Definition of Unit:

  1. A device that has a special function, especially one that is part of a complex mechanism.

  2. The quantity selected as the criterion for displaying another quantity.

  3. Precise quantity or measurement and specificity of exchange standard.

  4. Shares that are not divided into mutual funds.

  5. number one.

  6. An object or person is considered unique and complete, but it can also form part of a larger or more complex whole.

Synonyms of Unit

Mass, Valence, Constituent, Nought beside, Field train, Factor, Person, Segment, Being, Roentgen, Milligram, Volt-second, Combat team, Ace, Abampere, Megacoulomb, Battle group, Abhenry, Mho, Component, Section, Quantity, Integer, Cadre, Item, Work force, Slug, Constituent, Segment, Legion, Atom, Train, Volt, Ton, Kilovolt-ampere, Squadron, Ampere-minute, KP, Piece, Critter, Field army, Garrison, Entelechy, Element, Measurement, Units of weight, Troop, Body, Battalion, Ounce troy, Nothing else, Abvolt, Item, Soul, Portion, Phalanx, Ingredient, Subdivision, Abfarad, Piece, An existence, Company, Hundredweight, Feature, Battery, Grain, Wing, Henry, Member, Posse, Organism, Ohm, Single, Weight, Stone, Personality, Micromicrofarad, Element, Statfarad, Brigade, Individual, Flying column, Ohm-mile, Centigram, Microwatt, Corps, One and only, The big battalions, Fighting force, Atomic weight, I, Rank, Personnel, Measure, Pound, Hands, Megohm, Quantum, Millivolt, Abohm, Monad, None else, Ampere-hour, Cohort, Men, Volt-coulomb, Object, Poundal, Microhenry, Point, Gram, Module, No other, Kilo, Denomination, Atomic number, Something, Part, Atomic mass, Micromho, Singleton, Tactical unit, Firepower, Detail, Entity, Creature, Half-life, Portion, Thing, Detachment, Milliampere, Component, One, Pennyweight, Abcoulomb, File, Kilowatt, Megavolt, Units, Forces, Combat command, Statcoulomb, Megawatt, Ounce, Platoon, Dyne, Ampere-foot, Persona, Pound troy, Value, Megaton, Life, Squad, Kilowatt-hour, Dram, Farad, Task force, Mole, Division, Section, Outfit, Column, Dram avoirdupois, Fragment, Decigram, Pound avoirdupois, Force, Organization, Ounce avoirdupois, Statvolt, Watt-hour, Decagram, Scruple, Kilogram, Picofarad, Article, Maniple, Troops, Army group, Statampere, Microvolt, Regiment, Army, Millihenry, Watt, Ampere, Carat, Coulomb, Kitchen police, Part, Module

How to use Unit in a sentence?

  1. Transmission and transmission unit
  2. Consists of small units of large plots.
  3. Unit of measurement.
  4. When you are proud of every unit of your product, you get the best quality for all your customers.
  5. The local warehouse has about 300 storage units, so I have space for my clothes and furniture when I move.
  6. To be the champions of the league, we have to work as a unit and defeat our opponents together.

Meaning of Unit & Unit Definition

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What is Unit?

  • Represents an investment feature that does not issue shares. Most mutual funds are divided into units rather than shares. View Share

  • Any distribution of quantity was accepted as an exchange measure or scale.

  • Unit can be defined as, University of Texas facilities such as the B.B. Department of Education, the Administrative Department, the Organized Research Unit or the Project Manager are responsible for the funded project.

  • The smallest portion of tradable assets: stocks for stocks and mutual funds, $ 1,000 for most bonds and options and futures contracts.

Meanings of Unit

  1. An object or person that is considered unique and complete, but which can also be part of a larger or more complex whole.

  2. A device with a specific function, especially a task that is part of a complex process.

  3. The quantity is selected by default, after which another quantity can be declared.

Sentences of Unit

  1. A large plot of land consists of small units.

  2. Gearbox and gear unit

Synonyms of Unit

crowd , crew , section , bunch , totality , gang , system , outfit , entirety , total , ring , entity , mob , assembly , group , complement , detachment , assemblage


Definition of Unit:

  • Represents an investment management that does not issue shares. Most mutual funds are divided into units rather than shares. View Share

  • Any distribution of quantity is accepted as a measure or measure of exchange.

  • An official member of the University of Texas, for example B. Department of Education, Department of Administration, Research Unit or Project Manager who is responsible for the project that is being funded.

  • The smallest trading components of y: stocks for stocks and mutual funds, $ 1,000 for most bonds, and options and bond agreements.

Meanings of Unit

  1. A device that has a specific function, especially one that is part of a complex mechanism.

  2. The quantity selected as the standard, against which other quantities can be expressed.

Synonyms of Unit

whole, discrete item


Unit means,

Representation of investment property that does not issue shares. Most mutual funds are divided into units rather than shares. View Share

Official member of the University of Texas, e.g. The Academic Department, Administrative Department, Research Unit or Project Manager who is responsible for funding the project.

The smallest tradable components of y: stocks for stocks and mutual funds, $ 1,000 for most bonds, and contracts for options and bonds.

Meanings of Unit

  1. Quantities selected as criteria, against which other quantities may be expressed.