Can I Use Detergent Pods in My Samsung Washer?

Can I use detergent pods in my Samsung washer? You can use detergent pods in your Samsung washer to clean your clothes more smoothly. Adding detergent pods directly into the drum with the clothing is ideal. You should never add detergent pods in dispenser drawers; add only in the Samsung washer.

Can I Use Detergent Pods in My Samsung Washer?

:eight_pointed_black_star: Can You Use Detergent Pods in Samsung Washers?

The detergent pods don’t dissolve effectively even when washed in hot water. Many people have this problem in the form of online complaints, pointing out that the residue can get stuck in the dryer and leave “melted globs of glue” on the drum.

Standard top-loading and high-efficiency top-loading and front-loading washers are best suited for laundry detergent capsules. Dispensers for detergent and fabric softeners aren’t compatible with pod washing machines. Because of this, pods should never be stored in dispenser drawers but only in the drum.

The most popular form of liquid detergent is still the one that comes in pods, but even the best pods, sometimes called packs, can’t compete with the power of top-rated liquid detergents. Additionally, certain pods have a higher cost per load than others.

:black_small_square: Summary

Tide liquid and Tide pods were the best at removing stains. However, what was most striking was the high level of cleanliness that these pods maintained. The Tide Pods scored stain removal scores nearly equal throughout the three tests.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Instructions for the Proper Use of Detergent Pods

Laundry detergent pods with a single dosage entered the market, transforming the business. Pods are handy, effective, and relatively easy for college students. Use two pods if you have enough clothing to fill a front-loading washer that can hold up to 20 pounds.

When using laundry detergent pods, the essential guideline is to add the pods to the drum before adding the garments and the water. If a pod is placed on clothing, it may not completely disintegrate. Laundry detergent pods may be used appropriately if you follow these tips.

Tips Explanation
Number of Detergent Pods Single-dose pods washing detergent pods cost more per load than liquid or powder detergents in the rankings of laundry detergents. It takes one pod to do a normal load of laundry.
Adding Pods to Washing Machines Standard top-loading and high-efficiency top-loading and front-loading washers are best suited for laundry detergent capsules. Dispensers for detergent and fabric softeners aren’t compatible with pod washing machines. Because of this, pods should never be stored in dispenser drawers but only in the drum.
Avoid Streaking When a pod isn’t completely dissolved, laundry appears striped and speckled. If this occurs, immediately rewash the clothing without adding any detergent. Use the machine’s highest load capacity option to ensure that all clothing is adequately wet.

:small_red_triangle_down: Additional Tips

To protect children, pets, and vulnerable adults, laundry detergent pods should always be kept out of the reach of these groups. Do not wait to call 911 if poison is accidentally consumed or a drop squirts into the eyes. Putting dirty clothes that the detergent has discoloured in the dryer will make it hard to get the stain out later.

Warm or cold water dissolves the single-dose capsules fully. The pod’s capacity to disintegrate, on the other hand, might be affected by the weather. The pod may not dissolve completely if the water temperature is lower than usual during the winter months.

:black_small_square: Keep in mind: If the problem recurs, try dissolving the pod in hot water first, then adding it to the machine before running the washing. When detergent is left on wet clothes, it causes streaks and spots. In addition, if the washers with automatic detergent are full and not enough water is available to dissolve the pod, Streaking is at risk.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Where To Put Detergent Pods in Samsung Washer?

You can use the detergent pods and packs if you have a high-efficiency (HE) machine. Don’t use the automatic detergent or fabric softener with the washer if it already has an automated dispenser.

The pod should never be placed in a dispenser drawer but rather in the drum itself. Washer drawers have three separate sections. The Pre-Wash Compartment. This alternative is popular when the clothing is filthy or soiled to be unwearable.

No. Places
1 Softener for clothing
2 All-In-One Washer and Dryer.
3 Drawer for detergent machines of type I.
4 The drawer of a Type II detergent machine
5 Dispensing device that works on its own.

Your load size will determine how many pods you need. There are three levels of washing machine capacity: small loads, medium loads, and the highest level, full capacity.

To get to the laundry detergent, remove the dispenser and locate the “II” container labelled for detergent. Add the required amount of high-efficiency (HE) laundry detergent to the detergent. To avoid overfilling, the compartment has a max line that can be seen outside.

