Definition of Resident:

  1. Living somewhere on a long-term basis.

  2. Non-citizen allowed by a state to have his or her temporary or permanent residence within its political boundaries, and to have the right to be an employee or employer. A resident can usually cast his or her ballot in local municipal and national elections but cannot be a candidate, diplomat, or head of armed forces or the state. Also called resident alien. See also citizen and domicile.

  3. A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

  4. A medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.

Synonyms of Resident

Living, Residing, In residence, Staying, Remaining, Doctor of Medicine, GP, MD, Abiding, Addressee, Allopath, Allopathist, Ambassador, Ambassadress, Apostolic delegate, Artist-in-residence, Attache, Attending physician, Benefice-holder, Beneficiary, Career diplomat, Chancellor, Charge, Citizen, Commercial attache, Commorant, Consul, Consul general, Consular agent, Coroner, Country doctor, Croaker, Deep-seated, Denizen, Diplomat, Diplomatic, Diplomatic agent, Diplomatist, District, Doc, Doctor, Dweller, Dwelling, Emissary, Envoy, Envoy extraordinary, Esoteric, Family doctor, Foreign service officer, General practitioner, Habitant, Hirer, Homesteader, House detective, House physician, Householder, Immanent, Implanted, Implicit, In residence, Inalienable, Incumbent, Indwelling, Infixed, Ingrained, Inhabitant, Inhabiter, Inherent, Inmate, Inner, Inpatient, Intern, Internal, Internuncio, Intrinsic, Inward, Inwrought, Irreducible, Leaseholder, Leech, Legate, Lessee, Live-in maid, Liver, Living, Living in, Local, Locum tenens, Lodger, Lodging, Medical attendant, Medical examiner, Medical man, Medical practitioner, Medico, Military attache, Minister, Minister plenipotentiary, Minister resident, Nuncio, Occupant, Occupier, Paying guest, Physician, Physician in ordinary, Plenipotentiary, Private, Regional, Remaining, Renter, Residencer, Resident physician, Residentiary, Resider, Residing, Roomer, Sawbones, Secret, Secretary of legation, Sojourner, Squatter, Staying, Subjective, Sublessee, Subtenant, Tenant, Tenant at sufferance, Tenant for life, Unalienable, Unchallengeable, Underlessee, Unquestionable, Vice-consul, Vice-legate, Inhabitant, Local

How to use Resident in a sentence?

  1. It was a beautiful hamlet with just 100 residents.
  2. He has been resident in Brazil for a long time.
  3. The French girl was a resident of the United States while she was studying molecular biology at Stanford University, so she could not vote in the election.
  4. Although some people living in the united states are not citizens, the government gives them the option to be considered a resident .
  5. I was a resident of the apartment complex, so I had to follow the rules that the landlord had set for me.
  6. He currently works as a medical resident at another hospital and is waiting to hear the final outcome for this case.

Meaning of Resident & Resident Definition