Queens NY Distribution Center

The Queens NY Distribution Center is one of the main distribution center for USPS. USPS Delivery packages move to different centers or a local post office and then the packages go for delivery to the recipient.



The Morgan Processing and Distribution Complex in New York (N.Y.) is one of the major postal services facilities in new york city. It processes mail from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan and mail from Bronx and Manhattan.

List of Network Distribution Centers

The United States Postal Service has 21 Network Distribution Centers (NDCs)

Destination ZIP NDC Name Location
005, 066, 085-119 New Jersey NDC Jersey City, NJ
006-009, 313-317, 344, 346-347, 349, 398 Jacksonville NDC Jacksonville, FL
080-084, 169-199, 254 Philadelphia NDC Philadelphia, PA
010-065, 067, 120-129 Springfield NDC Springfield, MA
242, 298, 300-312, 318-319, 350-352, 354-368, 373-374 376-379, 395, 399, 407-409, 417-418, 425-426 Atlanta NDC Atlanta, GA
498-499, 540-548, 550-551, 553-567, 576, 580-588 Minneapolis–Saint Paul NDC Eagan, MN
500-516, 520-528, 570-575, 577, 612, 680-681, 683-689 Des Moines NDC Des Moines, A
590-599, 677, 690-693, 800-816, 820-834, 836-837, 840-847 850-853, 855-857, 859-860, 863, 865, 870-871, 873-879, 884, 898, 979 Denver NDC Denver, CO
635, 640-641, 644-658, 660-662, 664-676, 678 Kansas City NDC Kansas City, KS
679, 710-714, 718, 730-731, 733-741, 743-770, 772-799, 880-883, 885 Dallas NDC Dallas, TX
835, 838, 970-978, 988-999 Seattle NDC Federal Way, WA
864, 900-908, 910-928, 930-935 Los Angeles NDC Bell Gardens, CA
894-895, 897, San Francisco NDC Richmond, CA
246-253, 266, 400-406, 410-416, 427 430-433, 437-438, 450-462, 469-474, 478-479 Cincinnati NDC Cincinnati, OH
369-372, 375,700-701 703-708, 716-717, 719-729 Memphis NDC Memphis, TN
420, 423-424, 475-477, 609, 613-620, 622-631, 633-634, 636-639 St. Louis NDC Hazelwood, MO
434-436, 465-468, 480-497 Detroit NDC Allen Park, MI
463-464, 530-532, 534-535, 537-539, 549, 600-608, 610-611 Chicago NDC Forest Park, IL

Queens, NY, Distribution Center (USPS)


The US Postal Service believes that mail is late when the delivery date is not handled on time. Delayed postal can have a detrimental impact on postal consumers and damages the reputation of the company.

The Queens, NY, Processing, and Distribution Center (P&DC) identified their performance and outcome information system model with about 25% longer mailed than the national postal delay of around 0.5 percent. This scan reveals that the real name for a processing facility has arrived at a processing and distribution center. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with ncscservstanuspsgov for inquiries or call 1-800-238-3150. Have you been affected by the Queens PDC International mail processing?

The Queens P&DC processes tiny and irregular parcels from the New York Morgan P&DC, local priority mail, and incoming international (IIP) packets for supply across the country received by the John F. Kennedy International Service Center (JFK ISC). The P&DC in Queens handled over 78 million mail pieces and reported almost 22 million of them (28 percent) in Q1 and Q2 of the fiscal year (F.Y.) 2016. It was the nation’s greatest late mail proportion in this era. Of the over 22 million postponements, approximately 17,8 million were IIP.


Queens NY Distribution Center and Brooklyn NY Distribution Center are within the United States Postal Service USPS department. They are located in the network state. There is a sales office of the metro in Queens, NY. They address all types of sales problems and oversee the sales process every day. They aimed to discover the cause of the Queens P&DC postal delay.

What the OIG Found (USPS)


Mail was delayed because the P&DC Queens did not have sufficient machine capacity to process the item quantity. On average, in Qs 1 and 2, 2016, the site received roughly 82,000 parcels greater than daily processing when processing machines were in full working performance (the optimal rate and time at which a machine processes mail). The management team has launched a program to redirect IIPs to other facilities, which lowered by approximately 80% the delayed mail during Q3, F.Y. 2016.