:black_small_square: Summary

However, if you use pods, throw them in the tub. Keep them out of the detergent cabinet. It is also important to place the pods on the bottom of a top-loading washer on top of the clothing.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Where Should You Put Laundry Detergent Pods?

Whether you have a Flex Wash, Top Load, or Front Load washing machine, the detergent will go in a different spot. Read on for specific info about your model of the washing machine.

:small_red_triangle_down: Flex Wash

The Flex Wash machine can wash two separate loads of clothes at once. Therefore, there are two separate spots where you may put the detergent. The top loader uses an Aqua Pebble to get detergent into the laundry. Remove the lid and unlock the upper door of the washing machine.

  • First, empty the Aqua Pebble from the fabric softener bottle, and then fill the bottle with detergent up to the MAX line.

  • The Aqua Pebble should be positioned in the tub’s middle, beneath the dirty clothes. Top loaders are NOT designed to work with detergent pods.

  • There is a dedicated space for detergent in the lower washing machine.

  • Remove the top panel and add the detergent to the left-side container of the main washing area.

  • Powdered detergent requires you to empty the container and add the detergent to the dispenser without the container. Just toss the pods in the washing machine drum along with the dirty laundry.

:small_red_triangle_down: Top Load

The detergent drawer of your Top Load washing machine is located under the top lid. First, remove the top and then take out the detergent drawer. Put your liquid detergent into the main compartment’s liquid detergent cup.

To use powdered detergent, take out the liquid detergent cup and pour the powdered detergent into the designated space. The detergent powder can be added to the dispenser on the washing machine’s lid, or pods of detergent can be dropped straight into the tub.

:small_red_triangle_down: Front Load

The drawer for your laundry detergent is on the front of your front-loading washer. If you have a liquid detergent, you can open the drawer and pour it into the designated cup.

Take out the liquid detergent cup and pour powdered detergent into the compartment if you’re using that. Alternatively, you may just toss detergent capsules into the washer’s drum.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Tips For Cleaning Your Clothes

Applying our suggestions for organising, pre-treating, and filling the washer will guarantee the best possible results for your laundry. In addition, your washing machine has a variety of cycles and settings you may utilise to thoroughly clean each type of fabric.

:small_red_triangle_down: Sorting

You can more thoroughly clean each load if you divide your laundry into distinct piles based on the kind of item. Before throwing anything into the washer, you’ll need to separate everything into piles for whites, colours, and bedding.

:small_red_triangle_down: Prepare by Soaking or Treating in Advance

Some stains can be removed from garments with a little colour-safe liquid detergent used as a pretreatment. Several of our models provide presoak and prewash choices, and some top load models feature an Activewash basin or Activewash jet for pre-rinsing garments before washing.

:small_red_triangle_down: Loading

Take care to load your stuff appropriately. Do not put more into the washing machine than it can clean. Depending on the load size, you should modify the amount of detergent you use. Consider the size of your load before deciding how much detergent to use.

Tip: Check the care labels on your items for additional washing instructions. It may be necessary to wash certain goods in a separate load or at a higher temperature than others.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Why Detergent Pods Are a Bad Wash?

Detergent Pods invented the Child Guard Zipper in response to the growing concern about the safety of their product’s packaging for young customers. In the wake of two reported deaths, Consumer Reports strongly advises against using the product in homes with children.

Why would you use anything that isn’t safe for children in your home? There’s a good chance you’ve recently had a child guest in your house, even if you don’t have children.

Your detergent probably isn’t kept in an out-of-the-way cupboard. Poisonous pellets of this size can easily fall from a washer or shelf to the ground. Tide Pods and other “laundry magic” pose a risk to children, but there are several additional reasons not to use them.

:small_red_triangle_down: Harmful to Your Machine

The detergent pods don’t dissolve effectively even when washed in hot water. Many people have expressed their problem with this issue in the form of online complaints, pointing out that the residue can get stuck to the side of the dryer and leave “melted globs of glue” on the drum.o

:small_red_triangle_down: Bad For Your Clothing

Tide Pods are notorious for sticking to clothes because of their poor dissolving properties. “If you try to pull it off, it will shred the clothing!” one online consumer claimed.

