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Best of breed,

Definition of Best of breed:

  1. Best of breed companies are usually identified through a consensus of analysts and high profile investors. The criteria for determining whether a stock is the "best of breed" is fairly basic. It usually involves looking at its revenue growth, market share, and corporate governance compared to its competition. The best of breed stocks are picked from this shortlist of companies that have shown strong growth over a period of time.

  2. Best of breed refers to a stock that represents the most optimal investment choice for a specific sector or industry due to its high quality compared to its competitors. The term best of the breed is also used to refer to specific companies rather than the stock itself, generally focusing in on the management's track record in driving profits in all markets as the differentiating factor. This slang is derived from dog shows, where the highest quality dog for each breed wins an award and is given the "best of breed" title.

  3. Alternative term for best in class.

  4. The animal in a show judged to be the best representative of its breed.

How to use Best of breed in a sentence?

  1. Tender loving care has saved the show career of Luna who won best of breed for the third year running at Crufts.

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