  • In September and October 2016, the factory manager indicated two new packaging processing machines would be active. They saw sufficient floor space for this equipment during their tour to the location. Their research showed that more machines would give an extra capacity of around 10%, as long as the existing package volume is not changed. But volume is expected to grow. In Qs 1 and 2, 2016, the JFK ISC IIP volume grew by more than 200 percent, compared to the same time in F.Y. 2014.

They have also observed that package processing equipment is not fully working. On average, the process is around 8,100 parcels each hour, which is roughly 25 percent below 10,800 packets per hour. Although the machines are not fully functioning, they operate for hours longer than planned to satisfy volume demand.

Mature plant management had a poor operational plan since the entrance, clearance, and dispatch times were unimportant. The initial processing plan has continued to be changed, and the plant management is working on finalizing a new operational plan. These schedules are essential to ensure that mail is handled on time.

  • In Qs 1 and 2, in F.Y. 2016, the Queens P&DC exceeded the 2016 F.Y. objective of about 10% overtime in the Northeast Area. Of the roughly 640,000 mail processing work hours used, over 94,000 (or approximately 15%) were overtime. The factory manager stated he must pay extra time to employees who sort over-size items manually. Furthermore, additional times are paid to combine carried mail from and to other facilities to optimize trailer capacity that had not been considered in the staffing plan for the P&DC.

The plant manager claimed that the personnel is not adequately matched with the mail processing needs. It means that overtime is paid for employees to work on their regular days off. In June 2016, the plant manager claimed that he presented a proposal requiring extra personnel to carry out manual and mail consolidation duties and a proposal to redefine jobs for the two new packaging machines.

The site manager also asked for more packaging equipment for the more rapid and efficient processing of over-dimensional goods. They see the approximately 29,000 hours of extra, which surpassed the 10 percent overtime estimated, as an excess of about $1.1 million. Increased overtime over the amount estimated raises the expense of the postal service.

If a facility does not have enough machine capacity, operational plans, and employees, the danger of mail not being processed in time for the agreed day of delivery is raised. It severely impacts national service scores. Delayed shipments do not represent the Postal Service name and might result in consumers moving to other suppliers for package delivery, lowering revenues. Excess overtime may also lead to unnecessary postal charges.


They saw overseas labels without U.S. barcodes or multiple barcodes throughout their website visit. Employees have to manually type each item in zip codes to handle fewer parcels an hour. Foreign mail requires further preparation that causes the package flow to be erratic to certain processing units. In April 2016, the plant manager began a project designed to increase machine packaging performance using service discussions, training, and staff incentives.

Detailed Data About Packages Arrival

Parcels are waiting here for Required Time
Minimum 2hr
Average 12hr
Maximum 22hr
Most frequent previous points Required Time
JAMAICA,NY 11434 5hr
Most frequent next points Required Time
What statuses are usually shown in this point and how often Required Days
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility 2
Departed USPS Regional Facility 2
arrived at USPS regional origin facility 1
departed USPS regional facility 1

Queens, NY, Distribution Center (WORLDPAC)


The launch of its newest North American branch in Queens, NY, was announced by WORLPDAC. The facility, located in one of the most popular metro regions in the United States, will reinforce the distribution of the firm in the northeast, the company stated. The distribution center will provide access within the metro region for the same day and raise the whole network of distribution sites in North America to 57.

Located in Newark, CA, WORLDPAC is an importer and supplier of replacement automobile components in original equipment condition. The company immediately supplies the import repair expert with branded O.E. grade car parts. Also, it offers client services such as customer-oriented technical/business training, which includes targeted marketing services.

Addressing variability of Queens NY Distribution Center


Smart Mail barcodes (IMDb) scanning data are essential to determining how mail in the USPS system performs. This data offers an overall perspective of each USPS facility and its performance. If timing is essential, the Service Standards fluctuation might be troublesome. Volume changes throughout the year strongly impact the performance of USPS.

Mailers may estimate that June mail will only be delivered to an SCF one day at home, considerably higher than in November when the volume is substantially greater. More mail will go to the end of the window or later in the severe months of September-December.

But no matter the month, delivery is usually pushed beyond the standard service window. Keep in mind that some facilities will not provide mail during the peak weeks within the Service Standard timeframe.

