Definition of Complaint:

  1. Sworn statement filed by a party (the complainant, petitioner, or plaintiff) to a court to commence litigation against another party (the accused, defendant, or respondent) in a civil lawsuit. Complaint sets forth the alleged grounds (allegations) for the case and request for award of relief (damages) or recovery of some asset such as money or property. In criminal cases the complaint is filed by the public prosecutor, a government official. Also called petition.

Synonyms of Complaint

Abnormality, Accusal, Accusation, Accusing, Acute disease, Affection, Affidavit, Affliction, Ailment, Allegation, Allegement, Allergic disease, Allergy, Arraignment, Atrophy, Bacterial disease, Ban, Beef, Beefing, Bellyache, Bellyaching, Bill, Bill of complaint, Bill of particulars, Birth defect, Bitch, Bitching, Blackball, Blackballing, Blame, Blight, Boycott, Bringing of charges, Bringing to book, Cardiovascular disease, Challenge, Charge, Chronic disease, Circulatory disease, Claim, Combative reaction, Complaining, Complication, Compunction, Condition, Congenital defect, Count, Counteraction, Declaration, Defect, Defiance, Deficiency disease, Deformity, Degenerative disease, Delation, Demonstration, Demur, Demurrer, Denouncement, Denunciation, Deposition, Destructive criticism, Dim view, Disability, Disagreement, Disappointment, Disapprobation, Disapproval, Discontent, Discontentedness, Discontentment, Disease, Disenchantment, Disesteem, Disfavor, Disgruntlement, Disillusion, Disillusionment, Disorder, Displeasure, Dispute, Disrespect, Dissatisfaction, Dissent, Dissentience, Distaste, Distemper, Endemic, Endemic disease, Endocrine disease, Epidemic disease, Exception, Exclusion, Expostulation, Faultfinding, Fractiousness, Functional disease, Fungus disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Genetic disease, Grievance, Grievance committee, Gripe, Griping, Groan, Groaning, Grouse, Grousing, Grumble, Grumbling, Handicap, Hereditary disease, Holler, Howl, Iatrogenic disease, Ill, Illness, Impeachment, Implication, Imputation, Indictment, Indignation, Indignation meeting, Indisposition, Infectious disease, Infirmity, Information, Innuendo, Insinuation, Kick, Kicking, Lawsuit, Laying of charges, Libel, Low estimation, Low opinion, Malady, Malaise, March, Morbidity, Morbus, Murmuring, Muscular disease, Narratio, Negativism, Neurological disease, Nolle prosequi, Noncooperation, Nonsuit, Nonviolent protest, Nutritional disease, Objection, Obstinacy, Occupational disease, Opposition, Opposure, Organic disease, Ostracism, Pandemic disease, Passive resistance, Pathological condition, Pathology, Peeve, Peevishness, Pet peeve, Petulance, Picketing, Plaint, Plant disease, Prosecution, Protest, Protest demonstration, Protestation, Protozoan disease, Psychosomatic disease, Qualm, Querulousness, Rally, Reaction, Rebuff, Recalcitrance, Recalcitrancy, Recalcitration, Refractoriness, Rejection, Reluctance, Remonstrance, Remonstration, Renitence, Renitency, Repellence, Repellency, Reproach, Repulse, Repulsion, Resistance, Respiratory disease, Revolt, Rockiness, Scolding, Scruple, Secondary disease, Seediness, Sickishness, Sickness, Signs, Sit-in, Sniping, Squawk, Squawking, Stand, Statement, Statement of facts, Strike, Suit, Symptomatology, Symptomology, Symptoms, Syndrome, Taxing, Teach-in, The pip, Thumbs-down, True bill, Uncooperativeness, Unhappiness, Unspoken accusation, Urogenital disease, Veiled accusation, Virus disease, Wasting disease, Whining, Withstanding, Worm disease, Yapping

How to use Complaint in a sentence?

  1. I submitted a complaint to the owner of the restaurant because all the people that worked for him were lazy and incompetent at their job.
  2. After the company failed to fulfill their obligations, the patron filed a complaint with the local civil court to try to salvage the money which he had spent.
  3. As the television networks programs grew more risqu�, executives knew hardly a day would go by without at least one complaint from a viewer or conservative coalition member .

Meaning of Complaint & Complaint Definition

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How To Define Complaint?

  • Original documents or original documents used to file a claim in accordance with the Code of Conduct or the original procedure document. The argument suspends the claim for damages, namely (1) a brief and clear statement based on the jurisdiction of the court, (2) a brief and clear statement about the claim that the plaintiff has the right to appeal, and ( 3) Request a decision on the requested repair.

  • Written communication is primarily a claim against an insurer or agent.

  • Complaint definition is: [Civil law] In the first instance of a civil action that brings an action for damages, the plaintiff establishes an alleged illegal charge. [Criminal] A written statement in which the defendant has a right must assume that the defendant has violated a criminal law.

  • Complaint can be defined as, A statement filed by a party (Plaintiff, Defendant or Defendant) seeking legal action against another party (defendant, defendant or defendant) in connection with civil proceedings. The claim proves the presumed (alleged) cause of the lawsuit and requires compensation (damages) or the recovery of certain assets, such as money or property. In criminal cases, complaints are filed by prosecutors, government officials. Also called a petition.

Meanings of Complaint

  1. The statement that the situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

  2. An illness or medical condition, especially a relatively minor one.

Sentences of Complaint

  1. I intend to file a formal complaint.

  2. She is being treated for her skin disease

Synonyms of Complaint

accusation , remonstrance , objection , clamor , infection, rap , whine , expostulation , beef , cavil , representation , reproach , plaint , problem, jeremiad , weakness, lament , moan , annoyance , dissatisfaction , statement of dissatisfaction, protestation , grumble , squawk , charge , fault-finding , upset


Complaint Definition:

Meaning of Complaint: Verbal or preliminary charges used in the proceedings are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Civil Procedure Code. The claim establishes a claim for damages in which (1) a clear and unambiguous statement of the reasons for the competence of the court, (2) a clear and unambiguous statement of the claim indicating that the plaintiff has failed Yes, and (3) make a claim for the repairs you have requested.

The definition of Complaint is: Written communication is primarily about filing a lawsuit against an insurer or agent.

Meanings of Complaint

  1. A statement that something unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

  2. Illness or medical problem, especially a small problem.

Sentences of Complaint

  1. I intend to complain regularly.

Synonyms of Complaint

wog, lurgy, bug, twine, yike, trouble, grouch, quibble, whinge


How Do You Define Complaint?

Verbal or preliminary charges used to prosecute are in accordance with the rules and regulations of Civil Procedure Law. The statement defines the claim for damages as (1) a clear and comprehensive statement as to why the court has jurisdiction, (2) a clear and convincing statement of the claim that the plaintiff has been summoned for retaliation. , And (3) a motion for a decision on a petition.

Complaint refers to Written communication is primarily intended to sue an insurer or agent.

An affidavit filed by one of the parties (complainant, complainant or plaintiff) to take legal action in civil proceedings against another party (defendant, defendant or defendant). The complaint establishes the alleged (alleged) cause of the case and demands compensation (loss) or restoration of certain items, such as money or goods. If the claim is made by the executor, a government official. Also called peon.

Meanings of Complaint

  1. A statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

Sentences of Complaint

  1. I intend to make a formal complaint.