What is Grip?

  • In the film and television industry, a member of the film team that provides the right light for a scene. They also move sets and carry large luggage.

Meanings of Grip

  1. Grab the handle.

  2. To touch (someone) deeply (of feelings or emotions)

  3. The handle closes with a strong handle or latch.

  4. An effective way to control something.

  5. A piece or accessory used to hold an object in your hand.

  6. A suitcase.

  7. A theater assistant, a stage worker.

Sentences of Grip

  1. When he fastened the steering wheel, his throat turned white

  2. She feels happy

  3. Johnson lost control of his arm

  4. Our inflation is under control

  5. Handle grip

  6. Some new clothes

  7. I am a handle and light designer in the DC area.

Synonyms of Grip

ligature , clench, afflict, wrench , handshake , clasp, handhold , grab, stagehand, grasp hold of, clutches, clamping , handclasp , clench , tenure , kitbag, enclosure , snatch , power, catch, clamp , command, handgrip , grasp , enclosing , purchase , get one's hands on

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Grip means,

  1. In the film and television industry, a member of the film crew ensures adequate lighting for the scene. They also move sets and carry large luggage.

Meanings of Grip

  1. Hold and hold the handle.

  2. (Emotions or situations) have a strong or negative effect.

  3. Strong footprints Strong footprints.

  4. Effective control over something.

  5. A piece or accessory used to hold something in your hand.

  6. A stage worker in a theater

Sentences of Grip

  1. Holding the steering wheel, its tips turned white.

  2. He gets a sense of happiness

  3. Your arms hugged anyway

  4. To be fine

Synonyms of Grip

torment, theatrical assistant, beset, tyranny, domination, gripe, take over, valise, portmanteau, overnight bag, affect, hand grip, squeeze, pluck, seize, holdall, flight bag, control, convulse, possession, rule, dominion, overnighter, mastery, hand clasp