How Much is Dog Bite Insurance?

Insurance for dog bite is quite rare to think about because most of us suppose that it is covered in their health insurance. Whereas that is not the case this requires a separate insurance policy therefore you should think about that how much is the dog bite insurance?

Dog biting a human

Cost of Dog Bite Insurance

Dog bite, as serious as it sounds costs more than that. The cases of dog bites are increasing day by day throughout the world which is having a great impact on the cost required to be payed by the insurance policies.

Liability claims are going higher and higher just like a helium balloon left out in the air. According to the information gathered from Information Insurance Institution of more than 10 years following are the facts and figures collected:

  • In the year 2003, the average cost that was payed by the insurance policies was $19,162.
  • After then there was gradual increase in number of cases and the liability claims. In 2016 the cost shoot up to $33,230 that is almost 80 to 85% increase in the per year price. It was a huge knock out for the companies.
  • In the following year, 2017, cases reported were 18,123 which leads to increase in the payouts i.e. $37,051. And the homeowner insurers had to pay over $686 million altogether.
  • Each year came with a constant rise of around 1000 dollars rendering the average payouts in 2018 to be $39,017.
  • And then in 2019 the final stop came to $44,760 payouts by the companies and $797 million on average by the insurers as the claims reported were 17,802.

What is Liability Claim?
It is a claim or a legal action which has been taken by the third party or an outsider declaring the right to have compensation for the mischief by the help of an independent business with liability fund.

Summary: Concluding all the rise and falls on the average bite insurance cost, well basically rise only, there was an escalation of 134% from 2003 to 2019 including the medical expenses, size of judgments, and also the juries solving the claims and cases won the awards due to this reason which is the main reason for uprising of the payouts.

Which Insurance Covers Dog Bite?

Homeowner’s insurance and renters insurance usually cover dog bite via liability insurance because if you have a dog as your pet it would be considered as your property. Therefore whatever damage your dog does you will always be responsible for that. Pet insurance do not have this liability coverage because they are for the protection of pets not humans.

What is Home Owner’s Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Plan

Also called as Home insurance is available worldwide to help you out in covering the expenses regarding damages caused in your property, including your house whether it is rented or is your own, your assets and also your pet if you have any. But some might not include your pet as your property so be careful to check it

What is Rental insurance?

Rental insurance provides some of the advantages from homeowners insurance except for the fact that it do not cover any damage that happens to the infra structure of the house, condo or an apartment. It only covers the tenant’s personal property that’s why it is also called as tenant’s insurance.

Summary: Both homeowners and renters insurance is something which is mandatory for everyone to have then why not cover the dog bite liability insurance with it. Since it can save you money and damage both.

Why does Dog Bite needs Insurance?

Whenever someone is being bitten by the dog you owned, he or she have the right to sue you for pet’s behavior. Because as good as dog might seem, in the end it is an animal. The victim may leave the owner without taking any legal action reason could be anything but greater chances are that the victim may sue you for this attack.

As owner’s are strictly responsible for this, they would have to pay for the treatment and also for the juries he may have to attend, which will definitely be expensive. These are the times when the insurance policy would be there for you and will pay your expenses and covers your charges for the legal claim.

What Damages need to be Covered by the Owner?

Any accident caused by the dog, will ultimately make the owner or their insurance policies liable for that. The damages which need to be compensated by dog bite include:

  • Medical bills along with all the injections it may require.
  • Pain and sufferings
  • Any property damage if caused during the accident.
  • Any lost income.

Owning a dog requires money

Summary: The purpose of insurance is to protect you from overburdening of things. The dog bite insurance is also the same because it can cost way more than you think to be paid from your own pocket.

From Where can I Get the Dog Bite Insurance?

There are several companies out there ready to lower your burden and protecting you from any penalties and they are much more affordable than you think.

Insurance Company Lowest Cost per Dog
The Federation of Insured Dog Owners $75
Evolution Insurance Brokers $350 plus fee plus tax
Lester Kalmanson Agency $1000
InsureMyk9 $10,000 per year
But their prices largely depends upon the breed of your dog and also somewhat on the history of your dog’s behavior.

Summary: You can get dog bites insurance easily but prior to that you have your dog checked up by some vet because the insurers might need the history about your dog bite and his behavior too. And also the breed is important too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance pay for dog bite?

The homeowners or renters insurance companies usually provide coverage for dog bite liability but it is also up to a certain limit i.e. $300,000 or whatever you have selected. Any harm done above this limit is totally up to the dog owner.

Do you need to see a doctor for a dog bite?

Normally there is no need to see the doctor because there are no antibiotics for it although injections are available for the treatment. But if the wound is deep and near any bone or joint then you should go to the doctor and have him prescribe the antibiotics for speedy recovery.

Should you sue after dog bite?

Yes you should file a dog bite lawsuit against the dog owner because if you are being harmed by the dog than the only person liable is the owner and you should receive compensation for your injuries.


While having rental or home owners insurance you should check that how much is dog bite insurance in that specific coverage plan because it might come in handy if you have a dog or you are thinking of having one.

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