Military Car Insurance Policy

Military car insurance is specially designed by the insurance companies for the military members who are on active duty, their families, and veterans. Military members can be posted anywhere either within the state or to another state. The insurer provides good discounts and returns unearned premium policy for them. USAA and GEICO are considered to be the best companies for military car insurance. USAA is overall best for active-duty members and for formers however, GEICO gives good coverage and cheap rates to veterans. Choosing the correct type of insurance depends upon the military member’s requirement.
military car insurance policy

Military Car Insurance

Military members of a country are the special people who not only defending their country but also give their lives for their motherland. Like other benefits insurance companies gives a good coverage plan to the military members either they are on job or veterans. Military members and their families are free to adapt to any auto insurance policy.

Which companies provide military car insurance

The need for military car insurance is different then the normal person. Men and women in the military often relocate to a new basis and end up deployed overseas at some point during their service, and these changes don’t require the same auto insurance.

To consider all such requirements of the military members there is some specialized insurance which specially designed for the military members and their families. These are as follows.

  • USAA
  • Esurance
  • Armed force insurance

USAA and armed force insurance specifically carters to veterans and on-duty members while GEICO and Esurance give discounts and good coverage to the military members.

Ten points must consider military car insurance

Before you go for any car insurance policy these points you have to be considered.

1. Plan before buy

It is important to know which car gets better insurance or what car model is good for better insurance coverage. If you like a policy which is the best coverage as well as a good discount rate then see, on which car it can be implemented. Insurance policies are implemented according to the and can and use of cars.

2. Tune-up your credit score

Pay bills on time and pay overdue debts. In addition to driving record, use of vehicle, area of residence, and other factors, insurers do take credit scores into account when determining rates.

3. Compare rates

Many insurance companies contend to provide discounts and the best coverage for the military members, although it is good to survey on your own. It gives ideas about other company rates according to the car model and comparing them with each other helps to get the best coverage plan.

4. Know special military rules

Different state has different rules. Some states give benefit to the military member to stay on the same insurance policy whether they and their families are deployed to a new state. They don’t need to reinsure their car after moving to another state however some states don’t provide this option.

5. Check in to deployment option

When you get an insurance policy it is important to check whether the insurer put a penalty on the drop of car insurance policy in case of deployment or they encourage to retain. During your service, it can be possible to deployed overseas however, if you have retained policy you don’t need to reinsure your car.

6. Know the types of insurance

You can easily choose what type of car insurance policy you need if you know the insurance terms. It helps you to choose the right coverage plan or the additional plan you need for your car.

types of insurance

  • Liability coverage policy

    Liability coverage helps to cover car damage costs and medical bills in case of injury of the third-party. It also pays legal cost if a car accident result lawsuit.

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

    Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage helps to pay the cost of damage to your car if the other person is not insured or their insurance doesn’t enough coverage.

  • Collision coverage

    Collision policy helps to pay the cost of damage in case of an accident with a car or any object.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive insurance helps to pay the cost of damage due to natural disasters like tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. It also gives good coverage in case of car theft or parts of the car stolen.

  • Medical payment

    It is an additional coverage plan which you can get if you want more protection. It helps to cover your medical bill in case of a car accident. You can get it with your auto insurance or health insurance.

7. Consider gap coverage

GAP insurance plan helps to fill the gap between the value of the car and the amount you owe on your car loan. It gives peace of mind if your car is depreciated and you haven’t given your loan yet. In this situation, if you totaled your car, an insurance reimbursement might be less than you owe the bank.

8. Think about the other coverage plan

You can add policy coverage for the rental car or roadside assistance (tow or help for flat tires or other problems). Do not duplicate benefits, such as roadside assistance covered by an auto club membership.

9. Choose the right deductible

A deductible is an amount that the policyholder has to pay from his own pocket. Choose the right deductible can save you money. The higher the deductible lowers the premium. If a policyholder chooses a $500 deductible then $200 on collision cover the car owner can save 30% on premiums.

10. Discounts

There are some companies which give the best discount on their policies. For military people’s companies designed special discount policies that not only give good coverage but also help to save money by giving a discount on premiums.

Best military car insurance

Some companies provide military car insurance in which include USAA, GEICO, AFI (armed force insurance). USAA AND GEICO are among the household names among military families. All the expense of car insurance is paid by the military.

Provider Best For
USAA Best Overall for Military Members and Families
GEICO Best Military Discount
Esurance Best for Active Duty Military
Armed force insurance Best for Veterans and Retired Military

military car insurance company

Discounts offered by the companies

Discounts are the best part of any insurance policy. Discount saves money, many insurance companies give special discounts to the military members either they are veterans or on duty and their family members. Companies like GEICO give up to 15% off on auto insurance policy. Some discounts are for the cars which store when you are on duty and some for the cars store on the military base.
Here is the list of cheap car insurance companies that give a discount to military members.


Discount offered

Up to 15% discount on comprehensive coverage for the vehicle garaged in the military base

Up to 60% discount for the deployed members if the car is store.

Eligible military members

currently enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy,

national guards and reserves.

