Household Items That Start With I

Household Items That Start With I

Do you use elements sung with the letter I? 3

Well, my daughter has a daycare project. You must be careful when using this ss with the letter I and when bringing it into your locker room for the SW and Tell project.

I don't have an ice cube tray! Too much iron and too heavy, ice cubes are melting! And I can't think of anything safe for a 3 year old. So any ideas?

What immediate thing? We can definitely take advantage of that!

Here are some more tips ...

Pen ink

Ice cube tray

Spoon of ice cream

Celt ID (maybe when he was born?)

Inch ruler

Ice cream

Ivory soap

LOL, teachers should have fun with everything parents can do.

I now!

Pen ink

Ice cream cone


Ivy (one place)

Iguana (toy unless you have a pet)


Inches (on cloth ruler or measuring tape)

Spoon of ice cream

Find food for Italian sauce or song.

Wow, that's hard! Keep thinking

My first dose was too much powdered sugar but one LD (?) Was not good.

Do you have a bug spray? ...

Keep thinking

Household Items That Start With I