The Service Standard does not represent a promise for in-house dates – the USPS does not reimburse first-class, marketing mail, or periodicals charges that it supplies later than anticipated. Referencing data from prior years helps to determine what may happen within the same week or month. There are always differences, though.

Processing complicates things of Queens NY Distribution Center


Upon that look, Periodic Mail Service Standards are quite easy. The next day, mail will be delivered to an SCF facility and marked within that SCF region. The mail sent to ADC or NDC, including mail specifically for that region, should have a Service Standard of 1-2 days. But it varies depending on whether computer processing of the magazines is possible. This makes it ■■■■■■ to determine the dates of the letters at home.

Only certain postcodes are running on FSS computers. They cannot handle all mail in an installation, and many facilities do not even have one. At now, only around 80 of the initial 100 computers are being used actively.

Pallets of machinable apartments intended for the FSS must fulfill critical pre-sort requirements when entering the postal facility. An FSS pallet is an email pallet for a certain ‘scheme,’ ZIP, or collection of ZIPs, which the machine processes in a single run.

If the package is for an FSS ZIP and a pallet of an FSS scheme without a bundle sort, the CET is 11:00. If mail is for a ZIP FSS and any other pallet type, the CET will be 08:00. The CET is 16:00 for non-FSS mail with a 5-digit rack and 17:00 for non-FSS mail with any other parcel type.


The robotic magazine processing machinery was dubbed the Flats Sequencing System by the USPS (FSS). It organizes flats for postal carriers to follow their paths. It eliminates the need for carriers to “case” their mail before they travel on roads. That reduces time on the carrier side, enabling them to deliver more mail technically.


1 - How long does it take to arrive from Queens, NY, for a package?

It might arrive in one day, two days, or five days. It depends on how you send it – a 2-day USPS Express can only take two days. The ground is going to take five to seven days.

2 - Why is my USPS package available in Queens, NY?

It just says what it says. The shipment came to one of the several regional installations. From there, it can travel to another facility or a nearby post office and then be delivered.

3 - How long does it take for a distribution facility to deliver?

The standard mail service standards are also quite simple in the calculation of USPS delivery times. When mail is sent to an NDC before 4 pm, the Service Standard is 1 to 5 days from that date.

4 - What is an international USPS center of distribution?

International Service Centers (ISCs) send and distribute international mails to certain foreign nations or gateways exchanges from a specified service region. IPC offers its members with the efficient and competitive delivery of international postal systems and programs.

5 - What does arrive at the distribution center mean?

When you get an “Arrived at U.S. Postal Facility” message in your order confirmation, it just means your mail, item and card have finally arrived at one of dozens upon dozens of regional facilities and distribution centers managed by the U.S. postal service.

6 - What is a distribution center’s purpose?

A distribution centre (DC) is a node in a supply chain that can be used for a variety of purposes, including holding goods (short- or long-term), processing items, de-aggregating vehicle loads, producing SKU assortments, and assembling shipments. Transhipment is another of distribution hubs’ traditional functions.

7 - How do you define a distribution centre?

A distribution centre is a product storage and shipping facility used to hold the goods produced by a business. Distribution centres play a critical role in the distribution chain, fulfilling orders and keeping manufactured goods prior to dispatch to wholesale, retail, or customers.

8 - What’s an example of a distribution center?

Distribution centres are warehouses where product storage is a transient activity. A distribution centre is a warehouse that deals with perishable goods. They will accept shipments in the morning and distribute them by the afternoon.

9 - How does a distribution warehouse work?

At its heart, a traditional warehouse keeps inventory (usually indefinitely), whereas a distribution centre maintains merchandise temporarily until orders are fulfilled and then shipped to their next or final destination.

10 - What is the difference between fulfillment and distribution?

Distribution centres, on the other hand, are a more business-oriented alternative. In comparison to fulfilment order centres, these are less location-dependent. Distribution centres, like fulfilment centres, do everything from shipping to selling. However, they are distinguished by the fact that they do not ship to stores.


Queens, NY, is a U.S. postal service in New York City and several other places. It provides chances and works slowly and steadily to develop it. In the multi-channel marketing environment, factual data about offline consumer contact points is crucial. Since this information may be formidable, professional mail network operators currently have the knowledge, data, and tools to assist mailers in creating straightforward mail distribution strategies.

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