Project manager

Project manager,

Definition of Project manager:

  1. The person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

  2. An employee who plans and organizes the resources necessary to complete a project. See also project management.

How to use Project manager in a sentence?

  1. My partner suggested a management team award for the best project manager in the lab.
  2. The Project Manager had all the blueprints laid out for us today when we came to work, we went over everything together, and went to our respective cubicles and started working on how to finish the project in record time.
  3. During my time as a project manager in the factory, I had many jobs such as directing employees on what they should do, and when certain projects will take place.
  4. When starting a new build it is important to pick a good project manager that can delegate all of the responsibilities.

Meaning of Project manager & Project manager Definition

Project Manager,

What Does Project Manager Mean?

Someone who is responsible for planning and completing big tasks, goals, businesses, etc. (Large and complex projects) or competent professionals who typically involve the use of appropriate project management tools and systems and, where appropriate, human resource management skills. NB. An individual is responsible for planning and managing a project as part of his or her traditional duties. The term does not necessarily mean being a project manager. The term project manager usually refers to an individual whose primary responsibility is to manage an independent project that, by definition, is outside of traditional and general operating functions.

Literal Meanings of Project Manager


Meanings of Project:
  1. Individual or collaborative efforts carefully planned to achieve a specific goal.

  2. Government subsidized housing with relatively low prices.

  3. Estimates or predictions based on current trends or statistics.

  4. Make more progress than anything that stands out.

  5. Move the game forward or backward.

  6. Present or promote (show some or images)

  7. Draw straight lines parallel to the center line or through each point (a specific image) to create a suitable image on the surface or line by cutting the surface.

  8. Projection on a flat surface (earth, sky, etc.).

Sentences of Project
  1. A research project

  2. His family still lives in the project

  3. The cost was estimated at $ 72 million

  4. I saw a sheet of paper from the book.

  5. The seeds were removed from the tree

  6. Trying to portray the youth

Synonyms of Project

plan, hurl, overhang, lap over, promote, calculate, estimate, campaign, cast, enterprise, obtrude, convey, communicate, cantilever, jut out, expect, shoot, fling, ride over, undertaking, operation, predict, thrust out, reckon, protrude, forecast, put over, programme, hang over


Meanings of Manager:
  1. The person responsible, in whole or in part, for the control or management of a company or similar company.

Sentences of Manager
  1. Bar manager

Synonyms of Manager

principal, foreman, head, head of department, employer, forewoman, boss, managing director, executive, line manager, administrator, supervisor, overseer, superintendent, director