Kohl's gift card balance

Kohl’s gift card balance can be checked by calling on 800-935-6457. You can also go to their official website and enter your Kohl’s Cash certificate or gift card number. You will be able to see your Kohl’s gift card balance after these steps.

Kohl's gift card balance

Kohl’s Department Store

With over 1,100 shops throughout 49 states, Kohl’s is a prominent omnichannel retailer. To inspire and encourage families to live fulfilled lives, Kohl’s provides:

  • Fantastic national and exclusive brands.

  • Exceptional bargains.

  • A convenient shopping experience in stores and Kohl’s mobile app.

Since its inception, Kohl’s has donated over $750 million to help communities around the country, emphasizing family health and well-being. Visit Kohl’s website for store locations and online shopping options.

Store Name Kohl’s
Headquarters Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.
Revenue $19.6 Billion
Founder Maxwell Kohl
Established September 12, 1962
Worldwide employment 60,000+

History of Kohl’s

In 1946, Max Kohl launched Kohl’s Food Stores. He founded the first Kohl’s Department Stores in 1962. In 1972, BATUS Inc. acquired a majority stake in Kohl’s, which owned 50 supermarkets, six department shops, three pharmacies, and three drink stores. The supermarkets were sold to A&P. Eventually, Kohl’s began to expand.

Kohl’s has established stores in former Mervyns sites. Currently, Kohl’s operates locations in 49 states, except Hawaii. In contrast to other department stores, Kohl’s is rarely located in retail malls and has a ‘racetrack’ lane that encircles the wholesale store. This is a prevalent practice among bargain retailers such as Walmart and Target.


Since its inception, Kohl’s has donated over $750 million to help communities around the country. In 1972, BATUS Inc. acquired a majority stake in Kohl’s, which owned 50 supermarkets.

Kohl’s Purpose & Values

Our mission at Kohl’s is to inspire and enable families to live meaningful lives. Rewarding consumers is key to this mission. Kohl’s has been rewarding customers for years with great goods, excellent prices, and an unrivaled customer experience.

Our winning teams are fueled by a results-focused, compassionate, and fearless culture that encourages a test-and-learn methodology. In addition, Kohl’s employees achieve this mission by embodying our core values daily, which include putting the customer first, acting with integrity, developing outstanding teams, and driving outcomes. Here you may buy:

The costs are moderate, and the selection is often tailored to regional preferences. It had grown to become the biggest network of national department stores by 2013. Almost anywhere in the fifty states of the United States, you will find a Kohl’s department store within walking distance.

Kohl’s gift card balance

The methods listed below can be used to check your Kohl’s gift card balance. All of their stores, as well as their website and phone number, are available for inquiries. You will need the gift card number and the PIN code placed beneath the barcode on the card’s back.

  1. Ask a cashier at any Kohl’s store to check your balance.

  2. Check your account balance online.

  3. Contact 1-866-887-8884.

To check your current balance, you can add your Kohl’s Cash and/or gift card to your Wallet using the Kohl’s app on your mobile device. Not using the Kohl’s App? Download it right now!

Once you add your Kohl’s Cash or gift card to your Wallet, it will be stored for convenient access during in-store and online checkout. Gift cards from Kohl’s are not reloadable. Once the card’s value has been emptied, it is no longer valid. However, we recommend retaining the gift card until you are confident that none of the products purchased with the card will require a return.


Ask a cashier at any Kohl’s store to check your balance. You will need the gift card number and PIN code placed beneath the barcode on the card’s back. To check your account balance online, visit website or call 1-866-887-8884.

How to use Kohl’s gift card?

These Kohl’s gift cards are redeemable. It is simple while shopping at any Kohl’s location or online. After approval, purchases can be made instantly in both directions. They have no expiration date, and no service costs are associated with their use.

In addition, if the card is lost, destroyed, or stolen, the issuer may reimburse the balance in certain circumstances. If the remaining balance on a Gift Card is insufficient to pay the total cost of the transaction, it is possible to combine it with a specified credit card.

If a user is authorized for a Kohl’s Card, he may instantly begin purchasing using any convenient method. When doing so at a local store, the cardholder must advise the cashier that he possesses a gift card and disclose the number directly below the barcode.

To check the balance of a Kohl’s gift card online, a cardholder must input the card’s number and PIN (found on the back of a physical card) or a digital certificate. This may be accomplished via a brand website. Typically, reCAPTCHA authentication is required. It should be finished. The user should then just select “Check Balance.”

Top 10 Growth strategies of Kohl’s

As described by officials during the company’s investors’ day, its new growth plan consists of the following:

  • Executives anticipate that by increasing the number of Sephora stores from 200 to 850 by next year, the company will generate $2 billion in revenue.

  • Remodeling of existing stores upon the introduction of a Sephora shop-in-shop;

  • Opening 100 smaller stores or storefronts in smaller markets over the next four years to increase revenues by more than $500 million.

