How Much is Dog's Health Insurance?

How much is dog’s health insurance can simply be answered by considering all the options that a insurance company may examine which may range from kind of your dog to the location where you reside. Although the average may be $30 to $50 expected to be paid by the dog owner if he chooses a casual coverage plan.

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What is Health Insurance?

It is the type of insurance that covers all or maybe part of medical expenses including surgeries, vaccination, drugs, etc of a person or a pet. It protects you from any unexpected illness or damage. Health insurance is something which cannot be ignored because whether an animal or a human, a good time or a bad time, perfect healthy life is always a blessing.

Health insurance and policy

Summary: Health insurance is the most important type of insurance as compared to others because health comes above all.

How Much is Dog’s Health Insurance?

Dog, another common pet, also requires insurance since everyone’s life is just as worthy. Whereas the cost might be the problem. For dog’s health insurance the cost is not constant in any country but a rough estimate suggests that it may cost $47.20 per month.
The cost depends on the variety of factors and conditions which can alter the rate. These factors are:

Type of insurance policy:

There are four different types of policies for the insurance costing differently according to their own terms and conditions.

  1. Accident only:
    This policy as the name indicates is only helpful in case of accidents or emergencies, therefore it is the cheapest policy costing only 4 to 5 pounds a month or even less, since it does not involve any sickness.
  2. Time limited policy:
    It is slightly expensive than the previous policy, costing £15 to £20 a month as it covers your vet fees only for a specific period of time mostly up to 12 months from the day of sickness. After which if you did not renew the policy, you will be responsible for all the expenses.
  3. Per condition:
    This policy instead of setting time limit, it helps you with the specific amount of vet’s fees for the treatment of particular condition but once the limit is over, it won’t be providing any help with that condition in coming years. It can cost more than 20 pounds.
  4. Lifetime:
    This must be very expensive as it provides lifetime insurance. Life time policy sets limit for every year’s cost. It requires minimum £13 to maximum £80 to get this policy depending upon the other factors too.

Company for pet insurance:

Because of the presence of number of different insurance companies, all of them have separate criteria for their policies some are cheaper while others are way more expensive.

Company of Pet Insurance Average Cost per Month
Healthy Paws pet insurance $41.38
Figo pet insurance $39.8
Petplan pet insurance $68.06
Embrace pet insurance $44.69
Pets Best pet insurance $46.02
Nationwide pet insurance $77.14
ASPCA pet insurance $60.48
Trupanion pet insurance $84.21
AKC pet insurance $44.80

Age of your dog:

Your dog’s age is the most important factor because not all pet insurance provide it for older dogs. The dog with the age of one to two years will definitely cost less for pet insurance as compared to the dogs over 8 years old and is way higher for dog over 9 years old.

Breed of dog:

There are several breeds of dogs differentiating one another entirely that is why have different criteria of costs for insurance.
Different breeds of dog

  • Larger dogs are more expensive such as a German Shepherd requires £8 to insure, a Boxer for £10 and a Siberian ■■■■■ for £11.2 a month.

  • Dogs with probability to develop a breed related specific condition are also much expensive, Basset Hound for £8 to a Bulldog for £11.5 .

  • Whereas working terrier breeds like Lakeland terrier and Plummer terrier are strongly built therefore require £9.7 a month.

  • For small and very small breeding group called toy dog such as Maltese, Poodle, etc. The pet insurance cost £9 for them.

Geographic location:

Your location will affect the prices charged by the veterinary practices. As for example the costs for dog insurance in London is much higher than anywhere else. Every country has their own set limit for their particular areas or towns and it is not possible to discuss every one of them so lets take an example of different areas of UK:

Regions Average yearly cost
East Midlands £316.42
West Midland £340.36
Yorkshire and Humber £318.38
East England £385.28
South West England £337.76
North West England £345.01
But again this price list is not for all types of policy it may be restricted to time limited policy.

Summary: These factors have great influence on the cost of health insurance because if more things you want to cover, or your dog is of some exotic breed or you live in some expensive city or place then you will definitely have to pay more.

Why is Dog’s Health Insurance Important?

It provides following benefits:

  • Helps you in acquiring peace of mind when you are assured to be provided with excellent care of your pet at the time of illness without being worried about the expenses.

  • By getting relief from the expenses the owner can specifically focus on his dog’s health.

  • You can easily choose any vet you whether it is expensive or cheap since you get the insurance.

  • With insurance you can freely opt for the expensive treatments too.

Summary: But above all, the dogs especially are very loyal to you and your family so never compensate with the health of your faithful and reliable security guard ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my health insurance cover my dog?

Even though you consider your dog as one of your family member, you still can not cover your dog along with your health insurance. Because your insurance is only for the humans around you not your pets.

What is not covered by pet insurance?

Most of the pet insurance do not cover spaying, neutering, vaccinations, dental care, micro chipping, parasite control, yearly checkups, etc.

Does State Farm provide pet insurance?

State Farm do provide pet medical insurance by working along with the Trupanion insurance company. They separately do not offer pet insurance as much but now they work with trupanion but they don’t have control over each other.


If you are a dog lover, then the question which comes into your mind is ‘how much does a dog cost’ whereas the question that should worry you should be that ‘how much is dog’s health insurance?’ Because once you own it you should take care of it with your everything.

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