The worst thing is that after only being in the closet for a few days, the clothes had that awful, musty smell, and I know I did not hang them up wet. Also, I smell like an Avon lady when I wear a blouse cleaned with them.

:small_red_triangle_down: Pets Don’t Like Them.

Although the pods may appear to your Bella as toys or treats, they are exceedingly dangerous and potentially lethal. Your pet may be as hazardous if they ingest the pods as they are if they puncture with their teeth. This is because the detergent in these products is significantly greater in concentration.

:small_red_triangle_down: They’re a Danger to Humanity

As previously said, the dangers to children are well-known. Adults have the same issues with the pods. If perforated, they might spray into the mouth or eyes. They’re creating rashes and other skin responses because of the high detergent content with minimal dissolving outcomes.

:small_red_triangle_down: Expensive

Although they are convenient, the pod convenience comes at a price. The little things cost a lot more each wash than the smaller ones. The damage it’s creating to your devices and clothing will cost you money.

Amazingly, Tide Pods are still on the market, given how many ways they are dangerous. For the ease of having everything pre-measured, is it worth it? No, it’s a horrible wash, in our opinion. Using them in your facilities or with Coin Meter devices is strongly discouraged by us.

:eight_pointed_black_star: How to Use Detergent in Samsung Washer?

Choosing the right laundry detergent may be challenging. You want your clothes and other goods to be clean, but don’t overfill your washer or put detergent in the wrong section. We explain how much detergent to use, what type to use, and how to fill your machine.

  • Right detergent - When picking detergents, consider the kind and cleaning power. Samsung washers need detergent. You can choose any HE detergent brand. If detergent performance isn’t satisfactory, you may always swap. Choose the powdered or liquid detergent you like. The powder is difficult to dissolve in cold water, but they clean similarly.

  • The accurate amount of detergent - Overfilling the detergent drawer may discolour or harm your clothing or washer. Use less detergent to wash your garments. When choosing the proper amount, consider the number of items you’re washing and the detergent type.

  • Add detergent to your washing machine - Depending on your washing machine, the detergent goes in a separate compartment. Learn about your washing machine type below. The lower washer has a soap compartment.

Some detergent bottles provide dosing instructions. The bottle’s cap may be used to measure detergent. Follow these guidelines to add the right quantity if the suggested quantity exceeds the MAX line, lower load size or use a more concentrated detergent.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Troubleshooting Laundry Pods​

Immediately rewash the garments without additional detergent if a pod fails to dissolve properly and leaves streaks or spots. Use the maximum load capacity option to ensure that all garments flow easily through the water. The product will be more difficult to remove after being heated.

Label each pack and pod carefully to prevent them from being mistaken for laundry pods if you remove them from their original packing and store them in attractive containers. Ingredients in many dishwashing pellets can irreversibly bleach textiles. Beware!

Dispose of detergent pods in a secure location away from the reach of children, the elderly, and pets. Unlike silly putty, they may stray into people’s eyes and lips if they’ve been perforated. If a youngster ingests any of the product or if the pod explodes and squirts into their eyes or mouth, immediately call 911 or poison control. ​

:black_small_square: Note: You must dry your hands before handling the pods if you want the outer film to stay intact. In addition, many dishwasher pellets and single-dose packets may be found on the market. They can’t be used in place of washing detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about using detergent pods in Samsung washers. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - Does my Samsung washer allow me to use detergent pods?

However, if you use pods, throw them in the tub. Keep them out of the detergent drawer. Top-loading machines should have the pods at the bottom so they won’t get caught in the spin cycle.

2 - Is it possible to use a powder detergent in a fully automated washing machine?

Because powdered detergent has to dissolve before it can operate, many people put it directly into the drum rather than wait for the drawer to dispense it later.

3 - Is using Tide Pods a worthwhile option?

Soap substitutes are supposedly more efficient than traditional detergents at washing your clothes, but they’re also less of a headache. Pods may be able to clean your clothes, but the additional expense is not worth it. You should steer clear of these goods in the laundry aisle.

4 - Are Tide Pods a waste of money?

Tide’s trademarked word for laundry pacs is “Pods,” They’re a simple alternative to bulky detergent bottles or cartons. Convenience aside, they’re more expensive than powder or liquid—about 50% more each load.

