How To Use Smart Care On Samsung Washer

How To Use Smart Care On Samsung Washer

How to set up Samsung Smart Washer?

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  1. Step 1: Install the Samsung Smart Home app. Download the Samsung Smart Home app on your phone.
  2. Step 2: Plug in the washing machine.
  3. Step 3A: Connect a washing machine with buttons.
  4. Step 3B: Connect a washing machine with a touchscreen.
Similarly, you may be wondering what is Samsung washing machine smart homeRemotely control and monitor Samsung washer / dryer from anywhere with mobile devices. * When used with the Smart Home Adapter, you can check the remaining cycle time, receive alerts when the cycle is complete, and schedule cycles. Know that your laundry is ready without having to wait at home for the end of the program.

How do I connect my Samsung dryer to WiFi?

Connect the dryer to the SmartThings hub
  1. Open the Samsung Smart Home app.
  2. Press the left and right arrow keys or swipe the carousel to find the dryer.
  3. Select the dryer and press OK to start recording.
  4. Enter your WLAN access data.
  5. Tap Next.

  6. Follow the instructions in the app to enable AP drying mode:
How do you use a Samsung washing machine?Using Samsung washing machines
  1. Sort the clothes by color and type of fabric.
  2. Close the door and press the power button.
  3. Open the detergent drawer at the top of the front of the machine.
  4. Turn the program knob to the correct name of the laundry.

How do I connect the Samsung washer and dryer to my phone?Using Smart Care
  1. Activate Smart Care on the washer or dryer, then open the Samsung Smart Washer / Dryer app on your phone.
  2. On your phone, tap Smart Care.
  3. Tap Smart Care again, then tap Next.
  4. Use the green and blue dots to map your phone's camera to the washer or dryer code.

What is Samsung Smart Control?

Samsung has developed a new remote to replace the others. Called Samsung Smart Control, the remote is based on the company's Tizen operating system, a mobile platform designed to be used on anything from televisions to smartphones. Smart Control is essentially a universal remote control.

What is a smart washing machine for?

A smart washing machine gives you more control over the sink than hot or cold settings and just a few washes. The WiFi connection integrates your smart washing machine into your networked smart home and also allows you to connect to your smartphone.

What is the AP key?

With Soft AP (Soft Access Point) you can set up a wireless network with the player, which can be used by WLAN devices to access the Internet. In other words, when Soft AP is enabled, your player becomes an access point through which other devices can access the Internet.

How can I contact Samsung?

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How To Use Smart Care On Samsung Washer