Definition of Privacy:

  1. The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

  2. In general, the right to be free from secret surveillance and to determine whether, when, how, and to whom, ones personal or organizational information is to be revealed. In specific, privacy may be divided into four categories (1) Physical: restriction on others to experience a person or situation through one or more of the human senses; (2) Informational: restriction on searching for or revealing facts that are unknown or unknowable to others; (3) Decisional: restriction on interfering in decisions that are exclusive to an entity; (4) Dispositional: restriction on attempts to know an individuals state of mind.

Synonyms of Privacy

Jim Crow, Adytum, Alienation, Aloneness, Aloofness, Anonymity, Apartheid, Apartness, Ashram, Celibacy, Cell, Clandestineness, Cloister, Closed meeting, Concealment, Confidentiality, Confidentialness, Covertness, Den, Detachment, Executive session, Hermitage, Hideaway, Hideout, Hiding place, Holy of holies, Incognito, Isolation, Isolationism, Ivory tower, Keeping apart, Lair, Loneliness, Loneness, Lonesomeness, Mew, Monasticism, Moving apart, Private conference, Privatism, Privatization, Quarantine, Recess, Reclusion, Retirement, Retreat, Rustication, Sanctum, Sanctum sanctorum, Seclusion, Secrecy, Secret place, Secretiveness, Segregation, Separateness, Separation, Sequestration, Single blessedness, Solitariness, Solitude, Splendid isolation, Surreptitiousness, Withdrawal, Seclusion, Privateness, Solitude, Isolation, Retirement, Peace, Peace and quiet, Peacefulness, Quietness, Lack of disturbance, Lack of interruption, Freedom from interference

How to use Privacy in a sentence?

  1. She returned to the privacy of her own home.
  2. I was glad that I had a lot of privacy rights because I do not like the idea of the government interfering in my life.
  3. Though most people would consider privacy an important right granted to them, many people subvert that desire by posting intensely personal information on social media website for complete public consumption as well as allowing cookies and other spyware on their computer and mobile devices.
  4. The privacy of our employees profiles was a focus in the meeting as we had to protect ourselves from any potential harm.

Meaning of Privacy & Privacy Definition