Best of breed

Best of breed,

Definition of Best of breed:

  1. Companies are usually identified by the consensus of the best analysts and investors. Criteria for determining whether the population is the best in terms of race. This usually involves comparing your company's sales growth, market share, and governance with those of your competitors. The best purebred population has been selected from a short list of companies that have grown exponentially over time.

  2. The best breed of stock is the stock that is the best investment choice for a particular sector or industry due to its high quality compared to competitors. The term best career is also used to refer to a particular company, not to the stock itself, but with a general emphasis on the history of management as a marketer in all markets. It comes from the Jirgan Dog Show where the best breed dog wins the prize for each breed and gets the title of the best breed.

  3. Alternative term for best in class.

  4. The animal on display is considered the best representative of the genus.

How to use Best of breed in a sentence?

  1. Careful and loving care saved Luna's career, winning the Best Breeding Action Award for the third time in a row.

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