Why to Hire Java Developer to Develop Mobile and Web Apps?

Java is being extensively used in both mobile and web application development, hence, developers with the knowledge of Java are in a majority and increasing. Moreover, the demand for Java is also increasing in software development. Java is designed in such a way that it is not only easy to learn but easy to use, compile, write, debug when compared to other languages. Java helps in creating the code that can be reused. Thus, companies developing mobile and web apps are looking to hire Java developers to develop apps that can enhance user experience.

Java is used on a large scale across sectors, here are some of the domains that use Java:

    • In the banking sector to manage transactions
    • In financial services in the server-side apps
    • Java is used in the stock market to write algorithms to guide investors with investment
    • The majority of the Android apps are developed using Java or Java API
    • Research and scientific community uses Java to deal with a large amount of data

Some of the latest technologies also use Java as the core of the functionalities. Java has gained immense popularity and also provides a pool of opportunities. Regardless of the domain, Java is used on a large scale and companies are also looking to hire Java developer for application development. Below are some of the essential features of Java programming.


Portability is one of the key features of Java as it can run on various operating systems. Java is an independent platform, this means that any app that is written on one platform can be ported to any other platform without any extra efforts.


Java is considered as a secured programming language without any explicit pointers. Moreover, programs developed using Java run inside a sandbox that offers protection to the program from untrusted sources. Java also helps in developing a system that is free of viruses and bugs. It also offers security by converting codes into bytecodes that are difficult to read by humans.


The object is used to perform all the functions in Java, hence, it is known as the object-oriented language and all the objects in Java possess a particular behavior. Java also provides support to OOP’s concept, thus, it is a popular programming language and companies are also focusing to hire Java developer for robust application development.


A strong memory system in the Java programming language eliminates errors by checking code during the runtime. It is considered as a robust programming language as it easily handles memory releasing and allocation.

The aforementioned are some of the important features of Java programming language and are services provided by Java to programmers across industries. Java as the programming language continues to stay quite popular across the sectors and is also considered as one of the reliable languages by developers. Hence, mobile app development companies are considering to hire Java developer for application development that is secured and reliable.

Java is also used largely in Android application development. As per the Oracle report, more than 9 million Java developers across the globe are using Java as a programming language for app development due to its compatibility, reliability, and practicality. Hence, Java is one of the most used and popular among other programming languages.

Skills Required in Java Programmer

Below are some of the skills that are required in Java programmers

  • XSL, XML, and X query
  • Web services based on Java
  • Java servlet technology
  • JSP and J2EE framework
  • Oracle database and Enterprise Java beans
  • Service-oriented architecture

Java is considered a multi-threaded programming language as it can perform various tasks at the same time within the program. It is very easy to integrate as compared to other programming languages that require a system-specific procedure to enable multi-threaded. Hence, companies are looking to hire Java developer and experts who can develop websites and apps easily without any errors and also ensure the security of the applications and websites.

Moreover, with the powerful developing tools such as Netbeans and Eclipse Java is being considered as the best language to develop software. Also, it becomes easy to do coding in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) if the developer has coded in DOS Notepad or Editor. Apart from IDE, Java includes other tools such as ANT and Maven to develop Java-based applications JConsole, decompilers, and VisualVM to monitor heap usage. Java is also considered as a great piece of documentation with Javadocs. Javadoc has proved to be an excellent reference and has also made it easy to learn the Java language.

Drawbacks of Java Programming Language

Although Java offers various benefits, it still has some drawbacks. Below are some of the disadvantages of Java programming language. Companies planning to hire Java developer to develop apps based on Java programming language, they need to go through its drawbacks and decide accordingly.


The memory in Java is managed through garbage collection and whenever the garbage collector works, it impacts the performance of the app by deteriorating it.

Commercial License Costs

Users need to pay for Java edition 8 when used commercially for commerce, business, and production. Also, when there is a need for any bug fix or updates, users are charged based on the number of users and the costs may be very high.

Verbosity in Java Makes Code Complicated

In Java, developers need to use many words that are similar to the normal human language. This means that developers need to write commands and thoughts, this makes the code very big.


When compared to other programming languages such as C and C++, Java is very slow. Moreover, the Java programming language is memory consuming.


Regardless of its drawbacks, the majority of the companies are focusing on using Java as the programming language because of its security features, easy to learn and use, and robustness and to develop the best application and enhance user experience. Apps right from enterprise apps to mobile apps for consumers are developed using Java. Hence, mobile app development companies developing apps for various sectors are looking to hire Java developer and experts to develop and deploy the best apps, thereby enhancing user experience.