Retires and honorably discharged military members.

Family, including widows, unmarried former spouses who had USAA insurance while married; also, children whose parents have or had USAA insurance.


Discount offered

Up to 15% discount

Up to 25% discount for emergency deployed members

Eligible military members

National Guard members, reserves, formers, active duty members, emergency deployed members


Discount offered

Varies. Military service members can cancel and reinstate coverage with no fees

Eligible military members

Active duty members deployed military members.

Armed force discount

Discount offered

Doesn’t list specific discounts

Eligible military members

Active duty, retired or honorably discharged military from any branch (including National Guard and Reserves), Active or retired Department of Defense civilian employees, Service Academy members, including Merchant Marines or ROTC cadets, Children, spouses, ex-spouses or surviving spouses, Active, retired or former commissioned officer of the NOAA or PHS, Former AFI members who canceled coverage and later returned

What are the discounts available for military members?

Depending on your state and carrier, you may qualify for the following discounts:

  • Multiple vehicle discounts

  • Military and veterans’ discount

  • Discounts for multiple lines of insurance with the same carrier

  • Paperless billing discount

  • Low mileage

  • Affinity discount programs

  • Good student/honor roll discounts

  • Payment in full discounts

  • E-signature discounts

  • Loyalty discounts

  • Good credit discount

  • Completion of accident avoidance/defensive driver training classes

  • Green/hybrid car discounts

  • Safe driving record

  • Safety features installed on your vehicle

Summary: USAA, GEICO, Esurance, armed force insurance is considered military insurance companies among them USAA and GEICO are providing good discounts with the best coverage. GEICO is especially for formers at which cheap premium rate; USAA is overall good.

Car insurance during an overseas deployment

As a military officer, you can post any were in the world to serve for your country however, your vehicle safety is the duty of the insurer so that, you can use it whenever you return. Insurance companies provide policies for your vehicle in some criteria’s which are listed below.

• If you place your vehicle in storage
• If you leave your car with your family members and they drive it
• If you want to bring your car
• If you want to garage it with the care of a family member and friend

overseas deployed military members- military car insurance policy

Car insurance in another state

some companies don’t give coverage to another state or country. It varies from state to state, you need to review your insurance policy and update minimum liability coverage according to the requirement of the state. Deployment can be temporary or long term; criteria are different for each of them.

Military car insurance for a temporary move

If you want to move your car for a temporary time or you are on a temporary duty trip (TDY) then you don’t need to change anything in your insurance policy. Some states have special provisions for military members who want to keep the coverage in place from their home of record.

Military car insurance for a long-term move

There are some rules of the insurance policy which has to be followed by every person. If any person moves from one state to another, then he or she has to update the insurance policy according to the state rule and need at least minimum liability insurance.
Military members who are deployed for the long term or they are doing permanent change station (POC) they also need to update their policy, carry a minimum liability program which conforms to the law of the other state.
On the other hand, if you want to drop your policy then the unearned amount has to be returned by the company. For example, a military member name joey is deployed for the long term. He wants to drop his coverage plan of $6000 for six months which he paid in advance after three months he deployed. The company earned three months premium but the other three months premium which the company has not earned will return to him.

Summary: insurance policy rules vary from state to state. Military members who are deployed for the short term don’t need to update their policy however, in long-term deployment insurance policy has to update according to the state law. If a military person drops his policy then the insurance company has to return the unearned amount.


1. What are the factors that influence the premium?

Depending on the state, all these factors can influence your premium:

  • The deductible, coverage, and riders you select
  • Credit score
  • Address
  • Lapsed coverage
  • Longevity with your carrier
  • Safety features installed on your vehicle
  • Driving records
  • Age and sex
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • The number of miles you drive

2. Who qualifies for the USAA car insurance?

From the USAA website, the following people are eligible: Active retired, and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military. Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS). Adult children (18+) of USAA members who have or had a USAA auto or property insurance policy.

3. Is USAA the cheapest auto insurance?

USAA is the cheapest of the national companies we studied, with an average overall car insurance study rate of $885.

4. Is GEICO or USAA better?

That’s a good thing, and it means Geico can easily manage its $34 billion in premiums. USAA has a track record for great customer service and affordable prices.

5. Can I join USAA if my father was in the military?

USAA membership for the child of a military veteran requires that the veteran has had USAA auto or property/casualty insurance. If your father is deceased and did not use USAA for his auto or property/casualty insurance purposes then you are not eligible for membership.

6. Who has the cheapest car insurance in the military?

GEICO provides military auto insurance rates comparable to USAA in the states we surveyed. Overall, GEICO was among the most affordable insurance companies in the U.S. And GEICO offers up to a 15% discount for those who were or are in the military, regardless of their active status.


Military members are special peoples because of their job nature they can post anywhere within the state or outside the state. consider this car insurance for military members is a bit more facilitated than normal people’s car insurance. the company provides good discounts with the best coverage plan. there is another facility for the military members that they don’t need to update their policy in case of short term deployment. The military organization pays their car insurance premium.
conclusion-military car insurance

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