Major medical insurance

Major medical insurance,

Definition of Major medical insurance:

  1. Insurance taken out to cover the cost of medical care.

  2. A kind of health insurance policy that carries a high deductible and covers most medical expenses. This type of policy limits the amount that will be paid for specific expenses, such as a hospital room, and a clause that requires a certain percentage participation.

How to use Major medical insurance in a sentence?

  1. Even though he had medical insurance, he was still left with a lot of bills after his back injury.

Meaning of Major medical insurance & Major medical insurance Definition

Major Medical Insurance,

Major Medical Insurance Definition:

Health insurance that offers a wide range of benefits. There may also be internal restrictions and participation clauses, sometimes called co-insurance clauses.

Major Medical Insurance means: This type of health insurance provides benefits for a variety of health services for patients and outpatients. Larger health insurers often have higher deductions.

A simple definition of Major Medical Insurance is: Health insurance to help pay for illnesses and serious injuries. The initial deduction was marked by a maximum benefit of up to ، 250,000 or a maximum benefit, mainly paid for hospitals, doctors, private nurses, medical supplies and care. Prescribing medicines and medicines outside the hospital. The insured pays the balance.

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