the rights to dress according to their wants and desires. They could entertain themselves on a beach, bar, or even a church. The love for denim jeans reached its max at this time. Now, in contemporary time, we have the fashion trends as a mixture of all the times. Shorts and wool bra tops were recently loved by women last year. The trend of wide heels and puffed shoulders came back. However, this year has been not the same due to the pandemic but, fashion never ceases to exist. It continues to amaze its lovers in any way possible.
The trends never remain the same during a particular set of time. They keep changing and, the only thing expected from us is to make adjustments with them so we can entirely cherish them. The fashion changes its form with the changing demands of the world and vice versa.