Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship,

Definition of Corporate sponsorship:

  1. A corporate sponsorship is a form of marketing in which a company pays for the right to be associated with a project or program. A common template for corporate sponsorships entails a collaboration between a nonprofit organization and a sponsor corporation, in which the latter funds a project or program managed by the former in exchange for recognition.

  2. Corporations may have their logos and brand names displayed alongside of the organization undertaking the project or program, with specific mention that the corporation has provided funding. It is not the same as philanthropy, which involves donations to causes that serve the public good that may not yield any return—branding or otherwise—to the donor.

  3. Financial backing of a public-interest program or project by a firm, as a means of enhancing its corporate image.

How to use Corporate sponsorship in a sentence?

  1. Corporate sponsors also expect some measurement of the exposure they received, for example how many Facebook posts carried their logo.
  2. A corporate sponsorship is marketing in which a company pays to be associated with a project or program.
  3. Corporate sponsorship is common for programs at museums and festivals, but is also seen in the commercial sphere, like the many athletic facilities and sporting events that bear a company's name. .

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