Definition of Media:

  1. Communication channels are used to spread information, entertainment, news, data or advertising messages. Media includes all distribution media and limited distribution media, such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax and internet. Media is a plural form of media and depending on the meaning, can be a plural or a singular verb.

  2. Data storage devices are divided into three broad categories based on their recording method: (1) magnets, such as floppy disks, discs, tapes, (2) optics, such as microfaxes, and (3) magnetic optics, Such as CDs and DVDs

Synonyms of Media

Electronic communications, Wireless communication, Communications engineer, Information theory, Communication engineering, Electrical communication, Communications medium, Communication explosion, Communications, Signaling, Communications industry, Information explosion, Communications network, Communication theory, Communication technology, Wire communication, Electronic communication, Telecommunication, Radiocommunication

How to use Media in a sentence?

  1. When I started my business, I decided to use a variety of media to promote my new adventure, starting with newspaper ads and radio ads.
  2. Joe believes that the mainstream media is on the orange side, so he thinks he can't broadcast Apple Fan Club's Funky Freddy.
  3. I refer to the media in my articles because it has so much power that the real issue is to decide whether someone is guilty or not.

Meaning of Media & Media Definition