5 - Where do I put bleach in my Samsung washing machine?

The main detergent (left side) and softener compartment (right side) are separated by the bleach compartment (on the right side). Before adding bleach to any washer, remove the compartment cover.

6 - How do I add detergent to my Samsung washer?

Remove the detergent drawer by pushing the release lever (A) and then put the supplied liquid bottle into the main-wash compartment. After that, fill the container to the specified maximum line with liquid detergent (A).

7 - Are laundry pods bad for front loaders?

Laundry pods are completely safe to use in your washing machine. Pods may be used with any type of washer, including front-loaders, top-loaders, and even high-efficiency models.

8 - Why are my Tide Pods not dissolving?

If the washer is overloaded, the cycle length is too short, or the water temperature is too low, the detergent pod may not dissolve completely. A lack of water or time might make it impossible for the pod to dissolve completely.

9 - Can I use pods in my Samsung dishwasher?

It’s good to double-check that the detergent pod or tablet is inserted into the dispenser and the lid is closed correctly. You can use a different brand of pod or liquid detergent instead if the pod doesn’t fit.

10 - Which Samsung washing machines catch fire?

Due to a fire risk, Samsung recalls more than 6600 top-loading washing machines. An electrical connection in washing machines made between 2010 and 2013 has an inherent flaw that might allow moisture to infiltrate and start a fire.

11 - Is there a class action lawsuit against Samsung washers?

Samsung paid $6.55 million to resolve a class action complaint involving more than 30 top-loading washing machine models, according to Top Class Actions. According to a class-action lawsuit, the washing machine tops may detach, or the machines could explode when they were in the wash cycle.

12 - How long do Samsung washing machines last?

After eight years, replacing any major equipment, such as a washing machine, is generally ideal. But if you keep up with its upkeep and maintenance, your washing machine might live for up to 14 years.

13 - Can I use vinegar in my Samsung dishwasher?

During this cycle, the dishwasher must be empty, and no detergent should be there. To clean the interior, put an upright 8-ounce cup of distilled white vinegar in the lower basket, and then start the Sanitize cycle by pressing the Sanitize button. This will clean the interior.

14 - Why does my Samsung washing machine smell?

When moisture and other residues, such as residual detergent or other additives, are in a dark location for a long period. It can encourage the formation of mould and mildew, resulting in an unpleasant smell. Let us teach you how to take care of your Samsung washing machine. If it has visible mould or smells like mildew, we’ll show you how to fix it.

15 - Do you think buying pods is a good use of your money?

Possibly, using pods may result in cleaner clothes, but the additional expense is not justified. You should avoid purchasing any of these things the next time you find yourself at the store section devoted to washing supplies.

16 - Do detergent pods dissolve?

Both warm and cold water dissolve single-dose capsules. Weather can alter the pod’s dissolution. In colder winter water, the pod may not dissolve completely.

17 - Are detergent pods safe for washing machines?

Pods function in both machines. Liquid laundry packets are safe for all commercial washers, even high-efficiency models.

18 - Is liquid detergent better than powder?

The powder is inexpensive, lasts long, reduces waste, and cleans highly stained garments well. Liquid detergents perform better in cold water, are easy to gauge, and may be spot-treated or hand-washed.

19 - How many cups of laundry detergent should I use?

As a guideline, use one tablespoon of detergent for every typical load. The laundry detergent measuring cup is ten times bigger than the quantity needed. Measure liquid detergent before using.

20 - Can I put detergent on top of my clothes?

You shouldn’t use concentrated detergent straight on garments since it’s toxic. Pour the detergent into the cap and keep it under the water during the filling cycle if you don’t have a door safety switch. This dilutes the detergent properly.


It is imperative that the pod should be in the drum itself and never in a dispenser drawer. Both room temperature water and hot water should be able to thoroughly dissolve the single-dose capsules. It is possible that the pod will not dissolve correctly during the winter months if the entering cold water is excessively cold.

The detergent pods and packs are effective in front-loading washers, high-efficiency (HE) top-loading washers, and normal top-loading washing machines. You don’t need to use the detergent or fabric softener if the washing machine has a built-in dispenser for either of those items.

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