Definition of Bookmark:

  1. Record the address of (a website, file, etc.) to enable quick access in future.

  2. Feature of some programs that allows insertion of a placeholder to re-access a particular place or point without scrolling through the entire document.

  3. Internet browser feature that allows a user to go back to a previously visited website by clicking on the saved link - without retyping the sites address. Called also favorites.

  4. A strip of leather, cardboard, or other material used to mark ones place in a book.

How to use Bookmark in a sentence?

  1. It contains books, journals, little cards and bookmarks.
  2. We had used the bookmark feature to ensure that the five key websites could quickly be accessed by the employee.
  3. When you bookmark a site it is a good idea to place the bookmark in your bookmark s bar on Google Chrome for easy and quick access to the site.
  4. You should set a bookmark for an important site that you will check often so you can get back to it quickly.
  5. If you think politics is the ultimate game, be sure to bookmark eVote.

Meaning of Bookmark & Bookmark Definition