  • Merchandising these smaller stores based on local demand data;

  • Expanding active and leisure assortments to become a destination for “active and casual living;.”

  • Increasing omnichannel services in addition to self-checkout and self-return;

  • Utilizing data science and the "discharge of third-party data to give an even better, more relevant, and more scientific experience, allowing us to achieve even greater growth while maintaining operational efficiency;

  • Redesigning its customer loyalty program;

  • And revitalizing its business with women.

  • “Importantly, most of our opportunities lie ahead,” stated CEO “Michelle Gass.” These are new, significant projects that Kohl’s has never undertaken.

Who is competing with “Kohl’s”?

Kohl’s is encountering macroeconomic headwinds that cause some experts to doubt its ability to recoup the momentum it lost during the epidemic as it starts on this ambitious comeback.

In the previous decade, the store has lost 17% of its market share, primarily to off-price shops, Amazon, and brand-direct sales, according to a March 7 research note authored by UBS analysts led by Jay Sole. They claimed that rising inflation and removing the impetus from the epidemic would limit the company’s sales growth and squeeze its profits.

Macellum Capital Management’s activist investors, who want the retailer to take bolder actions, including possible buyout, and offers already on the table, were not particularly impressed with the analyst day.

According to an emailed transcript of a late Monday interview with Yahoo Finance, Macellum CEO Jonathan Duskin described Kohl’s proposal as “a hazardous idea that depends on something that hasn’t occurred at Kohl’s in a decade.” There is no room for the mistake if they fail their sales target. The outcomes will be far worse than anticipated."


Kohl’s has lost 17% of its market share, primarily to off-price shops, Amazon, and brand-direct sales. Macellum CEO: If they fail their sales target, there is no room for mistakes. The outcomes will be far worse than anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask the following questions.

1. How to check the balance on Kohl’s gift card?

Visit any Kohl’s store and ask a cashier Check your balance for you. Please call Kohl’s at 1-866-887-8884.

2. What is the Kohl’s Resource Credit?

Kohl’s Merchandise Credit is granted when an item is returned to the shop. You will get a product credit in exchange for the payback of your credit card balance, which may be used to purchase additional items at Kohl’s or to pay for shopping at “Kohl’s.”

3. Which brands will be discontinued by “Kohl’s”?

The eight brands are Dana Buchman, Jennifer Lopez, Mudd, Candie’s, Rock & Republic, PopSugar, Elle, and Juicy Couture. In March, Kohl’s stated that it would discontinue eight brands without naming them.

4. How do you check the balance of an eBay gift card?

Click Gift Card from the rotating menu at the top of the screen. On the map’s left side, select “Check Balance.” Enter the 13-digit number on your eBay gift card and click “Check Balance.” The screen will display the balance of your account.

5. Can the balance of a gift card be checked online?

Online Account Balance Verification. Locate the webpage on the card’s back. Read the small print on the back of the card on the black strip’s side. Typically, it will provide instructions on locating your balance and may also identify a website where you may check your balance.

6. Where is the number on my Kohl’s gift card?

Find the 16-digit card number right beneath the barcode on your KMC and input it in your Wallet’s “Add a Gift Card” area. Enter the 4-digit PIN as it appears on the KMC.

7. Do you possess a Visa gift card for “Kohl’s”?

Cole does not sell Visa gift cards. It offers gift cards for third-party stores and restaurants like Best Buy, Fandango, Home Depot, and Starbucks. Gift Cards Views are also offered on websites like Gift Cards and in stores like 7-Eleven and Walmart.

8. Are JCPenney and Kohl’s owned by the same corporation?

The owners of JCPenney, Simon Property Group, and Brookfield Asset Management offered $8.6 billion ($68 per share) to acquire “Kohl’s.” Upon acceptance of the offer, the brands will continue to operate as distinct locations. Nevertheless, the owners would consolidate activities to reduce overall corporate expenses.

9. How long do Kohl’s Gift Cards remain valid?

There are no service fees or expiration dates on Kohl’s Gift Cards. Some conditions apply. Kohl’s e-Gift Cards can be redeemed for products at any Kohl’s store or on Kohl’s website. Kohl’s e-Gift Cards are issued by Kohl’s Value Services, Inc. and reflect their obligation.

10. Can expired Kohl’s Cash be used?

Kohl’s Cash must be redeemed within the promotional period it earned. It cannot be used before the coupon’s stated redemption term.


The weekly sales at “Kohl’s” are always substantial, and you can stretch your dollar further by applying for a “Kohl’s” credit card. Additionally, the corporation offers efforts such as Kohls Cares, which supports health and education projects for children through scholarship programs, the U.S. Youth Soccer collaboration, the Fundraising Giftcard program for schools, and hospital partnerships to educate parents and children.

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