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You can define Vacation Home as, A holiday home is a secondary home that is not the owner's primary residence and is used primarily for recreational purposes, including holidays or vacations. Also known as a holiday home or other home, vacation homes are often located in a different location from the owner's primary residence. Because vacation homes are only used at certain times of the year, many landlords rent these homes when they are not in use.

  • A holiday home is a property outside of your main residence that is primarily used for the holidays.
  • The holiday home is usually a short distance from the main residence.
  • Holiday home mortgages have higher interest rates because they carry a higher risk than primary homes.
  • Vacation features can also be rented to generate extra income when not in use.

When you rent a holiday home, special tax rules apply, depending on the personal use of your home. Although all rental income is reported, cost savings can be limited if you use a lot of personal use, which is typically 14 days or more per year using the accommodation. 10% of the number of days of rent at market rate.

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Meanings of Vacation:
  1. Long-term fun and entertainment, especially outdoors or outdoors.

  2. The act of giving up something that was previously in possession.

  3. Take a vacation

Sentences of Vacation
  1. Holidays in the south of France

  2. Your marriage is a reason to leave your community

  3. I am on vacation in Europe with my family

Synonyms of Vacation

quitting, stopover, stay, break, take a break, travel, visit, evacuation, desertion, stop over, tour, abandonment, relinquishment, trip, leaving


Meanings of Home:
  1. A place where you live permanently, especially as a family or household member.

  2. A facility for people who need professional care or supervision.

  3. A goal or end point (in sports).

  4. Regarding where we live.

  5. (Sports game) is played on a field or team field.

  6. Name of the organization's administrative center.

  7. Where we live

  8. (The beast) naturally returns to its territory after leaving it.

  9. Move or aim (target or target) with great accuracy.

Sentences of Home
  1. I left home and went to college when I was 19 years old.

  2. Rest house

  3. It is four doors from your house

  4. I don't have your personal address

  5. This is your first home game of the season

  6. The company changed its headquarters

  7. When did you come home last night

  8. A dozen gasses on their way to their summer nests

  9. More than 100 missiles were fired, urging radar removal

Synonyms of Home

spotlight, centre on, pinpoint, property, rest home, aim at, highlight, residential home, concentrate on, institution, children's home, nursing home, old people's home, accommodation, place of residence, a roof over one's head, focus attention on, convalescent home, zero in on, underline, retirement home, fix on