Definition of Nation:

  1. Community or race of people with shared culture, traditions, history, and (usually) language, whether scattered or confined to one country. UK, for example, is a country inhabited mainly by people of four nations: the English, Irish, Scot, and Welsh. Whereas the term nation emphasizes a particular group of people, country emphasizes the physical dimensions and boundaries of a geographical area, and state a self-governing legal and political entity.

Synonyms of Nation

Everyman, John Doe, Public, Ally, Animal kingdom, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Blood, Body politic, Breed, Brood, Buffer state, Captive nation, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, Citizenry, City-state, Clan, Class, Colony, Common man, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Community, Community at large, Constituency, Country, County, Cultural community, Culture, Deme, Domain, Dominion, Duchy, Dukedom, Dwellers, Earldom, Empery, Empire, Estate, Ethnic group, Everybody, Everyman, Everyone, Everywoman, Family, Folk, Folks, Free city, General public, Gens, Gentry, Grand duchy, Habitancy, House, Inhabitants, Kind, Kingdom, Land, Line, Lineage, Linguistic community, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Matriclan, Men, Nationality, Order, Patriclan, People, People at large, People in general, Persons, Phratry, Phyle, Plant kingdom, Polis, Polity, Populace, Population, Possession, Power, Principality, Principate, Protectorate, Province, Public, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Race, Realm, Republic, Satellite, Seneschalty, Sept, Settlement, Society, Sovereign nation, Species, Speech community, State, Stem, Stirps, Stock, Strain, Sultanate, Superpower, Territory, Toparchia, Toparchy, Totem, Tribe, Whole people, World, You and me

How to use Nation in a sentence?

  1. It charts the emergence of a culture of service , challenging concepts of the Indian nation -state and its relationship to civil society.
  2. Scott had a dream that he could inspire others to break off from the oppressive system that was keeping them all economically stagnant and form a new nation .

Meaning of Nation & Nation Definition