Reasons to Hire a UK Private Investigator

All employers need to be extremely careful about the workers they hire, which is why we will explain the reasons to hire a UK Private Investigator to help you. This is particularly the case for roles that entail the control of finance or personal data of individuals or business clients.

This is why background checks are a critical aspect for all new hires in the UK. Using a UK private investigator to carry out background checks on new hires or existing employees can be one way to source the information required.

Reasons to use a UK Private Detective for employee background checks

There are many ways a private investigation agency can help ensure the accuracy of data supplied for background checks on employees and make sure new recruits to your business are all they seem. It’s not just a case of carrying out a couple of employee reference checks for new hires nowadays, particularly when workers are hired for sensitive roles.

Using private detective services to carry out comprehensive new hire or current employee background checks helps provide any business with peace of mind about the character of the workers employed.

How a UK Private Investigator can help you uncover the truth

Many private individuals adopt multiple personas nowadays due to the effects of the internet and social media. Using a discreet, professional private detective helps weed out the types of employee that could cause major damage to any business.

Know who are employing with the help of UK Private Investigator

Companies are inundated with applications from potential workers each time they advertise a vacancy. No matter how impressive candidates are during the interview process, it’s difficult to actually get a feel for their behavior while in the workplace. Carrying out pre-employment background checks for new hires is important for jobs in sensitive positions and for senior roles in any workplace. After all, making the wrong hiring decision can ultimately impact on teams and relationships with clients and customers, and cause very real problems for a company.

Using a Detective to Help with Cases of Fraud

Whether you are a business or an individual, there is a very high probability you have or will be affected by some kind of fraudulent activity at some time. Fraud is a very common crime that can manifest in a multitude of different ways.

A private investigator can help you with a fraud investigation if you have suffered from banking, cheque, or dating fraud, or have been affected by some type of copyright infringement.

Working on Criminal Cases

Private Investigators also work on criminal cases. That can include:

  • Taking action against a stalker or predator. Investigators can work with law enforcement when someone suspects he or she is being stalked.

  • Finding proof of fraud or embezzlement. When money goes missing, a Private Investigator usually knows how to track down the guilty party.

  • Verifying the authenticity of key documents. Private Investigators can help make sure a passport or ID is authentic, and they can also verify the legitimacy of an investment company. Investment scams are all too common today, and Investigators will help verify whether a company you’re doing business with is legitimate.

Catch your cheating spouse & partner

More importantly Private investigator can also help in finding concrete proof for you when you believe your spouse or partner is cheating on you. PI’s use untraceable surveillance techniques to uncover suspicious activities of your cheating partner.

Just some of the verification’s a UK Private Investigator can help you with

Private investigators in the UK can check out potential employees’ qualifications and conduct in-depth research into any prior employment history. Details on background, financial information and DRB checks can also be obtained if required.


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