Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage for Furniture?

Why is climate-controlled storage necessary for certain items? Furniture storage requires specific care and temperatures to maintain condition. Here’s why!

So much can happen to your valuable furniture while it’s sitting around in storage. Moisture build-up, cracks, pests, and the list could go on. So, how do you preserve your treasured belongings and make sure they stay in the same condition you dropped them off in?

Climate controlled storage is your ultimate solution! These storage units come with adjustable temperature and humidity levels to protect all your valuable belongings.

But is climate control worth the additional pounds? To help you decide, we have listed a few factors below that you need to consider-from timing and affordability to furniture material - before opting for just any storage unit.

Our goal here is to provide you with all the facts and figures so that you can make an informed storage decision!

What season will you be storing the furniture in?

When considering furniture storage, seasons matter a lot! In many cities, temperatures can rise to above 100 degrees in the summer and fall below freezing point in the winter.

Furniture requires specific temperatures and humidity levels to maintain its original look. A colder temperature can dry out furniture causing the wood to loose joints, leather to crack, and pests to breed on the furniture. Summer can be equally problematic with its rise in humidity.

Therefore, if you require storage for your furniture during the height of winter or summer, it is imperative for you to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit.

If you’re going to be storing the furniture in spring or fall, a standard storage unit can suffice but the weather can always be unpredictable. It’s always best to not risk it when it comes to something as expensive as furniture!

How long will you be storing it for?

The length of time your furniture remains in storage is important in assessing whether you require climate-controlled storage units.

The precautions and risks associated with short term storage units are different than those associated with long term storage units. Short term storage does not expose the furniture to the harsh elements in the surrounding much as the furniture does not stay in the storage unit for long. So, if you’re just moving apartments and require the furniture to be stored for a couple of days, then you’re good to go with non-climate-controlled units.

However, if you are going away for the summer and need storage for more than a few months, you need to opt for proper climate-controlled storage units. Your furniture will endure different seasons and temperatures, so you must ensure it stays in good condition.

Is the furniture upholstered?

You really don’t want to come back to a sofa with a musty smell of pets or car fumes.

Upholstered furniture is doubly prone to picking up bad odours and attracting wood-boring insects and pests. Humid environments can also damage it beyond repair.

Therefore, it is important for furniture storage to be in a cool, dry environment and climate control is your best friend here! In addition to that, try wrapping the upholstered furniture in cotton covers and sheets to avoid dust accumulation on valuable fabrics.

Is the furniture wooden?

Wooden furniture needs to be kept in specific temperatures to ensure its durability. Antique wooden furniture is especially difficult to replace so special care needs to be taken.

The amount of water vapour in the air – humidity – can cause the wood to shrink or expand. It is recommended to store wooden pieces in a place with approximately 55% humidity and a constant temperature. Now, you can’t really do that in your own garage, can you?

Therefore, climate control becomes absolutely necessary for wooden furniture storage such as storing tables, chairs, bed frames, and dressers.

Is the location hot and humid?

What is the weather like in the area you will be storing your furniture in? If you are storing in an area that is hot and humid, the standard storage units there will also maintain higher humidity levels and a warmer temperature.

A highly humid unit will cause your furniture to remain damp through the entire period of storage, causing mold and mildew which take only 24-48 hours to grow in such climates.

Imagine the condition of your furniture when you come to retrieve it after six months! If not cleaned properly, the mold and mildew can also pose serious health hazards, especially around children.

Be wary of extreme temperature and humidity changes. Excess humidity leads to moisture build-up and lack of it can cause the furniture to crack and warp.

Humidity control and fresh air circulation are essential components of climate-controlled storage units. Your furniture will remain in top condition and it won’t even require additional maintenance when you come to retrieve it!

Are you storing it in indoor or outdoor storage units?

Outdoor humidity aside, direct sunlight can also damage, discolour, and fade furniture. Even if you are storing during the winter-time, a bright and sunny room will ruin your furniture.

So, if you’re not willing to upgrade to climate control, try getting an indoor storage unit for furniture storage then. An indoor non-climate-controlled area will still be much better for your furniture, preventing sunlight and humidity, than an outdoor unit.

Can you afford to upgrade your storage unit?

Now that we’ve listed so many qualities of a climate-controlled storage unit, who wouldn’t love it? But the one thing often limiting us all is the cost. Not everyone can afford to use storage companies and rent climate-controlled storage units for a long period of time.

If paying for a good-quality climate-controlled storage unit is beyond your means, then consider a unit with average humidity.


If you are unable to afford that also, then you might as well go for a standard storage unit for a few months. However, we never recommend leaving the furniture in your garage!

Your kids spill something on the sofa or you accidentally leave the door open during heavy rain and you’ll have to get an entirely new set of chairs! Accidents in the garage might end up costing you a lot more than a climate-controlled storage unit would have!

So, think long-term and be wise! Sometimes, it might be worthwhile going out of your way and investing in a good climate-controlled storage unit for added protection.