Definition of Nation:

  1. A group or race of people who share a culture, tradition, history and (usually) language that is spread or limited in a country. For example, the United Kingdom is a country consisting of four main countries: England, Ireland, Scotland and Welsh. Although the term emphasizes a specific group of nations, the state emphasizes the physical dimensions and boundaries of a geographical area and expresses independent legal and political units.

Synonyms of Nation

Stock, Mandatee, Dominion, Class, Estate, City-state, Commonwealth, Inhabitants, Everyman, Common man, Phyle, Colony, Everywoman, Earldom, Folk, County, Public, Animal kingdom, Grand duchy, Dwellers, Puppet government, Populace, Empery, Whole people, Polis, Persons, Line, People in general, Society, Everyone, Speech community, Plant kingdom, Lineage, Chieftaincy, Possession, Race, Domain, Territory, General public, Deme, People, Family, Mandatory, Body politic, You and me, Men, Habitancy, Public, Phratry, Satellite, Chieftainry, Breed, Matriclan, Kind, Seneschalty, Everyman, Mandated territory, Archdukedom, Blood, Citizenry, Superpower, Linguistic community, Principality, Stem, Nationality, Empire, Mandant, Principate, Province, Species, Land, Republic, Toparchy, House, Archduchy, Patriclan, Order, Totem, Commonweal, Cultural community, Culture, Polity, Ethnic group, John Doe, Free city, Buffer state, Captive nation, Mandate, Community, Gens, Sovereign nation, Folks, Everybody, Realm, World, Dukedom, Sept, Strain, Community at large, Population, Ally, Tribe, Duchy, Sultanate, Clan, Gentry, State, Settlement, Country, Stirps, Toparchia, Kingdom, Constituency, Power, Brood, Puppet regime, People at large, Protectorate

How to use Nation in a sentence?

  1. He traced the emergence of a culture of service that called into question the Indian concept of the nation-state and its relationship with civil society.
  2. Scott's dream is to persuade others to break out of the system of oppression that has left them economically stagnant and created a new nation.

Meaning of Nation & Nation Definition

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