Definition of Innocent:

  1. He is not responsible or directly involved in any of the incidents, but he does suffer the consequences.

  2. Pure, innocent or spoken people.

  3. A person is accidentally involved in a situation, especially a victim of crime or war.

  4. Free from unwarranted moral corruption.

  5. There is no crime or offense in this crime.

  6. The position of a person who has been convicted of a crime with a verdict of innocence.

  7. It is not intended to harm or harm anyone

Synonyms of Innocent

Guilt-free, Safe, Faultless, Mere child, Inane, Newborn babe, Single-hearted, Newcomer, Pristine, Offspring, Undamaging, Tender, Chaste, Pure, Unblamable, In the clear, Nonpoisonous, Empty-headed, Unilluminated, Juicy, Tot, Unblotted, Irreproachable, Unoffending, Dewy, Dependent, Empty, Toy, Cherub, Ripening, Blankminded, Undefiled, Unenlightened, Innocuous, Impubic, Unsophisticate, Virginal, Unformed, Greeny, Simplehearted, Unstudied, Legitimate, Growing, Beginner, Plaything, In the clear, Inculpable, Direct, Awkward, Unhurtful, Prelapsarian, Lout, Confiding, Dupe, With clean hands, Guiltless, Immature, Novice, Gobe-mouches, Little fellow, Cull, Wholesome, Candid, Harmless, Snowy, Angel, Uncorrupted, Little one, Wee tot, Unspotted, Unobnoxious, Free of sin, Unmellowed, Mite, Pigeon, Untouched by evil, Not to blame, Gull, Stainless, Trusting, Incorrupt, Bairn, Nipper, Depending, Clear, Untainted, Spotless, Honest, Without fault, Unsoiled, Clean, Unworldly, Unobjectionable, Well-intentioned, Plain, Ingenue, Lamb, Credulous person, Above suspicion, Unwary, Uninformed, Trusting soul, Pure in heart, Unstained, Blotless, Reproachless, Yokel, Nonvirulent, Budding, Modest, Sincere, Victim, Outspoken, Green, Gullible, Spotless, Credulous, Little guy, Shaver, Ingenuous, Guileless, Chit, Fall guy, Destitute, Unsullied, Tentative, Without reproach, Unschooled, Taintless, Infant, Pushover, Inexperienced, Artless, White, Safe, Simple soul, Angelic, Non-injurious, Groping, Virtuous, Pristine, Kid, Impeccable, Lamblike, Sappy, Unapprized, Fish, Faultless, Openhearted, Unversed, Offenseless, Untarnished, Kitten, Chump, Simple, Bluff, Schlemiel, Uncontaminated, Unsuspecting, Ignorant, Callow, Benign, Unsure, Sucker, Innocuous, Rube, Lambkin, Unimpeachable, Dumb, Little tot, Not guilty, Pure, Upright, Greenhorn, Demure, Irreproachable, Prize sap, Not guilty, Cleanly, Fool, Licit, Vernal, Unripe, Unfallen, Child of nature, Nescient, Unintelligent, Sinless, Boob, Blameless, Naive person, Underage, Darling, Uncorrupted, Unaffected, Relying, Unsuspicious, Beyond criticism, Little tad, Sitting duck, Virginal, Above suspicion, Saphead, Unlapsed, Unimpeachable, Unfledged, Naive, Monkey, Born yesterday, Know-nothing, Decent, Unreserved, Noble savage, Sans reproche, Unposted, Unfamiliar, Unblemished, Uncorrupt, Uninjurious, Little bugger, Greener, Reliant, Legal, Leadpipe cinch, Oaf, Ingenu, Purehearted, Open, Dove, Childlike, Sap, Easy pickings, Undeveloped, Cinch, Undefiled, Blameless, Hick, Harmless, Chaste, Blunt, Nonmalignant, Raw, Sexually innocent, New-fledged, Unworldly person, Unacquainted, Unartificial, Strange to, Guiltless, Without suspicion, Unadult, Gauche, Sinless, Unblemished, Righteous, Minor, Immaculate, Inoffensive, Vacuous, Unknowing, Nontoxic, Child, Intact, Peewee, Moral, Unsullied, Stainless, Dovelike, Unconversant, Patsy, Easy mark, Unlicked, Virgin, Void, Simpleminded, Inoffensive, Unseasoned, Trusty, Uncomprehending, Exemplary, Righteous, Gudgeon, Frank, Unobjectionable, Virtuous, Single-minded, Incorrupt, Unpolluted, Unsophisticated, Trustful, Stooge, Uninitiated, Babe, Tad, Little innocent, Playful, Unguarded

How to use Innocent in a sentence?

  1. Execution of innocent people.
  2. Innocent observer.
  3. You are ready to kill or injure people for no reason.
  4. An innocent mistake.
  5. He is more innocent than this man.
  6. An innocent child

Meaning of Innocent & Innocent Definition